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Maes, A.[Alfons] Co Author Listing * Circle-based eye center localization (CECL)

Maes, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Influence of Tropical Instability Waves on Phytoplankton Biomass near the Marquesas Islands
* Monitoring the Influence of the Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics on Phytoplanktonic Plumes around the Marquesas Islands Using Multi-Satellite Missions

Maes, F. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality System for Patient-Specific Guidance of Cardiac Catheter Ablation Procedures, An
* Automated model-based bias field correction of MR images of the brain
* Automated model-based tissue classification of MR images of the brain
* Automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions by model outlier detection
* Automatic 3-D Breath-Hold Related Motion Correction of Dynamic Multislice MRI
* Automatic 3-D segmentation of internal structures of the head in MR images using a combination of similarity and free-form transformations. I. Methodology and validation on normal subjects
* Comparison and Evaluation of Retrospective Intermodality Registration Techniques
* Comparison Between Parzen Window Interpolation and Generalised Partial Volume Estimation for Nonrigid Image Registration Using Mutual Information
* Computer-Aided Interactive Object Delineation Using an Intelligent Paintbrush Technique
* Elastic Image Registration Versus Speckle Tracking for 2-D Myocardial Motion Estimation: A Direct Comparison In Vivo
* Linked geometric features for modeling the fluid flow in developing embryonic vertebrate hearts
* Medical image registration using mutual information
* Minimal Shape and Intensity Cost Path Segmentation
* Multimodality Image Registration by Maximization of Mutual Information
* Nonrigid Image Registration Using Conditional Mutual Information
* Nonrigid Registration of Multitemporal CT and MR Images for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
* Optimization for Medical Image Segmentation: Theory and Practice When Evaluating With Dice Score or Jaccard Index
* Retrospective Heel Effect Correction in Conventional Radiography
* Robust Model-Based Registration of Cardiac MR Images for T1 and ECV Mapping
* Semisupervised Probabilistic Clustering of Brain MR Images Including Prior Clinical Information
* statistical framework for the registration of 3D knee implant components to single-plane X-ray images, A
* Temporal subtraction of thorax CR images using statistical deformation model
* Three-Dimensional Cardiac Strain Estimation Using Spatio-Temporal Elastic Registration of Ultrasound Images: A Feasibility Study
* Unified Framework for Atlas Based Brain Image Segmentation and Registration, A
* unifying framework for partial volume segmentation of brain MR images, A
* Unsupervised Segmentation, Clustering, and Groupwise Registration of Heterogeneous Populations of Brain MR Images
* White Matter Fiber-Bundle Analysis Using Non-negative Tensor Factorization
Includes: Maes, F. Maes, F.[Frederik] Maes, F.[Frederic]
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Maes, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Personal Viewpoint Navigation Based on Object Trajectory Distribution for Multi-View Videos
* Vertical Profiling of Volcanic Ash from the 2011 Puyehue Cordón Caulle Eruption Using IASI
Includes: Maes, K.[Kenji] Maes, K.[Kwinten]

Maes, L. Co Author Listing * Automated contour detection of the left ventricle in short axis view in 2D echocardiograms

Maes, M.[Maurice] Co Author Listing * Digitization of Straight Line Segments Closeness and Convexity
* Implementation of a real-time digital watermarking process for broadcast monitoring on a TriMedia VLIW processor
* Polygonal Shape Recognition Using String-Matching Techniques
* VIVA Project: Digital Watermarking for Broadcast Monitoring, The
Includes: Maes, M.[Maurice] Maes, M.

Maes, M.J.J.J.B. Co Author Listing * Digital watermarking by geometric warping

Maes, P.[Pattie] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Maes, P.[Pattie]: pattie AT media mit edu
* Alive System: Wireless, Full-Body Interaction with Autonomous Agents, The
* Augmented Reality Interfaces for Additive Manufacturing
* Augmenting Looking, Pointing and Reaching Gestures to Enhance the Searching and Browsing of Physical Objects
* DeepSpace: Mood-Based Image Texture Generation for Virtual Reality from Music
* Distributed optimization of codebooks
* Modeling Real-World Affective and Communicative Nonverbal Vocalizations From Minimally Speaking Individuals
* Penetra3D: A penetrable, interactive, 360-degree viewable display
Includes: Maes, P.[Pattie] Maes, P.
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Maes, P.J. Co Author Listing * Expressive Body Movement Responses to Music Are Coherent, Consistent, and Low Dimensional

