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Satta, G. Co Author Listing * Computation of probabilities for an island-driven parser
* Optimal Probabilistic Evaluation Functions for Search Controlled by Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
* Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars Estimated from Infinite Distributions
Includes: Satta, G. Satta, G.[Giorgio]

Satta, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Children Gender Recognition Under Unconstrained Conditions Based on Contextual Information
* Empirical investigation into the correlation between vignetting effect and the quality of sensor pattern noise
* Exploiting Depth Information for Indoor-Outdoor Scene Classification
* Fast person re-identification based on dissimilarity representations
* General Method for Appearance-Based People Search Based on Textual Queries, A
* Multimodal Person Reidentification Using RGB-D Cameras
* Multiple Component Matching Framework for Person Re-identification, A
* Sensor pattern noise and image similarity for picture-to-identity linking
* Three-dimensional and two-and-a-half-dimensional face recognition spoofing using three-dimensional printed models
* Unsupervised Classemes
Includes: Satta, R.[Riccardo] Satta, R.
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Sattar, A.[Abdul] Co Author Listing * Auto-Tuning of Attitude Control System for Heterogeneous Multirotor UAS
* Fractional Discrimination for Texture Image Segmentation
* GAGM-AAM: A genetic optimization with Gaussian mixtures for Active Appearance Models
* MVAAM (multi-view active appearance model) optimized by multi-objective genetic algorithm
* Neural Network Feature Explanation Using Neuron Activation Rate Based Bipartite Graph
* Parallel Vision Computing on a Network of Workstation Clusters
Includes: Sattar, A.[Abdul] Sattar, A.

Sattar, F. Co Author Listing * Corner detection of gray level images using gabor wavelets
* Dental X-Ray Image Segmentation and Object Detection Based on Phase Congruency
* Enhancement of Document Images Using Multiresolution and Fuzzy Logic Techniques
* feature-based matching scheme: MPCD and robust matching strategy, A
* High Capacity Data Hiding in Binary Document Images
* Image-Enhancement Based on a Nonlinear Multiscale Method
* Modeling the EXIF-Image correlation for image manipulation detection
* Multiresolution fragile watermarking using complex chirp signal for content integrity verification
* Multiresolution fragile watermarking using complex chirp signals for content authentication
* Multiscale contour corner detection based on local natural scale and wavelet transform
* Multiscale corner detection for gray level images using Plessey method
* Multiscale Corner Detection of Gray Level Images Based on Log-Gabor Wavelet Transform
* New Blind Watermarking Technique Based on Independent Component Analysis, A
* New Image-Based Method for Event Detection and Extraction of Noisy Hydrophone Data, A
* On the Multiresolution Enhancement of Document Images Using Fuzzy Logic Approach
* Optic Disk Localization for Gray-Scale Retinal Images Based on Patch Filtering
* Transparent information hiding with automatic embedding range selection for ownership verification
* Watermark Detection and Extraction Using Independent Component Analysis Method
Includes: Sattar, F. Sattar, F.[Farook]
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Sattar, H. Co Author Listing * Fashion Is Taking Shape: Understanding Clothing Preference Based on Body Shape From Online Sources
* Predicting the Category and Attributes of Visual Search Targets Using Deep Gaze Pooling
* Prediction of search targets from fixations in open-world settings
Includes: Sattar, H. Sattar, H.[Hosnieh]

Sattar, J.[Junaed] Co Author Listing * AQUA: An Amphibious Autonomous Robot
* Charlie Rides the Elevator, Integrating Vision, Navigation and Manipulation towards Multi-floor Robot Locomotion
* Fourier tags: Smoothly degradable fiducial markers for use in human-robot interaction
* SmartTalk: A Learning-Based Framework for Natural Human-Robot Interaction
* Telepresence across the Ocean
* Vision-Based Control and Interaction Framework for a Legged Underwater Robot, A
Includes: Sattar, J.[Junaed] Sattar, J.

Sattar, K.N.A.[Khalid Nazim Abdul] Co Author Listing * Cross lingual handwritten character recognition using long short term memory network with aid of elephant herding optimization algorithm

Sattar, M.A. Co Author Listing * Integrated Use of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Technology for Monitoring The Environmental Problem of Shyamnagar

Sattar, S.[Shahram] Co Author Listing * Towards an Automatic Ice Navigation Support System in the Arctic Sea

Sattari, F.M.[F. Mehran] Co Author Listing * Automatic Polyp Detection from CT Colonography Using Mathematical Morphology

Sattari, M. Co Author Listing * Exploring The Potential of Full Waveform Airborne Lidar Features And Its Fusion With Rgb Image in Classification of a Sparsely Forested Area
* Implementation And Evaluation Of A Mobile Mapping System Based On Integrated Range And Intensity Images For Traffic Signs Localization
* Review of Recent Range Image Reconstruction Algorithms, A

