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d'Aragona, P.T.A.[Paolo Tagliolato Acquaviva] Co Author Listing * Implicit, Formal, and Powerful Semantics in Geoinformation

d'Aranno, P. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Technologies for Linear Infrastructure Monitoring

d'Aranno, P.J.V. Co Author Listing * Ancient Mining Landscapes and Habitative Sceneries in The Urban Area Of Centocelle: Geomatic Applications for Their Identification, Measurement, Documentation and Monitoring
* Application of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) Technique for Infrastructure Monitoring, An
* Appraisal of Ancient Quarries and WWII Air Raids as Factors of Subsidence in Rome: A Geomatic Approach
* DInSAR for Road Infrastructure Monitoring: Case Study Highway Network of Rome Metropolitan (Italy)
* Use of Surveillance Cameras for the Rapid Mapping of Lava Flows: An Application to Mount Etna Volcano, The
Includes: d'Aranno, P.J.V. d'Aranno, P.J.V.[Peppe J. V.] d'Aranno, P.J.V.[Peppe Junior Valentino] d'Aranno, P.J.V.[Peppe J.V.]

d'Arca, E.[Eleonora] Co Author Listing * Video tracking through occlusions by fast audio source localisation

d'Arcangelo, M.E.M.[Mauro Eugenio Maria] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Aerial and Ground 3D Point Clouds for Canopy Size Assessment in Precision Viticulture

d'Arcangelo, S.[Serena] Co Author Listing * Investigating a Possible Correlation between NOAA-Satellite-Detected Electron Precipitations and South Pacific Tectonic Events
* Worldwide Statistical Correlation of Eight Years of Swarm Satellite Data with M5.5+ Earthquakes: New Hints about the Preseismic Phenomena from Space

D'Arcy, L.[Lorraine] Co Author Listing * SMPL-Based 3D Pedestrian Pose Prediction

d'Aria, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * 3D Vibration Estimation from Ground-Based Radar
* Requirements and Tests for Phase Preservation in a SAR Processor
* SAR Calibration Aided by Permanent Scatterers
Includes: d'Aria, D.[Davide] d'Aria, D.

d'Aria, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Continuous Beam Steering for Planar Arrays of Differential Microphones

d'Ariano, A. Co Author Listing * Aircraft retiming and rerouting in vicinity of airports
* Energy-Efficient Train Scheduling and Rolling Stock Circulation Planning in a Metro Line: A Linear Programming Approach
* Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming for Energy-Efficient Container Handling: Formulation and Customized Genetic Algorithm
* Model Predictive Path Planning of AGVs: Mixed Logical Dynamical Formulation and Distributed Coordination
* Novel Formulations and Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm for Optimal Lane Reservation With Task Merging
Includes: d'Ariano, A. d'Ariano, A.[Andrea] D'Ariano, A.[Andrea]

d'Aronco, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Digital taxonomist: Identifying plant species in community scientists' photographs
* Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation of Historical Panchromatic Orthomosaics in Central Africa
* Fine-Grained Species Recognition With Privileged Pooling: Better Sample Efficiency Through Supervised Attention
* Gating Revisited: Deep Multi-Layer RNNs That can be Trained
* Geograph: Graph-based Multi-view Object Detection with Geometric Cues End-to-end
* Guided Super-Resolution As Pixel-to-Pixel Transformation
* Learning Graph Regularisation for Guided Super-Resolution
* Modeling of Residual GNSS Station Motions through Meteorological Data in a Machine Learning Approach
* Price-Based Controller for Utility-Aware HTTP Adaptive Streaming
* Recognition of Unseen Bird Species by Learning from Field Guides
* Robust Damage Estimation of Typhoon Goni on Coconut Crops with Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Simultaneous Multi-View Instance Detection With Learned Geometric Soft-Constraints
* Water level prediction from social media images with a multi-task ranking approach
Includes: d'Aronco, S.[Stefano] d'Aronco, S. D'Aronco, S.[Stefano]
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d'Arrigo, C.[Corrado] Co Author Listing * Automatic Method for Metabolic Evaluation of Gamma Knife Treatments, An
* fully automatic method for biological target volume segmentation of brain metastases, A
* Gamma Knife treatment planning: MR brain tumor segmentation and volume measurement based on unsupervised Fuzzy C-Means clustering

d'Arrigo, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Motion Conditioned Diffusion Model for Skeleton-based Video Anomaly Detection

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