Maes, W.[Wouter] Co Author Listing * Multisensor UAV Payload and Processing Pipeline for Generating Multispectral Point Clouds, A

Maes, W.H.[Wouter H.] Co Author Listing * Applying RGB- and Thermal-Based Vegetation Indices from UAVs for High-Throughput Field Phenotyping of Drought Tolerance in Forage Grasses
* Can UAV-Based Infrared Thermography Be Used to Study Plant-Parasite Interactions between Mistletoe and Eucalypt Trees?
* Exploring the Potential of Satellite Solar-Induced Fluorescence to Constrain Global Transpiration Estimates
* Identifying the Optimal Radiometric Calibration Method for UAV-Based Multispectral Imaging
* Optimizing the Processing of UAV-Based Thermal Imagery
* Ultra-High-Resolution UAV-Based Detection of Alternaria solani Infections in Potato Fields
Includes: Maes, W.H.[Wouter H.] Maes, W.H.[Wouter H]

Maesaka, T. Co Author Listing * Initial Observations for Precipitation Cores With X-Band Dual Polarized Phased Array Weather Radar

Maesano, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Estimating Afforestation Area Using Landsat Time Series and Photointerpreted Datasets
* Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Tree-Related Microhabitats using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Reusing Remote Sensing-Based Validation Data: Comparing Direct and Indirect Approaches for Afforestation Monitoring
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Quantifying Timber Assortments from Standing Trees in a Mixed and Multi-Layered Mediterranean Forest
* UAV-Based LiDAR for High-Throughput Determination of Plant Height and Above-Ground Biomass of the Bioenergy Grass Arundo donax

Maesen, S. Co Author Listing * Bringing 3D vision to the web: Acquiring motion parallax using commodity cameras and WebGL
* HeatMeUp: A 3DUI serious game to explore collaborative wayfinding
* Interactive Acquisition of Apparel for Garment Modeling
* Iterative refinement for real-time local stereo matching
* Omnidirectional free viewpoint video using panoramic light fields
Includes: Maesen, S. Maesen, S.[Steven]

Maestre Deusto, F.J. Co Author Listing * ADART: An Adaptive Algebraic Reconstruction Algorithm for Discrete Tomography
Includes: Maestre Deusto, F.J. Maestre-Deusto, F.J.

Maestre, E. Co Author Listing * Design of Recursive Digital Filters in Parallel Form by Linearly Constrained Pole Optimization
* Performance-Based Interpreter Identification in Saxophone Audio Recordings

Maestre, F.M. Co Author Listing * Tracking of Tubular Molecules for Scientific Applications
* Tracking of Tubular Objects for Scientific Applications

Maestre, F.T.[Fernando T.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Diversity Successfully Estimates the a-Diversity of Biocrust-Forming Lichens

Maestre, J.M.[Jose Maria] Co Author Listing * Coalitional Model Predictive Control on Freeways Traffic Networks
Includes: Maestre, J.M.[Jose Maria] Maestre, J.M.[José María]

Maestre, M. Co Author Listing * Visual Servoing for Micro-Manipulation

Maestre, R.A. Co Author Listing * Pattern-Recognition Using Sequential Matched Filtering of Wavelet Coefficients

Maestri, D. Co Author Listing * Measured Model, Theoretical Model and Represented Model: The So-Called Arch of Drusus in Rome

Maestri, T.[Tiziano] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the Far Infrared Properties and Radiative Forcing of Antarctic Ice and Water Clouds Exploiting the Spectrometer-LiDAR Synergy
* Cirrus Cloud Identification from Airborne Far-Infrared and Mid-Infrared Spectra
* Retrieval of Cloud Optical Properties From Multiple Infrared Hyperspectral Measurements: A Methodology Based on a Line-by-Line Multiple-Scattering Code
Includes: Maestri, T.[Tiziano] Maestri, T.

Maestrojuan, I. Co Author Listing * Water Content Continuous Monitoring of Grapevine Xylem Tissue Using a Portable Low-Power Cost-Effective FMCW Radar
Includes: Maestrojuan, I. Maestrojuán, I.

Maestroni, D. Co Author Listing * Fast in-band motion estimation with variable size block matching
* Scalable coding of variable size blocks motion vectors

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