Sattari, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * METU-MMDS: An Intelligent Multimedia Database System for Multimodal Content Extraction and Querying

Sattarivand, M. Co Author Listing * Computational Engine for Development of Complex Cascaded Models of Signal and Noise in X-Ray Imaging Systems

Sattarvand, J.[Javad] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Joint Orientations in Rock Mass Using Pointnet and Dbscan
* Practical Methodology for Generating High-Resolution 3D Models of Open-Pit Slopes Using UAVs: Flight Path Planning and Optimization, A

Sattarzadeh, S.[Sam] Co Author Listing * Mitigating Paucity of Data in Sinusoid Characterization Using Generative Synthetic Noise
* SVEA: A Small-scale Benchmark for Validating the Usability of Post-hoc Explainable AI Solutions in Image and Signal Recognition

Sattel, T.F. Co Author Listing * Electronic Field Free Line Rotation and Relaxation Deconvolution in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Model-Based Reconstruction for Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Prediction of the Spatial Resolution of Magnetic Particle Imaging Using the Modulation Transfer Function of the Imaging Process

Satter, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * adaptive window mechanism for image smoothing, An
* R-snakes
* Volume image registration by template matching
Includes: Satter, M.[Martin] Satter, M.

Satterfield, K.[Kelly] Co Author Listing * Robot Authority in Human-Machine Teams: Effects of Human-Like Appearance on Compliance

Satterthwaite, T.D. Co Author Listing * Discovering Synchronized Subsets of Sequences: A Large Scale Solution
* Hierarchical Extraction of Functional Connectivity Components in Human Brain Using Resting-State fMRI

Satti, A.[Abdul] Co Author Listing * Covariate Shift Minimisation Method to Alleviate Non-stationarity Effects for an Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface, A

Satti, P. Co Author Listing * Min-Max Average Pooling Based Filter for Impulse Noise Removal

Satti, S.K.[Satish Kumar] Co Author Listing * HPKNN: Hyper-parameter optimized KNN classifier for classification of poikilocytosis

Satti, S.M.[Shahid M.] Co Author Listing * Context-conditioned composite coding of 3D meshes based on wavelets on surfaces
* Modeling Wavelet Coefficients for Wavelet Subdivision Transforms of 3D Meshes
* Scalable Intraband and Composite Wavelet-Based Coding of Semiregular Meshes
* Visually lossless screen content coding using HEVC base-layer
Includes: Satti, S.M.[Shahid M.] Satti, S.M.

Sattiabaruth, S.[Seeboruth] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Integrated with the Unmanned Surface Vessel Mapping the Southern Ionian Sea. The Winning Technology Solution of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, The

Sattigeri, P.[Prasanna] Co Author Listing * Ar-net: Adaptive Frame Resolution for Efficient Action Recognition
* Automatic image annotation using inverse maps from semantic embeddings
* Detector-Free Weakly Supervised Grounding by Separation
* Onlineaugment: Online Data Augmentation with Less Domain Knowledge
* Supervised local sparse coding of sub-image features for image retrieval
* Tafssl: Task-adaptive Feature Sub-space Learning for Few-shot Classification
Includes: Sattigeri, P.[Prasanna] Sattigeri, P.

Sattiraju, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive BPSO based feature selection and skin detection based background removal for enhanced face recognition

Sattlegger, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection in 3D Point Clouds using Deep Geometric Descriptors
* Beyond Dents and Scratches: Logical Constraints in Unsupervised Anomaly Detection and Localization
* MVTec AD: A Comprehensive Real-World Dataset for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* MVTec Anomaly Detection Dataset: A Comprehensive Real-World Dataset for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection, The
* Uninformed Students: Student-Teacher Anomaly Detection With Discriminative Latent Embeddings
Includes: Sattlegger, D.[David] Sattlegger, D.

Sattler, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * 2nd Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2024: Challenge Results
* Deepcabac: Plug Play Compression of Neural Network Weights and Weight Updates
* HyKo: A Spectral Dataset for Scene Understanding
Includes: Sattler, F.[Felix] Sattler, F.

Sattler, M.[Mirko] Co Author Listing * Hardware-accelerated ambient occlusion computation

