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Borra Serrano, I.[Irene] Co Author Listing * 3-D Characterization of Vineyards Using a Novel UAV Imagery-Based OBIA Procedure for Precision Viticulture Applications
* Assessing Optimal Flight Parameters for Generating Accurate Multispectral Orthomosaicks by UAV to Support Site-Specific Crop Management
* Closing the Phenotyping Gap: High Resolution UAV Time Series for Soybean Growth Analysis Provides Objective Data from Field Trials
* Improving Accuracy of Herbage Yield Predictions in Perennial Ryegrass with UAV-Based Structural and Spectral Data Fusion and Machine Learning
Includes: Borra Serrano, I.[Irene] Borra-Serrano, I.[Irene]

Borra, S. Co Author Listing * Experimental Performance Evaluation of Feature Grouping Modules
* Framework for Performance Characterization of Intermediate Level Grouping Modules, A
Includes: Borra, S. Borra, S.[Sudhir]

Borraccino, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Generic Methodology for Field Calibration of Nacelle-Based Wind Lidars

Borralho, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * Detection of Longhorned Borer Attack and Assessment in Eucalyptus Plantations Using UAV Imagery

Borras Chavez, R.[Renato] Co Author Listing * Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Estimating Fur Seal Numbers
Includes: Borras Chavez, R.[Renato] Borras-Chavez, R.[Renato]

Borras, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * Geometric steerable medial maps
* Modelling Human Segmentation Trough Color and Space Analysis
* Object Image Retrieval by Shape Content in Complex Scenes Using Geometric Constraints
* Relational indexing of vectorial primitives for symbol spotting in line-drawing images
* Similarity-Based Object Retrieval Using Appearance and Geometric Feature Combination
Includes: Borras, A.[Agnes] Borrŕs, A.[Agnés]

Borras, C.S.[Concepcion Sanchis] Co Author Listing * Millimeter Wave MISO-OFDM Transmissions in an Intra-Wagon Environment
Includes: Borras, C.S.[Concepcion Sanchis] Borrás, C.S.[Concepción Sanchis]

Borras, R. Co Author Listing * cluster-based strategy for active learning of RGB-D object detectors, A
* Depth Information in Human Gait Analysis: An Experimental Study on Gender Recognition
* Robust gait-based gender classification using depth cameras
Includes: Borras, R. Borrŕs, R.[Ricard]

Borrego Acevedo, R.[Rodney] Co Author Listing * How Much Shallow Coral Habitat Is There on the Great Barrier Reef?
Includes: Borrego Acevedo, R.[Rodney] Borrego-Acevedo, R.[Rodney]

Borrego, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Application of the Comparison of Multibeam Echo-Sound Records to the Study of Stability of a Toxic Waste Stockpile Located on the Margin of a Tidal System: Tinto Estuary, Huelva, SW Spain
* Diapiric Structures in the Tinto River Estuary (SW Spain) Caused by Artificial Load of an Industrial Stockpile
Includes: Borrego, J.[Jose] Borrego, J.[José]

Borrell, A.[Asuncion] Co Author Listing * Beached and Floating Litter Surveys by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Operational Analogies and Differences
Includes: Borrell, A.[Asuncion] Borrell, A.[Asunción]

Borrell, I.[Isabel] Co Author Listing * Ink Drop Displacement Model-Based Direct Binary Search

Borrelli, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Electric Vehicles for Smart Buildings: A Survey on Applications, Energy Management Methods, and Battery Degradation
* Human-Centered Risk Assessment of an Automated Vehicle Using Vehicular Wireless Communication
* Model Predictive Control Approach for Virtual Coupling in Railways, A
* Modeling, Identification, and Predictive Control of a Driver Steering Assistance System
* Novel Approach for Vehicle Inertial Parameter Identification Using a Dual Kalman Filter, A
* Semiautonomous Vehicular Control Using Driver Modeling
* Unified Approach to Threat Assessment and Control for Automotive Active Safety, A
Includes: Borrelli, F.[Francesco] Borrelli, F.
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Borrelli, L.[Luciana] Co Author Listing * Body patterns in cephalopods: Polyphenism as a way of information exchange
* LiDAR and UAV System Data to Analyse Recent Morphological Changes of a Small Drainage Basin
* Morphological Changes Detection of a Large Earthflow Using Archived Images, LiDAR-Derived DTM, and UAV-Based Remote Sensing
Includes: Borrelli, L.[Luciana] Borrelli, L.[Luigi]

