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ElGhadi, M. Co Author Listing * Shape from Texture by Local Frequencies Estimation

Elghamrawy, H.[Haidy] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Spectral Estimation for Continuous Wave Jamming Mitigation of GNSS Signals in Autonomous Vehicles
* LiDAR/RISS/GNSS Dynamic Integration for Land Vehicle Robust Positioning in Challenging GNSS Environments

Elghamrawy, S.M.[Sally M.] Co Author Listing * Genetic-based adaptive momentum estimation for predicting mortality risk factors for COVID-19 patients using deep learning

Elgharably, N.[Nayera] Co Author Listing * Stochastic Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing Model in Green Environment With Customer Satisfaction

ElGharbawi, T.[Tamer] Co Author Listing * Damage detection using SAR coherence statistical analysis, application to Beirut, Lebanon

Elgharib, M. Co Author Listing * Data Driven 2-D-to-3-D Video Conversion for Soccer
* Dataset of Flash and Ambient Illumination Pairs from the Crowd, A
* Deeper Analysis of Volumetric Relightable Faces, A
* Differentiable Event Stream Simulator for Non-Rigid 3D Tracking
* EventHands: Real-Time Neural 3D Hand Pose Estimation from an Event Stream
* EventNeRF: Neural Radiance Fields from a Single Colour Event Camera
* FML: Face Model Learning From Videos
* High-Fidelity Neural Human Motion Transfer from Monocular Video
* i3DMM: Deep Implicit 3D Morphable Model of Human Heads
* Learning Complete 3D Morphable Face Models from Images and Videos
* Learning-Based Video Motion Magnification
* LiveHand: Real-time and Photorealistic Neural Hand Rendering
* Monocular Reconstruction of Neural Face Reflectance Fields
* NeRF for Outdoor Scene Relighting
* Neural Voice Puppetry: Audio-driven Facial Reenactment
* On Learning Associations of Faces and Voices
* phi-SfT: Shape-from-Template with a Physics-Based Deformation Model
* Retrieval in Long-Surveillance Videos Using User-Described Motion and Object Attributes
* Self-supervised Outdoor Scene Relighting
* StyleRig: Rigging StyleGAN for 3D Control Over Portrait Images
* Unsupervised Event-Based Video Reconstruction
* Video Reflection Removal Through Spatio-Temporal Optimization
Includes: Elgharib, M. Elgharib, M.[Mohamed]
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Elgharib, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * Video magnification in presence of large motions

Elghayyaty, M. Co Author Listing * New Embedded Chien Search Block for Reed- Solomon (RS) Codes based on Factorization of Error Locator Polynomial, A

Elghazali, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Two Cheap Close-Range Feature Extraction Systems

Elghazel, H.[Haytham] Co Author Listing * Aggregated Search in Graph Databases: Preliminary Results
* Graph Aggregation Based Image Modeling and Indexing for Video Annotation
* New Greedy Algorithm for Improving b-Coloring Clustering, A
* semi-supervised feature ranking method with ensemble learning, A

Elghazy, H.L.[Hagar Louye] Co Author Listing * Dual- and triple-stream RESUNET/UNET architectures for multi-modal liver segmentation

Elghoul, S.[Sinda] Co Author Listing * Fast global SA(2,R) shape registration based on invertible invariant descriptor

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