Sattler, T.[Torsten] Co Author Listing * email: Sattler, T.[Torsten]: torsten sattler AT inf ethz ch
* Are Large-Scale 3D Models Really Necessary for Accurate Visual Localization?
* Back to the Feature: Learning Robust Camera Localization from Pixels to Pose
* BAD SLAM: Bundle Adjusted Direct RGB-D SLAM
* Benchmarking 6DOF Outdoor Visual Localization in Changing Conditions
* Benchmarking Image Retrieval for Visual Localization
* Beyond Controlled Environments: 3D Camera Re-Localization in Changing Indoor Scenes
* Calibrated and Partially Calibrated Semi-Generalized Homographies
* Camera Pose Voting for Large-Scale Image-Based Localization
* Comparative Evaluation of Hand-Crafted and Learned Local Features
* Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2020
* Cross-Season Correspondence Dataset for Robust Semantic Segmentation, A
* CrowdDriven: A New Challenging Dataset for Outdoor Visual Localization
* D2-Net: A Trainable CNN for Joint Description and Detection of Local Features
* Deep LiDAR localization using optical flow sensor-map correspondences
* Deep Visual Geo-localization Benchmark
* DGC-Net: Dense Geometric Correspondence Network
* Efficient Effective Prioritized Matching for Large-Scale Image-Based Localization
* Evaluating Local Features for Day-Night Matching
* Fast image-based localization using direct 2D-to-3D matching
* Fine-Grained Segmentation Networks: Self-Supervised Segmentation for Improved Long-Term Visual Localization
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Performance Evaluation in Computer Vision
* Handcrafted Outlier Detection Revisited
* How Privacy-Preserving are Line Clouds? Recovering Scene Details from 3D Lines
* Human POSEitioning System (HPS): 3D Human Pose Estimation and Self-localization in Large Scenes from Body-Mounted Sensors
* Hybrid Camera Pose Estimation
* Hybrid Scene Compression for Visual Localization
* Hyperpoints and Fine Vocabularies for Large-Scale Location Recognition
* Image Retrieval for Image-Based Localization Revisited
* Image-Based Localization Using LSTMs for Structured Feature Correlation
* Improving Image-Based Localization by Active Correspondence Search
* Indoor-Outdoor 3D Reconstruction Alignment
* Infrastructure-based Multi-camera Calibration Using Radial Projections
* InLoc: Indoor Visual Localization with Dense Matching and View Synthesis
* Investigating the Role of Image Retrieval for Visual Localization
* Is This the Right Place? Geometric-Semantic Pose Verification for Indoor Visual Localization
* Large-Scale Location Recognition and the Geometric Burstiness Problem
* Large-scale outdoor 3D reconstruction on a mobile device
* Long-Term Visual Localization Revisited
* Making Affine Correspondences Work in Camera Geometry Computation
* Merging the Unmatchable: Stitching Visually Disconnected SfM Models
* MeshLoc: Mesh-Based Visual Localization
* Minimal Solvers for Generalized Pose and Scale Estimation from Two Rays and One Point
* Multi-view Stereo Benchmark with High-Resolution Images and Multi-camera Videos, A
* Non-parametric Structure-Based Calibration of Radially Symmetric Cameras
* Objects Can Move: 3D Change Detection by Geometric Transformation Consistency
* On Sampling Focal Length Values to Solve the Absolute Pose Problem
* On the Limits of Pseudo Ground Truth in Visual Camera Re-localisation
* Optimizing the Viewing Graph for Structure-from-Motion
* P1AC: Revisiting Absolute Pose From a Single Affine Correspondence
* Partially calibrated semi-generalized pose from hybrid point correspondences
* Patch2Pix: Epipolar-Guided Pixel-Level Correspondences
* Privacy-Preserving Representations are not Enough: Recovering Scene Content from Camera Poses
* Quad-Networks: Unsupervised Learning to Rank for Interest Point Detection
* Reference Pose Generation for Long-term Visual Localization via Learned Features and View Synthesis
* Revisiting Radial Distortion Absolute Pose
* Scalable 6-DOF Localization on Mobile Devices
* Scalable Collaborative Online System for City Reconstruction, A
* SCRAMSAC: Improving RANSAC's efficiency with a spatial consistency filter
* Second Workshop on 3D Reconstruction Meets Semantics: Challenge Results Discussion, The
* SegLoc: Learning Segmentation-Based Representations for Privacy-Preserving Visual Localization
* Semantic Match Consistency for Long-Term Visual Localization
* Semantic Visual Localization
* Semantically Informed Multiview Surface Refinement
* SIFT-Realistic Rendering
* Single-image Depth Prediction Makes Feature Matching Easier
* SurfelMeshing: Online Surfel-Based Mesh Reconstruction
* Tetra-NeRF: Representing Neural Radiance Fields Using Tetrahedra
* Toroidal Constraints for Two-Point Localization Under High Outlier Ratios
* Towards Fast Image-Based Localization on a City-Scale
* Understanding the Limitations of CNN-Based Absolute Camera Pose Regression
* Using Image Sequences for Long-Term Visual Localization
* ViewFormer: NeRF-Free Neural Rendering from Few Images Using Transformers
* Visual Localization using Imperfect 3D Models from the Internet
* Vote-and-Verify Strategy for Fast Spatial Verification in Image Retrieval, A
* VSO: Visual Semantic Odometry
* Why Having 10,000 Parameters in Your Camera Model Is Better Than Twelve
Includes: Sattler, T.[Torsten] Sattler, T.
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