Borrelli, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Absolute Localization of Targets Using a Phase-Measuring Sidescan Sonar in Very Shallow Waters
* Shallow Water Object Detection, Classification, and Localization via Phase-Measured, Bathymetry-Mode Backscatter

Borrelli, P.[Pasquale] Co Author Listing * Implications of Fire Management in the Andean Paramo: A Preliminary Assessment Using Satellite Remote Sensing, The
* MAVEN: An Algorithm for Multi-Parametric Automated Segmentation of Brain Veins From Gradient Echo Acquisitions
* Soil Erosion Indicator for Supporting Agricultural, Environmental and Climate Policies in the European Union, A
Includes: Borrelli, P.[Pasquale] Borrelli, P.

Borri, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Tracking of 3D Motion, A

Borri, C. Co Author Listing * BIM for Museums: An Integrated Approach From The Building to the Collections
* Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of the Floor of the Accademia Gallery (Florence, Italy)
Includes: Borri, C. Borri, C.[Claudio]

Borri, G. Co Author Listing * Pyramid-Based Multiresolution Adaptive Filters for Additive and Multiplicative Image Noise

Borriello, G.[Gaetano] Co Author Listing * Visual Navigation for Mobile Devices

Borries, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Validation of GNSS-Derived Global Ionosphere Maps Using 16 Years of Jason Satellites Observations

Borrman, T.[Tyler] Co Author Listing * Topological Analysis of Amplicon Structure in Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) Data: An Application to ERBB2/HER2/NEU Amplified Tumors

Borrmann, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Contextual Linking of Heterogeneous Information Models from the Domains BIM and UIM
* Comparision of photogrammetric point clouds with BIM building elements for construction progress monitoring
* Enhancing Railway Detection by Priming Neural Networks with Project Exaptations
* Evaluation Of Acquisition Strategies For Image-based Construction Site Monitoring
* From GIS to BIM and back again: A Spatial Query Language for 3D building models and 3D city models
* Integrating pedestrian simulation, tracking and event detection for crowd analysis
Includes: Borrmann, A.[Andre] Borrmann, A.[André] Borrmann, A.

Borrmann, D.[Dorit] Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Solutions for Computing Precise Maximum Likelihood 3D Point Clouds from Mobile Laser Scanning Platforms
* Evaluation of a Backpack-Mounted 3D Mobile Scanning System
* Feature Detection With a Constant FAR in Sparse 3-D Point Cloud Data
* Interior Reconstruction Using the 3D Hough Transform
* One billion points in the cloud: An octree for efficient processing of 3D laser scans
* Robotic Mapping of Cultural Heritage Sites
* Study of Scan Patterns for Mobile Mapping, A
* Towards Radiometrical Alignment of 3D Point Clouds
Includes: Borrmann, D.[Dorit] Borrmann, D.
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Borrmann, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of RGB and Multispectral Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery for High-Throughput Phenotyping and Yield Prediction in Barley Breeding
* MISPEL: A Multi-Crop Spectral Library for Statistical Crop Trait Retrieval and Agricultural Monitoring

Borro, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * GFT: GPU Fast Triangulation of 3D Points
* Junction assisted 3D pose retrieval of untextured 3D models in monocular images
* Real time non-rigid 3D surface tracking using particle filter
* Road Marking Damage Detection Based on Deep Learning for Infrastructure Evaluation in Emerging Autonomous Driving

Borroto Escuela, D.Y.[Daily Yanetsy] Co Author Listing * Extent, Severity, and Temporal Patterns of Damage to Cuba's Ecosystems following Hurricane Irma: MODIS and Sentinel-2 Hurricane Disturbance Vegetation Anomaly (HDVA)
Includes: Borroto Escuela, D.Y.[Daily Yanetsy] Borroto-Escuela, D.Y.[Daily Yanetsy]

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