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Kimura, A. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of similarity-based partial image retrieval using multistage vector quantization
* Assessment of digital camera-derived vegetation indices in quantitative monitoring of seasonal rice growth
* computational model of saliency depletion/recovery phenomena for the salient region extraction of videos, A
* Computational Models of Human Visual Attention and Their Implementations: A Survey
* Creating a user-specific perspective view for mobile mixed reality systems on smartphones
* Deep attentive time warping
* Deep Reinforcement Image Matching with Self-Termination
* Designing various component analysis at will
* Dynamic Markov random fields for stochastic modeling of visual attention
* Extended Fisher Criterion Based on Auto-correlation Matrix Information
* extension of the generalized hough transform to realize affine-invariant two-dimensional(2d) shape detection, An
* Font Generation with Missing Impression Labels
* Generative Self-Ensemble Approach To Simulated+Unsupervised Learning, A
* Geometric interpretation of Fisher's linear discriminant analysis through communication theory
* Listening Human Behavior: 3D Human Pose Estimation with Acoustic Signals
* Parallel volume segmentation with tetrahedral adaptive grid
* Phase Randomization: A data augmentation for domain adaptation in human action recognition
* quick video search method based on local and global feature clustering, A
* SemiCCA: Efficient Semi-supervised Learning of Canonical Correlations
* Shared Latent Space of Font Shapes and Their Noisy Impressions
* Single Image Segmentation with Estimated Depth
* stochastic model of selective visual attention with a dynamic Bayesian network, A
* Stretch n cut: Method for observing and ungrouping complex virtual objects in 3D space using elastic band metaphor
* Study on the SAR Data Observation Time For The Classification Of Planting Condition Of Paddy Fields, A
* Total Whitening for Online Signature Verification Based on Deep Representation
* Touch & Detach: Ungrouping and observation methods for complex virtual objects using an elastic metaphor
* Virtual Handcrafting: Building Virtual Wood Models Using ToolDevice
* Visual Attention Driven by Auditory Cues
Includes: Kimura, A. Kimura, A.[Akihiko] Kimura, A.[Akisato]
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Kimura, D. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Discriminative Attention for Robust Anomaly Detection
* Automatic Detection of Stationary Waves in the Venus Atmosphere Using Deep Generative Models
* Focusing on What is Relevant: Time-Series Learning and Understanding using Attention
* Nano-level 3-D shape measurement system using 3-wavelength LED light interference fringes
Includes: Kimura, D. Kimura, D.[Daiki] Kimura, D.[Daichi]

Kimura, E.[Eiji] Co Author Listing * Averaging colors of multicolor mosaics

Kimura, F. Co Author Listing * Accuracy improvement of handwritten numeral recognition by mirror image learning
* Accuracy Improvement of Slant Estimation for Handwritten Words
* Accuracy Improvement of Viewpoint-Free Scene Character Recognition by Rotation Angle Estimation
* Application of slant correction to handwritten Japanese address recognition
* Automatic Assembling of Cadastral Maps Based on Generalized Hough Transformation
* Automatic Chinese Text Classification Using Character-Based and Word-Based Approach
* Automatic Detection of Facial Midline And Its Contributions to Facial Feature Extraction
* Automatic grading prototype system for KANJI dictation test
* Automatic Left Ventricular Endocardium Detection in Echocardiograms Based on Ternary Thresholding Method
* Automatic tracking of local myocardial motion by correlation weighted velocity method
* Bangla and English City Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Clustering with projection distance and pseudo Bayes discriminant function for handwritten numeral recognition
* Combination of Signature Verification Techniques by SVM
* Comparative Study of Devnagari Handwritten Character Recognition Using Different Feature and Classifiers
* Comparative study on mirror image learning (MIL) and GLVQ
* comparative study on mirror image learning and ALSM, A
* Convex hull based approach for multi-oriented character recognition from graphical documents
* Design of Solids with Free-Form Surfaces
