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Xuan, A.N.[Alessandra Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Global MODIS Fraction of Green Vegetation Cover for Monitoring Abrupt and Gradual Vegetation Changes
* Monitoring Green Infrastructure for Natural Water Retention Using Copernicus Global Land Products

Xuan, D.[Dong] Co Author Listing * Robust video-based face recognition by sequential sample consensus
* Sequential Sample Consensus: A Robust Algorithm for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Simultaneous body part and motion identification for human-following robots

Xuan, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Printed Chinese Characters by Four Corner Codes
* Automatic Recognition of Province Name on the License Plate of Moving Vehicle
* Bhattacharyya Distance Feature Selection
* EM Algorithms of Gaussian Mixture Model and Hidden Markov Model

Xuan, G.R.[Guo Rong] Co Author Listing * Computer graphics identification using genetic algorithm
* Enhanced EM algorithm using maximum entropy distribution as initial condition, An
* Feature Selection based on the Bhattacharyya Distance
* Lossless Data Hiding Using Histogram Shifting Method Based on Integer Wavelets
* Novel Bayesian Classifier with Smaller Eigenvalues Reset by Threshold Based on Given Database, A
* Novel Pattern Classification Scheme: Classwise Non-Principal Component Analysis (CNPCA), A
* Optimum Histogram Pair Based Image Lossless Data Embedding
* Reversible binary image data hiding by run-length histogram modification
* Reversible Data Hiding for JPEG Images Based on Histogram Pairs
* Reversible Data Hiding Using Integer Wavelet Transform and Companding Technique
* Secure Internet-Based Personal Identity Verification System Using Lossless Watermarking and Fingerprint Recognition, A
* Statistical Moments Based Universal Steganalysis using JPEG 2-D Array and 2-D Characteristic Function
* Steganalysis Using High-Dimensional Features Derived from Co-occurrence Matrix and Class-Wise Non-Principal Components Analysis (CNPCA)
* Steganalysis Versus Splicing Detection
* Steganalyzing Texture Images
* Stereo Image Coding with Histogram-Pair Based Reversible Data Hiding
* Using RZL Coding to Enhance Histogram-Pair Based Image Reversible Data Hiding
Includes: Xuan, G.R.[Guo Rong] Xuan, G.R.[Guo-Rong]
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Xuan, G.X.[Gui Xin] Co Author Listing * Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences Embedding Pre-Given Gaussian Integers
Includes: Xuan, G.X.[Gui Xin] Xuan, G.X.[Gui-Xin]

Xuan, H.[Hong] Co Author Listing * Deep Randomized Ensembles for Metric Learning

Xuan, H.M.[Hui Ming] Co Author Listing * Depth map super-resolution via iterative joint-trilateral-upsampling
* Synthesis-guided depth super resolution
Includes: Xuan, H.M.[Hui Ming] Xuan, H.M.[Hui-Ming]

Xuan, J. Co Author Listing * Deformable Surface-Spine Model for 3-D Surface Registration, A
* Discontinuity-Embedded Deformable Models for Surface Reconstruction From Range Images
* Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients in Medical Image Compression

Xuan, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * 3-D Deformation Guided On-Line Modification of Multi-leaf Collimators for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
* Imaging biomarker analysis of rat mammary fat pads and glandular tissues in MRI images
* Robust Feature Selection by Weighted Fisher Criterion for Multiclass Prediction in Gene Expression Profiling
* Segmentation of magnetic resonance brain image: Integrating region growing and edge detection
Includes: Xuan, J.H.[Jian Hua] Xuan, J.H.[Jian-Hua]

Xuan, J.Y.[Jun Yu] Co Author Listing * Structural property-aware multilayer network embedding for latent factor analysis
Includes: Xuan, J.Y.[Jun Yu] Xuan, J.Y.[Jun-Yu]

Xuan, Q. Co Author Listing * Passive Indoor Localization Based on CSI and Naive Bayes Classification

Xuan, S.B.[Shi Bin] Co Author Listing * Subclass representation-based face-recognition algorithm derived from the structure scatter of training samples
Includes: Xuan, S.B.[Shi Bin] Xuan, S.B.[Shi-Bin]

Xuan, V.N.[Vinh Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Illumination, phase step optimization and improvements in simultaneous multiple frequency measurement for Time-of-Flight sensors

Xuan, Y.C.[Yu Cong] Co Author Listing * local shape descriptor for mobile linedrawing retrieval, A
Includes: Xuan, Y.C.[Yu Cong] Xuan, Y.C.[Yu-Cong]

Xuan, Y.J.[Yue Jian] Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Estimating the Vertical Velocity of Air with a Descending Radiosonde System, A
Includes: Xuan, Y.J.[Yue Jian] Xuan, Y.J.[Yue-Jian]

Xuan, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Co Author Listing * 3D model retrieval based on color + geometry signatures
Includes: Xuan, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Xuan, Y.M.[Yu-Ming]

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