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Dinh Duy, T. Co Author Listing * Traffic Flow Analysis with Multiple Adaptive Vehicle Detectors and Velocity Estimation with Landmark-Based Scanlines
Includes: Dinh Duy, T. Dinh-Duy, T.

Dinh Ngo, T. Co Author Listing * Compa backend: A dynamic runtime for the execution of dataflow programs onto multi-core platforms

Dinh Quoc, K.[Khanh] Co Author Listing * Iterative Algorithm for Efficient Adaptive GOP Size in Transform Domain Wyner-Ziv Video Coding, An
Includes: Dinh Quoc, K.[Khanh] Dinh-Quoc, K.[Khanh]

Dinh, A.[Anh] Co Author Listing * Determination of Leaf Nitrogen Concentrations Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy in Multiple Crops
* Rapid and Efficient Determination of Relative Water Contents of Crop Leaves Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy in Vegetative Growth Stage
* Wireless transmission of HD video using H.264 compression over UWB channel

Dinh, A.D.[Anh Dung] Co Author Listing * Diffusion Action Segmentation
Includes: Dinh, A.D.[Anh Dung] Dinh, A.D.[Anh-Dung]

Dinh, C.V.[Cuong V.] Co Author Listing * Clustering Based Method for Edge Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
* FIDOS: A generalized Fisher based feature extraction method for domain shift
* Multi-spectral video endoscopy system for the detection of cancerous tissue
* SEDMI: Saliency based edge detection in multispectral images
* study on semi-supervised dissimilarity representation, A
* Training data selection for cancer detection in multispectral endoscopy images
Includes: Dinh, C.V.[Cuong V.] Dinh, C.V.[Cuong Viet]

Dinh, D.N.[Duong Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Automated Classification Of Land Cover Using Landsat 8 Oli Surface Reflectance Product And Spectral Pattern Analysis Concept - Case Study In Hanoi, Vietnam

Dinh, D.T.[Duc Tung] Co Author Listing * deep convolutional neural network for video sequence background subtraction, A
* iTASK - Intelligent Traffic Analysis Software Kit
Includes: Dinh, D.T.[Duc Tung] Dinh, D.T.[Dat-Thanh]

Dinh, H.[Helia] Co Author Listing * Accelerating DNN Training with Structured Data Gradient Pruning
* Simple method for camera calibration of roundabout traffic scenes using a single circle
Includes: Dinh, H.[Helia] Dinh, H.

Dinh, H.Q.[H. Quynh] Co Author Listing * distribution-based approach to tracking points in velocity vector fields, A
* local descriptor for finding corresponding points in vector fields, A
* Measuring the Similarity of Vector Fields Using Global Distributions
* Multi-Resolution Spin-Images
* Reconstructing Surfaces by Volumetric Regularization Using Radial Basis Functions
* Reconstructing Surfaces Using Anisotropic Basis Functions
* Variational Approach to the Evolution of Radial Basis Functions for Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Dinh, H.Q.[H. Quynh] Dinh, H.Q.[Huong Quynh]
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Dinh, H.T. Co Author Listing * Identification-Based Closed-Loop NMES Limb Tracking With Amplitude-Modulated Control Input

Dinh, K.D.[Kha Dang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Grid-Based Rainfall Products and Water Balances over the Mekong River Basin

Dinh, K.Q.[Khanh Quoc] Co Author Listing * Block compressive sensing of image and video with nonlocal Lagrangian multiplier and patch-based sparse representation
* Color Image Denoising via Cross-Channel Texture Transferring
* Compressive sensing of video with weighted sensing and measurement allocation
* Compressive sensing reconstruction via decomposition
* Deblocking filter for artifact reduction in distributed compressive video sensing
* Detail-preserving compressive sensing recovery based on cartoon texture image decomposition
* End-to-End Single-Frame Image Signal Processing for High Dynamic Range Scenes
* HVS based iterative hard thresholding recovery for compressive sensed image
* Iterative Weighted Recovery for Block-Based Compressive Sensing of Image/Video at a Low Subrate
* Measurement coding for compressive imaging using a structural measuremnet matrix
* Multi-scale/multi-resolution Kronecker compressive imaging
* Only-Reference Video Quality Assessment for Video Coding Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Small-block sensing and larger-block recovery in block-based compressive sensing of images
Includes: Dinh, K.Q.[Khanh Quoc] Dinh, K.Q.
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Dinh, L. Co Author Listing * Deep Independence Network Analysis of Structural Brain Imaging: Application to Schizophrenia

Dinh, M.L.[Minh Le] Co Author Listing * View synthesis method for 3D video coding based on temporal and inter view correlation

Dinh, N.V.[Nghia V.] Co Author Listing * Digital image correlation for small strain measurement in deformable solids and geomechanical structures