* Detection of eyes by circular Hough transform and histogram of gradient
* Efficient estimation of character normal direction for Camera-based OCR
* Efficient three dimensional rotation estimation for camera-based OCR
* F-ratio Based Weighted Feature Extraction for Similar Shape Character Recognition
* Facial features extraction by accelerated implementation of circular hough transform and appearance evaluation
* Handwritten Character Recognition of Popular South Indian Scripts
* Handwritten Musical Document Retrieval Using Music-Score Spotting
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition of Six Popular Indian Scripts
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using Autoassociative Neural Networks
* Handwritten numeral recognition using gradient and curvature of gray scale image
* Handwritten Street Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Handwritten Word Recognition Using Lexicon Free and Lexicon Directed Word Recognition Algorithms
* Impact of lexicon completeness on city name recognition
* Impact of OCR Accuracy and Feature Transformation on Automatic Text Classification, The
* Impact of OCR Errors on Automated Classification of OCR Japanese Texts with Parts-of-Speech Analysis, An
* Improvement of Handwritten Japanese Character-Recognition Using Weighted Direction Code Histogram
* Improvement of Japanese Signature Verification by Combined Segmentation Verification Approach
* Improvement of Japanese Signature Verification by Segmentation-Verification
* Improvement of On-line Signature Verification Based on Gradient Features
* Improving Accuracy of Printed Character Recognition Using Hexagonal Zoning of Directional Histogram Feature
* Indian Multi-Script Full Pin-code String Recognition for Postal Automation
* Lexicon-Driven Handwritten City-Name Recognition Scheme for Indian Postal Automation, A
* Low Quality String Recognition For Factory Automation
* Machine and human recognition of segmented characters from handwritten words
* Mirror image learning for autoassociative neural networks
* Modified Quadratic Discriminant Functions and the Application to Chinese Character Recognition
* Multi-lingual City Name Recognition for Indian Postal Automation
* Multilingual signature-verification by generalized combined segmentation verification
* New Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition
* Off-Line Handwritten Character Recognition of Devnagari Script
* On Feature Extraction for Limited Class Problem
* Oriya handwritten numeral recognition system
* Painting Based Technique for Skew Estimation of Scanned Documents, A
* Performance Improvement of Dot-Matrix Character Recognition by Variation Model Based Learning
* Recognition and transition frame detection of Arabic news captions for video retrieval
* Recognition of English Multi-oriented Characters
* Recognition of Off-Line Handwritten Devnagari Characters Using Quadratic Classifier
* Recognition of Words from Legal Amounts of Indian Bank Cheques
* Rotated face recognition by manifold learning with auto-associative neural network
* Script Identification: A Han and Roman Script Perspective
* Shape Code Based Word-Image Matching for Retrieval of Indian Multi-lingual Documents
* Statistical and neural classification of handwritten numerals: a comparative study
* Study on Automatic Chinese Text Classification, A
* study on three dimensional rotation-free character recognition and rotation angle estimation of characters, A
* System for Bangla Online Handwritten Text, A
* Tamil Handwritten City Name Database Development and Recognition for Postal Automation
* Three Dimensional Rotation-Free Recognition of Characters
* Using Handwriting Action to Construct Models of Engineering Objects
Includes: Kimura, F. Kimura, F.[Fumitaka]
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Kimura, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Acquiring Manipulation Tasks from Observation
* Calibration of Polarimetric PALSAR Imagery Affected by Faraday Rotation Using Polarization Orientation
* FPGA Components for Integrating FPGAs into Robot Systems
* Image processing apparatus and method for generating a third image from first and second images
* Imitation of Assembly Tasks for Realizing Dexterous Manipulation
* Learning Everyday Manipulation Tasks from Observation
* Using Aesthetic and Empathetic Expressions to Motivate Desirable Lifestyle
* Visual Servoing with Hand-Eye Manipulator: Optimal-Control Approach
