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Teo, C.C.[Chuan Chin] Co Author Listing * study on partial face recognition of eye region, A
* Wavelet-Based Face Recognition System Using Partial Information, A
Includes: Teo, C.C.[Chuan Chin] Teo, C.C.

Teo, C.L.[Ching Lik] Co Author Listing * 3D ordinal constraint in spatial configuration for robust scene recognition
* Action Attribute Detection from Sports Videos with Contextual Constraints
* Active scene recognition with vision and language
* Blind Restoration of Images Degraded by Space-Variant Blurs Using Iterative Algorithms for Both Blur Identification and Image Restoration
* Contour Detection and Characterization for Asynchronous Event Sensors
* Detection and Segmentation of 2D Curved Reflection Symmetric Structures
* Fast 2D border ownership assignment
* Multichannel Image Restorations Using an Iterative Algorithm in Space Domain
* Surgical motion task performance in a hand eye colocated digital stereo microcsope
Includes: Teo, C.L.[Ching Lik] Teo, C.L. Teo, C.L.[Ching L.] Teo, C.L.[Chee Leong]
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Teo, C.S.[Chek Sing] Co Author Listing * Few-Shot Object Detection via Classification Refinement and Distractor Retreatment

Teo, H.C.[Hoong Chen] Co Author Listing * Artificial Light at Night Advances Spring Phenology in the United States

Teo, J.[Justin] Co Author Listing * Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report

Teo, K.L.[Kok Lay] Co Author Listing * Design of variable bandwidth symmetric/anti-symmetric FIR single-band PCLS lowpass and highpass filters
* Determination of fractional pixel location via an optimal group delay estimation approach
* Distributionally Robust Minimum Variance Beamformer Design, A
* FIR filter design over discrete coefficients and least square error
* Gradient flow approach to discrete-time envelope-constrained filter design via orthonormal filters
* Optimal finite-precision approximation of FIR filters
* Perimeter Control With State-Dependent Delays: Optimal Control Model and Computational Method
* Smoothing Method for Ramp Metering, A
* Weighted Least-Square-Based Approach to FIR Filter Design Using the Frequency-Response Masking Technique, A
Includes: Teo, K.L.[Kok Lay] Teo, K.L.[Kok-Lay] Teo, K.L.
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Teo, L.S. Co Author Listing * Modeling Trees for Virtual Singapore: From Data Acquisition To Citygml Models

Teo, P. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Smoothing of Posterior Probabilities
* On the Design of Filters for Gradient-Based Motion Estimation
* Optimal Filters for Gradient-based Motion Estimation
* Segmenting Cortical Gray Matter for Functional MRI Visualization
Includes: Teo, P. Teo, P.[Patrick]

Teo, P.C.[Patrick C.] Co Author Listing * Canonical Decomposition of Steerable Functions
* Computational Approach to Steerable Functions, A
* Design of Multiparameter Steerable Functions Using Cascade Basis Reduction
* Lie Generators For Computing Steerable Functions
* model of perceptual image fidelity, A
* Perceptual image distortion
Includes: Teo, P.C.[Patrick C.] Teo, P.C.

Teo, P.C.S.[Patrick Cheng San] Co Author Listing * Motion estimation for panoramic digital camera

Teo, R.S.H. Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Distributed Adaptive Control for Vehicle-Following Platoon With Input Saturation
* Distributed Adaptive Integrated-Sliding-Mode Controller Synthesis for String Stability of Vehicle Platoons

Teo, R.Y.M. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Classifier for Recognizing Handwritten Numerals, A
* Proposed Heuristic Procedures to Preprocess Character Patterns Using Line Adjacency Graphs
Includes: Teo, R.Y.M. Teo, R.Y.M.[Raymund Yee-Mian]

Teo, S. Co Author Listing * Framework for Reliable Three-dimensional Underground Utility Mapping For Urban Planning, A

Teo, S.G.[Sin G.] Co Author Listing * PPTPF: Privacy-Preserving Trajectory Publication Framework for CDR Mobile Trajectories

Teo, S.N. Co Author Listing * Modeling Trees for Virtual Singapore: From Data Acquisition To Citygml Models

Teo, T. Co Author Listing * Video-Based Point Cloud Generation Using Multiple Action Cameras

Teo, T.A. Co Author Listing * 3d Deformation Measurement of Concrete Wall Using Close-range Photogrammetry
* Adaptive Patch Projection for the Generation of Orthophotos from Satellite Images
* Benefit of the Geospatial-Related Waveforms Analysis to Extract Weak Laser Pulses, The
* DEM-Aided Block Adjustment for Satellite Images With Weak Convergence Geometry
* Elevation-Controlled Block Adjustment for Weakly Convergent Satellite Images
* Empirical Radiometric Normalization of Road Points from Terrestrial Mobile Lidar System
* Generation of 3D Tree Models by the Integration of Multi-sensor Data, The
* Geometric Integration of Heterogeneous Models for Multisatellite Image Positioning
* Geometrical Comparisons of RSM and RFM for FORMOSAT-2 Satellite Images, The
* Integration of GPS, GIS and Photogrammetry for Texture Mapping in Photo-Realistic City Modeling
* Integration of Image-Derived and POS-derived Features for Image Blur Detection
* Line-based Multi-image Matching For Fašade Reconstruction
* Parametric Reconstruction for Complex Building from LIDAR and Vector Maps Using a Divide-and-Conquer Strategy
* Radiometric Block Adjustment for Multi-Strip Airborne Waveform Lidar Data
* Reconstruction of Building Models with Curvilinear Boundaries from Laser Scanner and Aerial Imagery
* Shaping Polyhedral Buildings by the Fusion of Vector Maps and Lidar Point Clouds
* Spatiotemporal Fusion of Formosat-2 and Landsat-8 Satellite Images: A Comparison of Super Resolution-Then-Blend and Blend-Then-Super Resolution Approaches
* Surface-Based Registration of Airborne and Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Use of UAS for Rapid 3D Mapping in Geomatics Education, The
Includes: Teo, T.A. Teo, T.A.[Tee-Ann]
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Teo, Y.S.[Yon Shin] Co Author Listing * Data-driven next destination prediction and ETA improvement for urban delivery fleets

Teo, Y.W.[Yong Wei] Co Author Listing * Automatic Person Annotation of Family Photo Album

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