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Bebie, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Assessing Durum Wheat Yield through Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Machine Learning Approach

Bebie, T. Co Author Listing * SoccerMan-reconstructing soccer games from video sequences

Bebis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * False Positive Reduction in Breast Mass Detection Using the Fusion of Texture and Gradient Orientation Features
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Large-Scale Visual Sensor Networks: Architectures and Applications
* Horizon line detection using supervised learning and edge cues
* Informative joints based human action recognition using skeleton contexts
* Planetary rover localization within orbital maps
* Spiral Cube for Biometric Template Protection
* Tensor Voting Extraction of Vessel Centerlines from Cerebral Angiograms
Includes: Bebis, G.[George] Bebis, G.
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Bebis, G.N.[George N.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bebis, G.N.[George N.]: bebis AT cse unr edu
* 3-D Object Recognition Using 2-D Views
* Accurate and Efficient Computation of Gabor Features in Real-Time Applications
* Accurate and Efficient Computation of High Order Zernike Moments
* Accurate and robust localization of duplicated region in copy-move image forgery
* Automatic Crater Detection Using Convex Grouping and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automatic Framework for Figure-Ground Segmentation in Cluttered Backgrounds, An
* Automatic Robust Background Modeling Using Multivariate Non-parametric Kernel Density Estimation for Visual Surveillance
* Automatic Statistical Object Detection for Visual Surveillance
* Boosting object detection using feature selection
* Commentary Paper on Textural Segmentation of Sidescan Sonar Images Based on Gabor Filters Bank and Active Contours without Edges
* Component-Based Approach to Hand Verification, A
* Crater Detection Using Unsupervised Algorithms and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Curvature scale-space-driven object recognition with an indexing scheme based on artificial neural networks
* Curvelet Transform and Local Texture Based Image Forgery Detection
* distributed visual surveillance system, A
* Efficient background modeling through incremental Support Vector Data Description
* Evaluation of Image Forgery Detection Using Multi-scale Weber Local Descriptors
* Experimental Evaluation of Different Features and Nodal Costs for Horizon Line Detection, An
* Face Detection in the Near-IR Spectrum
* Face Detection Method Based on Multi-Band Feature Extraction in the Near-IR Spectrum, A
* Face recognition by fusing thermal infrared and visible imagery
* Feature Fusion Hierarchies for gender classification
* Fingerprint shell: Secure representation of fingerprint template
* Fitting the World to the Mind: Transforming Images to Mimic Perceptual Adaptation
* Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images for Face Recognition
* Gender classification from hand shape
* Gender Recognition from Face Images with Dyadic Wavelet Transform and Local Binary Pattern
* Gender Recognition Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and WLD Descriptor
* Genetic feature subset selection for gender classification: A comparison study
* Global Hand Pose Estimation by Multiple Camera Ellipse Tracking
* Hand-based verification and identification using palm-finger segmentation and fusion
* Image forgery detection using steerable pyramid transform and local binary pattern
* Improving Accessibility of Virtual Worlds by Automatic Object Labeling
* Improving hand-based verification through online finger template update based on fused confidences
* Improving Human Gait Recognition Using Feature Selection
* Improving target detection by coupling it with tracking
* Indexing Based on Algebraic Functions of Views
* Integrating Algebraic Functions of Views with Indexing and Learning for 3D Object Recognition
* Integrating perceptual level of detail with head-pose estimation and its uncertainty
* Investigating how and when perceptual organization cues improve boundary detection in natural images
* Investigating the Impact of Face Categorization on Recognition Performance
* iterative multi-scale tensor voting scheme for perceptual grouping of natural shapes in cluttered backgrounds, An
* Iterative Tensor Voting for Perceptual Grouping of Ill-Defined Curvilinear Structures
* Learning affine transformations
* Learning Affine Transformations of the Plane for Model-Based Object Recognition
* Learning Geometric Hashing Functions for Model Based Object Recognition
* Machine Learning Approach to Horizon Line Detection Using Local Features, A
* Mass Detection in Digital Mammograms Using Optimized Gabor Filter Bank
* Minutiae-based template synthesis and matching for fingerprint authentication
* Minutiae-Based Template Synthesis and Matching Using Hierarchical Delaunay Triangulations
* Monocular Precrash Vehicle Detection: Features and Classifiers
* Non-intrusive Method for Copy-Move Forgery Detection, A
* Non-parametric statistical background modeling for efficient foreground region detection
* Novelty Detection Approach for Foreground Region Detection in Videos with Quasi-stationary Backgrounds, A
* Object detection using feature subset selection
* Object Recognition Using Invariant Object Boundary Representations and Neural Network Models
* On Cancer Recognition of Ultrasound Images
* On Crater Verification Using Mislocalized Crater Regions
* On-Road Vehicle Detection Using Evolutionary Gabor Filter Optimization
* On-Road Vehicle Detection: A Review
* Overtaking Vehicle Detection Using Dynamic and Quasi-Static Background Modeling
* Passive detection of image forgery using DCT and local binary pattern
* Peg-Free Hand Shape Verification Using High Order Zernike Moments
* Perceptual Grouping Based on Iterative Multi-scale Tensor Voting
* PH-BRINT: Pooled Homomorphic Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Representation for Face Recognition Under Illumination Variations
* real-time precrash vehicle detection system, A
* Rendering Optimizations Guided by Head-Pose Estimates and Their Uncertainty
* Review on Vision-Based Full DOF Hand Motion Estimation, A
* Robust Recursive Learning for Foreground Region Detection in Videos with Quasi-Stationary Backgrounds
* Robust Video-Based Surveillance by Integrating Target Detection with Tracking
* Shape metamorphism using p-Laplacian equation
* Spatio-Spectral Algorithm for Robust and Scalable Object Tracking in Videos, A
* Tunable tensor voting improves grouping of membrane-bound macromolecules
* Using Algebraic Functions of Views for Indexing-Based Object Recognition
* Vehicle classification framework: a comparative study
* Vision-Based Architecture for Intent Recognition, A
* Vision-based hand pose estimation: A review
* Visual Hull Construction Using Adaptive Sampling
* Visual Tracking Framework for Intent Recognition in Videos, A
Includes: Bebis, G.N.[George N.] Bebis, G.N.
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