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Buck, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Simulated Photorealistic Deep Learning Framework and Workflows to Accelerate Computer Vision and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research

Buck, C. Co Author Listing * Experimental Results of an X-Band PARIS Receiver Using Digital Satellite TV Opportunity Signals Scattered on the Sea Surface

Buck, G.[Gudrun] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing at Bavarian State Institute of Forestry Transfer of Research Results in Forestry Practice

Buck, I. Co Author Listing * Using GPUs for machine learning algorithms

Buck, L.K.[Lucy K.] Co Author Listing * Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Investigate the Exceptionally Thick Deposits from the Storegga Tsunami in Northeastern Scotland

Buck, O. Co Author Listing * DeCOVER: Developing a methodology to update land cover data for public authorities in Germany
* Image Analysis Methods to Monitor Natura 2000 Habitats at Regional Scales: the MS. MONINA State Service Example in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
* Object based image analysis to support environmental monitoring under the European Habitat Directive: A case study from DeCOVER
* Unbiased Area Estimation Using Copernicus High Resolution Layers and Reference Data
* Zwei-skaliger Ansatz zur Aktualisierung landwirtschaftlicher Referenzkulissen (LPIS)
Includes: Buck, O. Buck, O.[Oliver]

Buck, R. Co Author Listing * 3D Vision: Developing an Embedded Stereo-Vision System
* Mediating Effect of Emotions on Trust in the Context of Automated System Usage, The
* Tyzx DeepSea G2 Vision System, ATaskable, Embedded Stereo Camera, The
* Tyzx DeepSea High Speed Stereo Vision System
Includes: Buck, R. Buck, R.[Ross] Buck, R.[Ron]

Buck, S.L.[Steven L.] Co Author Listing * Color Vision: Introduction
* Color vision: Introduction by the feature editors
* Color vision: introduction by the feature editors 2016
* Dark versus bright equilibrium hues: rod and cone biases
* Dichoptic perception of brown
* Influence of surround proximity on induction of brown and darkness
* Luminance-dependent long-term chromatic adaptation
* No effects of surround complexity on brown induction
* Rod hue biases for foveal stimuli on CRT displays
* Rod hue biases produced on CRT displays
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Buckchash, H.[Himanshu] Co Author Listing * Cross-Conditioned Recurrent Networks for Long-Term Synthesis of Inter-Person Human Motion Interactions
* Discriminative Auto-Encoding for Classification and Representation Learning Problems
* Human Motion Generation by Stochastic Conditioning of Deep Recurrent Networks On Pose Manifolds
Includes: Buckchash, H.[Himanshu] Buckchash, H.

Buckel, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * RB-Dust - A Reference-based Dataset for Vision-based Dust Removal

Bucken, A.[Arno] Co Author Listing * Learning Maps for Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation
* Semantic World Modelling and Data Management in a 4D Forest Simulation and Information System
* Using Airborne Laser-Scanner-Data in Forestry Management: A Novel Approach to Single Tree Delineation
Includes: Bucken, A.[Arno] Bücken, A. (Maybe also Buecken, A.)

Bucker, A. Co Author Listing * perspective on needle artifacts in MRI: an electromagnetic model for experimentally separating susceptibility effects, A

Buckey, J.C. Co Author Listing * Timing specifications and accuracy of the real-time 3D echocardiographic reconstruction system

Buckingham, C. Co Author Listing * Policy based generic autonomic adapter for a context-aware social-collaborative system

Buckingham, C.E.[Christian E.] Co Author Listing * Mitigating Masked Pixels in a Climate-Critical Ocean Dataset

Buckingham, L.[Lawrence] Co Author Listing * Timed and probabilistic automata for automatic animal Call Recognition

Buckingham, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * Mixed Reality Based Social Interactions Testbed: A Game Theory Approach, A

Buckland, K.N.[Kerry N.] Co Author Listing * Lavic Lake Fault: A Long-Term Cumulative Slip Analysis via Combined Field Work and Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Airborne Remote Sensing, The
* MAGI: A New High-Performance Airborne Thermal-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Earth Science Applications
* Measuring Floating Thick Seep Oil from the Coal Oil Point Marine Hydrocarbon Seep Field by Quantitative Thermal Oil Slick Remote Sensing
* On the Utility of Longwave-Infrared Spectral Imaging for Remote Botanical Identification
* Validation of ASTER Emissivity Retrieval Using the Mako Airborne TIR Imaging Spectrometer at the Algodones Dune Field in Southern California, USA
Includes: Buckland, K.N.[Kerry N.] Buckland, K.N.

Buckler, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Method and associated apparatus for minimizing the effects of motion in the recording of an image
* procedural template for the qualification of imaging as a biomarker, using volumetric CT as an example, A
Includes: Buckler, A.J.[Andrew J.] Buckler, A.J.

Buckler, L.M. Co Author Listing * Toward automatic undersea search using pattern recognition techniques

Buckler, M. Co Author Listing * Reconfiguring the Imaging Pipeline for Computer Vision

Buckles, B.[Bill] Co Author Listing * Choosing Appropriate Homography Transformation for Building Panoramic Images
* Dynamic scene modelling and anomaly detection based on trajectory analysis
* Ground Extraction from Terrestrial LiDAR Scans Using 2D-3D Neighborhood Graphs
* Human skin detection: An unsupervised machine learning way
* Learning Optimal Filter Representation for Texture Classification
* Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Segmentation using Global-Constrained Hidden Markov Model and Image Registration
Includes: Buckles, B.[Bill] Buckles, B.