Dinh, P.[Phong] Co Author Listing * Deep Poisoning: Towards Robust Image Data Sharing against Visual Disclosure

Dinh, P.H.[Phu Hung] Co Author Listing * new medical image enhancement algorithm using adaptive parameters, A
Includes: Dinh, P.H.[Phu Hung] Dinh, P.H.[Phu-Hung]

Dinh, Q. Co Author Listing * Convexity in Source Separation: Models, geometry, and algorithms

Dinh, Q.V.[Quang Vinh] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Visual Features and Pseudo Labeling for Robust Natural Language-based Vehicle Retrieval
* Towards Robust Natural-Looking Mammography Lesion Synthesis on Ipsilateral Dual-Views Breast Cancer Analysis
Includes: Dinh, Q.V.[Quang Vinh] Dinh, Q.V.[Quang-Vinh]

Dinh, S.V.[Sang Viet] Co Author Listing * Learning from Data Stream Based on Random Projection and Hoeffding Tree Classifier

Dinh, T.A.[Thien Anh] Co Author Listing * Automated Prediction of Glasgow Outcome Scale for Traumatic Brain Injury
* Self Learning Classification for Degraded Document Images by Sparse Representation

Dinh, T.B.[Thang Ba] Co Author Listing * Co-trained generative and discriminative trackers with cascade particle filter
* Co-training framework of generative and discriminative trackers with partial occlusion handling
* Context tracker: Exploring supporters and distracters in unconstrained environments
* High resolution face sequences from a PTZ network camera
* Online Tracking and Reacquisition Using Co-trained Generative and Discriminative Trackers
* Real time tracking using an active pan-tilt-zoom network camera
* Towards a practical PTZ face detection and tracking system
* Two-Frames Accurate Motion Segmentation Using Tensor Voting and Graph-Cuts
Includes: Dinh, T.B.[Thang Ba] Dinh, T.B.[Thang B.]
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Dinh, T.C.P.[Thang Cap Pham] Co Author Listing * Robust eye localization in video by combining eye detector and eye tracker

Dinh, T.D.[Trieu Duong] Co Author Listing * View synthesis method for 3D video coding based on temporal and inter view correlation

Dinh, T.H. Co Author Listing * Summit Navigator: A Novel Approach for Local Maxima Extraction

Dinh, T.M.[Tan M.] Co Author Listing * HyperInverter: Improving StyleGAN Inversion via Hypernetwork
* TISE: Bag of Metrics for Text-to-Image Synthesis Evaluation

Dinh, T.N. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Multi-Hyperplane Machine for Pattern Recognition
* Color structure recovering in strong specular text regions
* Tensor Voting Based Color Clustering
* Text localization using image cues and text line information
Includes: Dinh, T.N. Dinh, T.N.[Thuc Nguyen] Dinh, T.N.[Toan Nguyen]

Dinh, T.Q.[Truong Quang] Co Author Listing * Editorial Mechatronics as an Enabler for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Performing Group Difference Testing on Graph Structured Data from GANs: Analysis and Applications in Neuroimaging
* State of Power Prediction for Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles via Wavelet-Markov Load Analysis
Includes: Dinh, T.Q.[Truong Quang] Dinh, T.Q.[Tuan Q.]

Dinh, T.T.[Tuan Tran] Co Author Listing * FeatLoc: Absolute pose regressor for indoor 2D sparse features with simplistic view synthesizing

Dinh, V.C.[Viet Cuong] Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for Text Detection in Video Based on Stroke Width Similarity, An

Dinh, V.Q. Co Author Listing * Disparity Estimation Using Stereo Images With Different Focal Lengths
* Feature Engineering and Deep Learning for Stereo Matching Under Adverse Driving Conditions
* Fuzzy Encoding Pattern for Stereo Matching Cost
* Matching cost function using robust soft rank transformations
* Rectification Using Different Types of Cameras Attached to a Vehicle
* Robust Adaptive Normalized Cross-Correlation for Stereo Matching Cost Computation
* Robust Matching Cost Function for Stereo Correspondence Using Matching by Tone Mapping and Adaptive Orthogonal Integral Image
* Robust non-local stereo matching for outdoor driving images using segment-simple-tree
* StereoPairFree: Self-Constructed Stereo Correspondence Network From Natural Images
* Support Local Pattern and its Application to Disparity Improvement and Texture Classification
Includes: Dinh, V.Q. Dinh, V.Q.[Vinh Quang]
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Dinh, V.T.[Vi Tung] Co Author Listing * Trends in Long-Term Drought Changes in the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam

Dinh, V.X.[Vu Xuan] Co Author Listing * UIT at VBS 2022: An Unified and Interactive Video Retrieval System with Temporal Search

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