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Nawab, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * IPUS: An Architecture for the Integrated Processing and Understanding of Signals
* Techniques for Speckle Noise Removal
Includes: Nawab, H.[Hamid] Nawab, H.

Nawabi, Y.A. Co Author Listing * Application of Structure from Motion in Japanese Archaeology

Nawaf, M.M.[Mohamad Motasem] Co Author Listing * Color and flow based superpixels for 3D geometry respecting meshing
* Evaluation of Vision-based Localization and Mapping Techniques in A Subsea Metrology Scenario
* Fusion of dense spatial features and sparse temporal features for three-dimensional structure estimation in urban scenes
* Joint Spatio-temporal Depth Features Fusion Framework for 3D Structure Estimation in Urban Environment
* Monocular 3D structure estimation for urban scenes
* Ontology-based Web Tools for Retrieving Photogrammetric Cultural Heritage Models
* Portable Opto-acoustic Survey Solution for Mapping of Underwater Targets, A
* Towards Guided Underwater Survey Using Light Visual Odometry
* Underwater Photogrammetry, Coded Target And Plenoptic Technology: A Set Of Tools for Monitoring Red Coral in Mediterranean Sea in the Framework Of the perfect Project
Includes: Nawaf, M.M.[Mohamad Motasem] Nawaf, M.M.
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Nawahda, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * View Invariant Vehicle Type Recognition and Counting System using Multiple Features

Nawano, S.[Shigeru] Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation of 3D CT Images Based on Statistical Atlas and Graph Cuts
* Computerized detection of malignant tumors on digital mammograms
* Ensemble Learning Based Segmentation of Metastatic Liver Tumours in Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography
* Synchronized Display of Virtual Colonoscopic Views in Supine and Prone CT Images
Includes: Nawano, S.[Shigeru] Nawano, S.

Nawar, S.[Said] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Study of Three Different Portable XRF Scanners to Assess the Soil Geochemistry of An Extensive Sample Dataset, A
* Digital Mapping of Soil Properties Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis and ASTER Data in an Arid Region
* Estimation of Secondary Soil Properties by Fusion of Laboratory and On-Line Measured Vis-NIR Spectra
* Machine Learning Based On-Line Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon after Removal of Soil Moisture Effect
* Modeling and Mapping of Soil Salinity with Reflectance Spectroscopy and Landsat Data Using Two Quantitative Methods (PLSR and MARS)
* Practical Recommendations for Hyperspectral and Thermal Proximal Disease Sensing in Potato and Leek Fields

Nawaratne, R. Co Author Listing * Online Incremental Machine Learning Platform for Big Data-Driven Smart Traffic Management

Nawawi, N.M. Co Author Listing * Review On Measuring Entrepreneurs' Social Behaviour Via Spatial Analysis Techniques, A

Nawawi, S.W. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Condition of Buried Pipe Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Nawaz ul Huda, S.[Syed] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Spatiotemporal Variations in the Urban Thermal Environment Related to Land Cover Changes in Karachi, Pakistan, from 2000 to 2020
Includes: Nawaz ul Huda, S.[Syed] Nawaz-ul-Huda, S.[Syed]

Nawaz, A.[Asif] Co Author Listing * Convolutional LSTM based transportation mode learning from raw GPS trajectories
* KernelNet: A Blind Super-Resolution Kernel Estimation Network
* On De-Interlacing and Sub-Pixel Precision Tracking
* Reference-Based Blind Super-Resolution Kernel Estimation
Includes: Nawaz, A.[Asif] Nawaz, A.[Aakif]

Nawaz, D.A. Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal Analysis of Land Use Dynamics and Its Potential Implications on Land Surface Temperature in Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan

Nawaz, F. Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard Assessment Using Participatory Approach and Weighted Overlay Methods
* Flood Risk Assessment of River Kabul And Swat Catchment Area: District Charsadda, Pakistan

