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Rasmussen, A.M.[Anders Munk] Co Author Listing * Classification of Alzheimer's Disease from MRI Using Sulcal Morphology

Rasmussen, B.P.[Brandon P.] Co Author Listing * Chimera: A Multi-Task Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Forest Classification and Structural Estimation

Rasmussen, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Rasmussen, C.[Christopher]: cer AT cis udel edu
* 2D Lattice Extraction from Structured Environments
* Analysis of Building Textures for Reconstructing Partially Occluded Facades
* Approaches for automatic low-dimensional human shape refinement with priors or generic cues using RGB-D data
* Automatic Refinement of Foreground Regions for Robot Trail Following
* Deep Census: AUV-Based Scallop Population Monitoring
* Deformable Object Shape Refinement and Tracking Using Graph Cuts and Support Vector Machines
* Fast, Deep Detection and Tracking of Birds and Nests
* Grouping dominant orientations for ill-structured road following
* Improving Spatiotemporal Inpainting with Layer Appearance Models
* Joint Probabilistic Techniques for Tracking Multi-part Objects
* Large-scale functional models of visual cortex for remote sensing
* On-Vehicle and Aerial Texture Analysis for Vision-Based Desert Road Following
* PCA-Based Recognition for Efficient Inpainting
* Probabilistic contour extraction with model-switching for vehicle localization
* Probabilistic Data Association Methods for Tracking Complex Visual Objects
* Spatiotemporal Inpainting for Recovering Texture Maps of Occluded Building Facades
* Spatiotemporal Inpainting for Recovering Texture Maps of Partially Occluded Building Facades
* Superpixel Analysis for Object Detection and Tracking with Application to UAV Imagery
* Terrain-Based Sensor Selection for Autonomous Trail Following
* Texture-Based Vanishing Point Voting for Road Shape Estimation
* Tree trunk detection using contrast templates
Includes: Rasmussen, C.[Christopher] Rasmussen, C.
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Rasmussen, C.E.[Carl Edward] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Mixture Modeling with Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
* Gaussian Processes for Data-Efficient Learning in Robotics and Control
* Learning Depth from Stereo
* Modelling Spikes with Mixtures of Factor Analysers
* Semi-supervised Kernel Regression Using Whitened Function Classes
Includes: Rasmussen, C.E.[Carl Edward] Rasmussen, C.E.

Rasmussen, F.N.[Frederik Norby] Co Author Listing * Planar Pose Estimation Using Object Detection and Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Rasmussen, F.N.[Frederik Norby] Rasmussen, F.N.[Frederik NÝrby]

Rasmussen, H.[Henrik] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of Movement Statistics of People

Rasmussen, J.[Jesper] Co Author Listing * Thistle Detection

Rasmussen, J.C. Co Author Listing * Determining the Performance of Fluorescence Molecular Imaging Devices Using Traceable Working Standards With SI Units of Radiance
* Experimental Comparison of Continuous-Wave and Frequency-Domain Fluorescence Tomography in a Commercial Multi-Modal Scanner

Rasmussen, J.E.[Jens Eilstrup] Co Author Listing * Scalable and Reliable Paradigm for Media on Demand, A

Rasmussen, K. Co Author Listing * Assessing Land Degradation/Recovery in the African Sahel from Long-Term Earth Observation Based Primary Productivity and Precipitation Relationships

Rasmussen, L.K. Co Author Listing * Outage Region Characterization for Beamforming in MISO Interference Networks with Imperfect CSI

Rasmussen, M.O. Co Author Listing * Normalization of Surface Anisotropy Effects Present in SEVIRI Reflectances by Using the MODIS BRDF Method, The

Rasmussen, N.D.[Nathan D.] Co Author Listing * Application and evaluation of spatiotemporal enhancement of live aerial video using temporally local mosaics
* Enhancement of unusual color in aerial video sequences for assisting wilderness search and rescue
* Fused visible and infrared video for use in Wilderness Search and Rescue

Rasmussen, P.M.[Peter M.] Co Author Listing * Model sparsity and brain pattern interpretation of classification models in neuroimaging

Rasmussen, T.C.[Todd C.] Co Author Listing * Spatial Downscaling of GRACE TWSA Data to Identify Spatiotemporal Groundwater Level Trends in the Upper Floridan Aquifer, Georgia, USA

Rasmussen, T.S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Partially Hidden Markov Models with Application to Bilevel Image Coding

Rasmusson, A. Co Author Listing * Connected Components Labeling on the GPU with Generalization to Voronoi Diagrams and Signed Distance Fields

Rasmusson, J.[Jim] Co Author Listing * Error-bounded lossy compression of floating-point color buffers using quadtree decomposition

Rasmusson, L. Co Author Listing * Life: A Flexible Testbed for Light Field Evaluation

Rasmy, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Applicability of Multi-Frequency Passive Microwave Observations and Data Assimilation Methods for Improving Numerical Weather Forecasting in Niger, Africa
* Field Verification of an Algorithm for Retrieving Vegetation Water Content From Passive Microwave Observations, A
* Inter-Comparison of Gauge-Corrected Global Satellite Rainfall Estimates and Their Applicability for Effective Water Resource Management in a Transboundary River Basin: The Case of the Meghna River Basin
Includes: Rasmy, M.[Mohamed] Rasmy, M.

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