Buckles, B.P.[Bill P.] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition with Temporal Relationships
* Multi-scale feature identification using evolution strategies
* nonparametric approach to region-of-interest detection in wide-angle views, A
* Particle Filter Based Object Tracking with Discriminative Feature Extraction and Fusion
* Residential Building Reconstruction Based on the Data Fusion of Sparse LiDAR Data and Satellite Imagery
* Scene Recognition Using Genetic Algorithms with Semantic Nets
* Subband noise estimation for adaptive wavelet shrinkage
* Wavelet-Based Noise-Aware Method for Fusing Noisy Imagery, A
Includes: Buckles, B.P.[Bill P.] Buckles, B.P.
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Bucklew, J.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Companded Pulse Code Modulation
* Properties of Minimum Mean Squared Error Block Quantizers

Buckley, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * 3D Articulated Registration of the Mouse Hind Limb for Bone Morphometric Analysis in Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Length Normalization in Degraded Text Collections

Buckley, E.[Edward] Co Author Listing * European Research into Head Tracked Autostereoscopic Displays

Buckley, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Combining inertial and visual sensing for human action recognition in tennis

Buckley, K. Co Author Listing * Automated flexion crease identification using internal image seams

Buckley, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * attribute weighted distance transform, An
* Efficient GPU Computing Framework of Cloud Filtering in Remotely Sensed Image Processing
* Embedded Voxel Colouring with Adaptive Threshold Selection Using Globally Minimal Surfaces
* Gradient based intensity normalization
* Measuring the distance of vegetation from powerlines using stereo vision
* Path Openings and Closings
* Path-based morphological openings
* Perceptually-based Robust Image Transmission Over Wireless Channels
* Regularized Shortest Path Extraction
Includes: Buckley, M.[Michael] Buckley, M. Buckley, M.[Mitchell]
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Buckley, M.J. Co Author Listing * Morphological Erosions and Openings: Fast Algorithms Based on Anchors

Buckley, R.R. Co Author Listing * Encoding and processing of color engravings (using MRC)

Buckley, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * improved workflow for image-and laser-based virtual geological outcrop modelling, An
* Integration of terrestrial laserscanning, digital photogrammetry and geostatistical methods for high-resolution modelling of geological outcrops
* Nasadem Global Elevation Model: Methods And Progress
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning Combined with Photogrammetry for Digital Outcrop Modeling
Includes: Buckley, S.[Simon] Buckley, S.

Buckley, S.J. Co Author Listing * Close Range Hyperspectral Imaging Integrated With Terrestrial Lidar Scanning Applied To Rock Characterisation At Centimetre Scale
* Interactive Tool for Analysis and Optimization of Texture Parameters in Photorealistic Virtual 3D Models, An
* Optimizing SIFT for Matching of Short Wave Infrared and Visible Wavelength Images
* Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning for The Earth Sciencesworking Group V6
* Review Of Hyperspectral Imaging In Close Range Applications, A
* Semi-automatic Integration of Panoramic Hyperspectral Imagery with Photorealistic Lidar Models
* Synergistic Fusion of GPS and Photogrammetrically Generated Elevation Models
Includes: Buckley, S.J. Buckley, S.J.[Simon J.]
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Buckley, S.M. Co Author Listing * Estimating High-Resolution Atmospheric Phase Screens From Radar Interferometry Data
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Permanent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry
* Estimating Spatiotemporal Ground Deformation With Improved Persistent-Scatterer Radar Interferometry ast

Bucknall, C. Co Author Listing * system for real-time XMR guided cardiovascular intervention, A

Buckner, J. Co Author Listing * Knowledge Based System for the Interpretation of Complex Scenes
* Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Remote Sensing Images Using Semantic Nets
* Knowledge-Based System for Context Dependent Evaluation of Remote Sensing Data, A
* Semantic Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Buckner, J. Bückner, J. (Maybe also Bueckner, J.)Bückner, J.[Jürgen] (Maybe also Bueckner, J.)

Buckner, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Extending Geodemographics Using Data Primitives: A Review and a Methodological Proposal

Buckner, R.L.[Randy L.] Co Author Listing * Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelet Transformation
* Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Spherical Wavelets

Buckner, S.[Steven] Co Author Listing * New Reprocessing towards Life-Time Quality-Consistent Suomi NPP OMPS Nadir Sensor Data Records (SDR): Calibration Improvements and Impact Assessments on Long-Term Quality Stability of OMPS SDR Data Sets

Buckreuss, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Ten Years of TerraSAR-X Operations
* Visual Analysis of TerraSAR-X Backscatter Imagery for Archaeological Prospection

Bucksch, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * CAMPINO: A skeletonization method for point cloud processing
* New Method for Individual Tree Delineation and Undergrowth Removal from High Resolution Airborne Lidar, A
* Skeletonization and segmentation of point clouds using octrees and graph theory
* Skeltre: Fast Skeletonisation For Imperfect Point Cloud Data of Botanic Trees
* SkelTre: Robust skeleton extraction from imperfect point clouds
Includes: Bucksch, A.[Alexander] Bucksch, A.

Buckstein, D.S.[Daniel S.] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing 3D Buildings from LIDAR Using Level Set Methods

Buckthought, A.[Athena] Co Author Listing * Smoothness of viewpoint transitions in multiview video systems

Buckton, J.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantification of Changes in Bone in Serial MR Images of Joints

Bucktowar, V.[Vicky] Co Author Listing * Low-cost bus seating information technology system

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