Nawaz, H.S.[Hafiza Sadia] Co Author Listing * Frame-Based Feature Model for Violence Detection from Surveillance Cameras Using ConvLSTM Network, A
* Temporal Moment Localization via Natural Language by Utilizing Video Question Answers as a Special Variant and Bypassing NLP for Corpora

Nawaz, M.[Mehmood] Co Author Listing * Clustering based one-to-one hypergraph matching with a large number of feature points
* Image Correspondence With CUR Decomposition-Based Graph Completion and Matching
* Melanoma segmentation: A framework of improved DenseNet77 and UNET convolutional neural network
* Saliency Detection Using Deep Features and Affinity-Based Robust Background Subtraction
Includes: Nawaz, M.[Mehmood] Nawaz, M.[Marriam]

Nawaz, M.A.[Muhammad Ali] Co Author Listing * Deep learning for image inpainting: A survey

Nawaz, M.W.[Muhammad Wasim] Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation with Adaptive Regularization and Neighborhood Dependent Constraint
* Optical flow estimation using sparse gradient representation

Nawaz, N.[Naima] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Global Precipitation Products Over the Largest Agriculture Region in Pakistan

Nawaz, Q. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal medical image fusion using 2DPCA

Nawaz, R.[Raheel] Co Author Listing * Building Covert Timing Channel of the IoT-Enabled MTS Based on Multi-Stage Verification
* Mitigating Urban Visual Pollution through a Multistakeholder Spatial Decision Support System to Optimize Locational Potential of Billboards

Nawaz, R.A.[Rana Ali] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Land Use Land Cover Classifiers Using Different Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning Techniques

Nawaz, S. Co Author Listing * Are These Birds Similar: Learning Branched Networks for Fine-grained Representations
* Cross-modal Speaker Verification and Recognition: A Multilingual Perspective
* Do Cross Modal Systems Leverage Semantic Relationships?
* Guiding Attention using Partial-Order Relationships for Image Captioning
* Monitoring Movement At Makli
* Pipeline to Improve Face Recognition Datasets and Applications, A
* Semantically Grounded Visual Embeddings for Zero-Shot Learning
* Visual Word Embedding for Text Classification
Includes: Nawaz, S. Nawaz, S.[Shah]
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Nawaz, T.[Tahir] Co Author Listing * annotation-free method for evaluating privacy protection techniques in videos, An
* Assessing tracking assessment measures
* Bidirectional Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System Based on VLC: Outdoor Tests and Performance Analysis
* bottom-up approach for the analysis of haustral fold ridges in CTC-CAD, A
* Deep trajectory representation-based clustering for motion pattern extraction in videos
* Deepgender: real-time gender classification using deep learning for smartphones
* Measures of Effective Video Tracking
* method for performance diagnosis and evaluation of video trackers, A
* PETS 2015: Datasets and challenge
* PETS 2017: Dataset and Challenge
* PFT: A protocol for evaluating video trackers
* Protocol for Evaluating Video Trackers Under Real-World Conditions, A
* Temporally stable feature clusters for maritime object tracking in visible and thermal imagery
* Tracking performance evaluation on PETS 2015 Challenge datasets
* Trajectory clustering for motion pattern extraction in aerial videos
* ViTBAT: Video tracking and behavior annotation tool
Includes: Nawaz, T.[Tahir] Nawaz, T.[Tassadaq] Nawaz, T. Nawaz, T.[Tabassam]
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Nawaz, W.[Wajahat] Co Author Listing * Classification Of Breast Cancer Histology Images Using ALEXNET
* Towards Low-Cost and Efficient Malaria Detection

Nawaz, Z.[Zain] Co Author Listing * Heatwaves Significantly Slow the Vegetation Growth Rate on the Tibetan Plateau
* Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Global Precipitation Products Over the Largest Agriculture Region in Pakistan
* Testing Accuracy of Land Cover Classification Algorithms in the Qilian Mountains Based on GEE Cloud Platform

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