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VISAPP06 * *Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
* 3D Tracking Using 2D-3D Line Segment Correspondence and 2D Point Motion
* Cognitive Vision and Perceptual Grouping by Production Systems with Blackboard Control: An Example for High-Resolution SAR-Images
* Collaboration on Scene Graph Based 3D Data
* Color Segmentation of Complex Document Images
* Comparison of Wavelet-Based and Ridgelet-Based Texture Classification of Tissues in Computed Tomography, A
* Dense Stereo Matching with Growing Aggregation and Neural Learning
* Diffusion Based Photon Mapping
* Distributed 3D Information Visualization: Towards Integration of the Dynamic 3D Graphics and Web Services
* Efficient Rendering of High-Detailed Objects Using a Reduced Multi-resolution Hierarchy
* Ellipse Detection in Digital Image Data Using Geometric Features
* Generalised Principal Component Analysis: Exploiting Inherent Parameter Constraints
* Improved Reconstruction of Images Distorted by Water Waves
* Improving Appearance-Based 3D Face Tracking Using Sparse Stereo Data
* Incremental Weighted Least Squares Approach to Surface Lights Fields, An
* Interactive Editing of Live Visuals
* Learning Nonlinear Manifolds of Dynamic Textures
* Mesh Editing Based on Discrete Laplace and Poisson Models
* Mesh Retrieval by Components
* Motion Map Generation for Maintaining the Temporal Coherence of Brush Strokes
* Multidirectional Face Tracking with 3D Face Model and Learning Half-Face Template
* Occlusion Invariant Face Recognition Using Two-Dimensional PCA
* Pose Estimation Using Structured Light and Harmonic Shape Contexts
* Progressive Refinement Approach for the Visualisation of Implicit Surfaces, A
* Representing Directions for Hough Transforms
* Terrain Synthesis By-Example
* Tolerance-Based Feature Transforms
* Unified Theory for Steerable and Quadrature Filters, A
* Vision-Based Tracking System for Head Motion Correction in FMRI Images
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VISAPP07 * *Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications

VISAPP08 * *Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications

VISAPP09 * *Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications

VISAPP10 * *Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications

VISAPP12 * Human Age Estimation Via Geometric And Textural Features

VISAPP13 * Detection of symmetry points in images

VISAPP21 * Extracting Accurate Long-Term Behavior Changes from a Large Pig Dataset

VISART12 * *Where Computer Vision Meets Art
* Artificial Mosaics with Irregular Tiles Based on Gradient Vector Flow
* Computer-Aided Reclamation of Lost Art
* Evaluation of Digital Inpainting Quality in the Context of Artwork Restoration
* Feature Vector Definition for a Decision Tree Based Craquelure Identification in Old Paintings
* Identification of Illustrators
* PHOG-Derived Aesthetic Measures Applied to Color Photographs of Artworks, Natural Scenes and Objects
* Shaping Art with Art: Morphological Analysis for Investigating Artistic Reproductions
* Wehrli 2.0: An Algorithm for Tidying up Art
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VISART14 * *Where Computer Vision Meets Art
* Artistic Image Analysis Using the Composition of Human Figures
* Classification of Artistic Styles Using Binarized Features Derived from a Deep Neural Network
* Computational Beauty: Aesthetic Judgment at the Intersection of Art and Science
* Detecting People in Cubist Art
* Graph-Based Shape Similarity of Petroglyphs
* Improving Ancient Roman Coin Recognition with Alignment and Spatial Encoding
* In Search of Art
* JenAesthetics Subjective Dataset: Analyzing Paintings by Subjective Scores
* Re-presentations of Art Collections
* Relationship Between Visual Complexity and Aesthetics: Application to Beauty Prediction of Photos
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VisArt22 * *Computer Vision for Art Analysis
* Artfacepoints: High-resolution Facial Landmark Detection in Paintings and Prints
* Automatic Analysis of Human Body Representations in Western Art
* Deart: Dataset of European Art
* How Well Do Vision Transformers (vts) Transfer to the Non-natural Image Domain? An Empirical Study Involving Art Classification
* Hypernst: Hyper-networks for Neural Style Transfer
* Is GPT-3 All You Need for Visual Question Answering in Cultural Heritage?
* On-the-go Reflectance Transformation Imaging with Ordinary Smartphones
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