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Rampa, V. Co Author Listing * Device-Free Radio Vision for Assisted Living: Leveraging wireless channel quality information for human sensing
* migrating data-driven architecture for multidimensional signal processing, A
* Physical Modeling and Performance Bounds for Device-free Localization Systems

Rampal, K. Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate scale estimation method for object tracking
* Occlusion handling in feature point tracking using ranked parts based models
Includes: Rampal, K. Rampal, K.[Karon]

Rampal, N.[Neelesh] Co Author Listing * Interpretable Deep Learning Applied to Rip Current Detection and Localization

Rampal, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Combination of Feature Tracking and Pattern Matching with Optimal Parametrization for Sea Ice Drift Retrieval from SAR Data, A

Ramparany, F. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Tools For Representing Uncertainty In Perception

Rampazzo, M. Co Author Listing * 3D building model as an interface for a web information system, case study of the Pontonniers high school in Strasbourg

Rampi, L.[Lian] Co Author Listing * Effects of Point or Polygon Based Training Data on RandomForest Classification Accuracy of Wetlands, The

Rampillon, F.[Felicie] Co Author Listing * Long automated driving phase affects take-over performance

Rampini, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of the multilayer perceptron with neuro-fuzzy techniques in the estimation of cover class mixture in remotely sensed data
* Correspondence-Free Region Localization for Partial Shape Similarity via Hamiltonian Spectrum Alignment
* Fuzzy Contextual Classification of Multisource Remote Sensing Images
* Fuzzy Reasoning Approach to Similarity Evaluation in Image Analysis
* fuzzy set-based accuracy assessment of soft classification, A
* Hybrid Approach to Fuzzy Land-Cover Mapping, A
* Indexing Model of Remote Sensing Images, An
* Instant recovery of shape from spectrum via latent space connections
* Isospectralization, or How to Hear Shape, Style, and Correspondence
* Special Issue on Nonconventional Pattern Analysis in Remote Sensing
* Spectral Shape Recovery and Analysis Via Data-driven Connections
* Universal Spectral Adversarial Attacks for Deformable Shapes
Includes: Rampini, A. Rampini, A.[Arianna] Rampini, A.[Anna]
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Rampisela, D.A.[Dorothea Agnes] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis for Sago Palm Classification: The Most Important Features from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Predicting Land Cover Change in the Mamminasata Area, Indonesia, to Evaluate the Spatial Plan

Rampold, R. Co Author Listing * Documentation of cultural heritage; techniques, potentials, and constraints
* Historic photos and TLS data fusion for the 3D reconstruction of a monastery altar ensemble

Rampone, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Function approximation from noisy data by an incremental RBF network
* incremental multivariate regression method for function approximation from noisy data, An

Ramponi, G. Co Author Listing * adaptive irregular sampling algorithm and its application to image coding, An
* adaptive irregular sampling method for progressive transmission, An
* Adaptive Reduction of the Dynamics of HDR Video Sequences
* Adaptive Unsharp Masking for Contrast Enhancement
* Algorithmic and architectural design for real-time and power-efficient Retinex image/video processing
* alignment algorithm for old motion pictures, An
* Blotches Correction and Contrast Enhancement for Old Film Pictures
* Causes and subjective evaluation of blurriness in video frames
* Context-Based Defading of Archive Photographs
* Design and Real-Time Implementation of A 3-D Rational Filter for Edge-Preserving Smoothing
* Detection and measurement of the blocking artifact in decoded video frames
* Enhancement of coded video sequences via an adaptive nonlinear post-processing
* ESPRIT LTR research project: Nonlinear model-based analysis and description of images for multimedia applications (NOBLESSE), The
* Features for the Reconstruction of Shredded Notebook Paper
* flexible FPGA implementation for illuminance-reflectance video enhancement, A
* Fuzzy Filter for Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise, A
* fuzzy operator for the enhancement of blurred and noisy images, A
* Guest editorial: special issue on algorithms and architectures for real-time image and video enhancement
* High Dynamic Range Image Display With Halo and Clipping Prevention
* image enhancement technique using polynomial filters, An
* Image Enhancement via Adaptive Unsharp Masking
* Interpolation of the DC component of Coded Images Using a Rational Filter
* Joint Kalman-based Noise Filtering and Motion Compensated Video Coding for Low Bit Rate Videoconferencing
* Method for Motion-Adaptive Frame Rate Up-Conversion, A
* modified retinex for image contrast enhancement and dynamics control, A
* No-reference measurement of perceptually significant blurriness in video frames
* Nonlinear interpolators for old movie restoration
* Nonlinear kernel based feature maps for blur-sensitive unsharp masking of JPEG images
* Nonlinear Unsharp Masking Methods for Image-Contrast Enhancement
* Privacy in mini-drone based video surveillance
* rational edge-preserving smoother, A
* Rational Unsharp Masking Method for TV Applications, A
* Rational Unsharp Masking Technique
* Simple Algorithm for the Reduction of Blocking Artifacts in Images and Its Implementation, A
* simple edge-sensitive image interpolation filter, A
* Smoothing Speckled Images Using an Adaptive Rational Operator
* Technique to correct yellowing and foxing in antique books
* Warped Distance for Space-Variant Linear Image Interpolation
Includes: Ramponi, G. Ramponi, G.[Giovanni]
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Ramprasaath, R.S. Co Author Listing * Automated colorimetric analysis in paper based sensors

Ramprasad, A.V. Co Author Listing * Human detection and segmentation in the crowd environment by coimbining APD with HLBD approaches

Rampun, A.[Andrik] Co Author Listing * Breast Density Classification Using Local Ternary Patterns in Mammograms
* Confidence Analysis for Breast Mass Image Classification
* Fetal Brain Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks with Fusion Strategies
Includes: Rampun, A.[Andrik] Rampun, A.

Rampuria, N.[Nisha] Co Author Listing * Creation and Analysis of a Corpus of Text Rich Indian TV Videos

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