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Debnath, B.[Bappaditya] Co Author Listing * Attention-Driven Body Pose Encoding for Human Activity Recognition
* Context-driven Multi-stream LSTM (M-LSTM) for Recognizing Fine-Grained Activity of Drivers

Debnath, R.[Rajib] Co Author Listing * comprehensive survey on computer vision based concepts, methodologies, analysis and applications for automatic gun/knife detection, A
* Novel framework for automatic localisation of gun carrying by moving person using various indoor and outdoor mimic and real-time views/Scenes

Debnath, S.[Subhabrata] Co Author Listing * Adapting RANSAC SVM to Detect Outliers for Robust Classification
* Portable implementation of profuse perspiration indicator for use in disease symptom detection
* User Authentication System Based on Speech and Cascade Hybrid Facial Feature
Includes: Debnath, S.[Subhabrata] Debnath, S. Debnath, S.[Saswati]

Debnath, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Human Engagement Behaviour Using Descriptors from Human Feedback, Eye Tracking, and Saliency Modelling, An
* EF-Index: Determining number of clusters (K) to estimate number of segments (
* Enhancing Automated Defect Detection in Collagen Based Manufacturing by Employing a Smart Machine Vision Technique
Includes: Debnath, T. Debnath, T.[Tathagata] Debnath, T.[Tanmoy]

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