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8711 * *Industrial Applications of Robotics and Machine Vision
* *Mobile Robots II
* Algorithm For Converting A Forest Of Quadtrees To A Binary Array
* Algorithms and Hardware for Efficient Image Smoothing
* Analysis of a Sampling Technique Applied to Biological Images
* Apparatus for providing an indication that a color represented by a Y, R-Y, B-Y color television signal is validly reproducible on an RGB color display device
* Coordination of Action and Perception in a Surveillance Robot
* Digital copier with document image region decision device
* Distributed Associative Memory for Use in Scene Analysis
* Edge Focusing
* Error Analysis in Stereo Determination of 3-D Point Positions
* Feature Selection for Texture Recognition Based on Image Synthesis
* Feature-Based Tactile Object Recognition
* Finite Prolate Spheroidal Sequences and Their Applications I: Generation and Properties
* High Speed String Correction Method Using a Hierarchical File, A
* Implementing Dempster's Rule for Hierarchical Evidence
* Improved Localization in a Generalized Hough Scheme for the Detection of Straight Edges
* Iterative Thresholding Algorithm for Image Segmentation, An
* Line Connectivity Algorithms for an Asynchronous Pyramid Computer
* Measures of Correspondence Between Binary Patterns
* Model-Based Recognition Using 3D Shape Alone
* Morphological Filters: Statistical and Further Syntactic Properties
* Multiplexed real-time pyramid signal processing system
* Natural Object Categorization
* Non-Rigid Motion and Regge Calculus
* Object Detection and Experimental Designs
* On the Estimation of Optical Flow: Relations between Different Approaches and Some New Results
* Parallel Algorithms for Image Template Matching on Hypercube SIMD Computers
* Parallel Architecture for Discrete Relaxation Algorithm, A
* Physically Based Simulation Model for Acoustic Sensor Robot Navigation
* Representation and Recognition of Objects from Dense Range Maps
* Rigidity and Smoothness of Motion
* Rough Approximation of Shapes in Pattern Recognition
* Surface Specific-Line Tracking and Slope Recognition Algorithm, A
* Synthesizing Statistical Knowledge from Incomplete Mixed-Mode Data
* Transform Amplitude Sharpening: A New Method of Image Enhancement
* Transformation Calibration of a Camera Mounted on a Robot
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