Includes: Kimura, H.[Hiroshi] Kimura, H. Kimura, H.[Hitomi] Kimura, H.[Hiroyuki] Kimura, H.[Hiroaki]
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Kimura, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Introduction to Dione's Wispy Terrain as a Putative Model Region for Micro Wilson Cycles on Icy Satellites
* System and method for performing video coding/decoding using motion compensation
* Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
* Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a portion of an image and outputting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
Includes: Kimura, J.[Jun] Kimura, J.[Junichi]

Kimura, K.[Keigo] Co Author Listing * Efficient Leave-One-Out Evaluation of Kernelized Implicit Mappings
* Fast random k-labELsets for large-scale multi-label classification
* Hand Posture Estimation by Combining 2-d Appearance-based and 3-d Model-based Approaches
* Kernelized Supervised Laplacian Eigenmap for Visualization and Classification of Multi-Label Data
* Locality in multi-label classification problems
* Multi-label classification with meta-label-specific features
* READER: Robust Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Dimension Reduction
* Realization of Autoencoders by Kernel Methods
* Retargeted Regression Methods for Multi-label Learning
* Robust embedding regression for semi-supervised learning
* Sensor Data Simulation with Wandering Behavior for the Elderly Living Alone
* Simultaneous Estimation of Super-Resolved Image and 3D Information using Multiple Stereo-Pair Images
* Simultaneous Nonlinear Label-Instance Embedding for Multi-label Classification
* Simultaneous visualization of samples, features and multi-labels
Includes: Kimura, K.[Keigo] Kimura, K. Kimura, K.[Kousuke] Kimura, K.[Kazuto]
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Kimura, M.[Makoto] Co Author Listing * 3D measurement of feature cross-sections of foot while walking
* 3D Voxel Construction based on Epipolar Geometry
* Appearance-Based Virtual View Generation of Temporally-Varying Events from Multi-Camera Images in the 3D Room
* Coded aperture for projector and camera for robust 3D measurement
* Detecting Human Heads and Face Orientations Under Dynamic Environment
* Detecting human heads with their orientations
* Dynamic Integration of Height Maps into a 3D World Representation from Range Image Sequences
* Facial point detection based on a convolutional neural network with optimal mini-batch procedure
* Handwritten Numerical Recognition Based on Multiple Algorithms
* Human Foot Reconstruction from Multiple Camera Images with Foot Shape Database
* Integrated medical-image system for cancer research and treatment
* Intelligent Character Recognition System with High Accuracy and High Speed by Integrating Image-Type and Logical-Type Information Processings, An
* Multi-Scale and Hierarchical Description Using Energy Controlled Active Balloon Model
* Optimized Aperture for Estimating Depth from Projector's Defocus
* PCA Based 3D Shape Reconstruction of Human Foot Using Multiple Viewpoint Cameras
* Projector Calibration using Arbitrary Planes and Calibrated Camera
* Recognition of Handwritten Characters Using Pattern Transformation Method with Cosine Function
* Shape reconstruction of human foot from multi-camera images based on PCA of human shape database
* SHIFT15M: Fashion-specific dataset for set-to-set matching with several distribution shifts
* Structured light with coded aperture for wide range 3D measurement
Includes: Kimura, M.[Makoto] Kimura, M.[Mitsuhiro] Kimura, M. Kimura, M.[Masatoshi] Kimura, M.[Masataka] Kimura, M.[Masanari]
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Kimura, N.[Noriaki] Co Author Listing * Measuring Deformed Sea Ice in Seasonal Ice Zones Using L-Band SAR Images

Kimura, R.[Reiji] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Recent Agricultural Situation of Dakhla Oasis, Egypt, Using Meteorological and Satellite Data
* Application of MODIS Land Products to Assessment of Land Degradation of Alpine Rangeland in Northern India with Limited Ground-Based Information
* Evaluating the Sand-Trapping Efficiency of Sand Fences Using a Combination of Wind-Blown Sand Measurements and UAV Photogrammetry at Tottori Sand Dunes, Japan
* Extracting Interval Distribution of Human Interactions
* ReMagicMirror: Action Learning Using Human Reenactment with the Mirror Metaphor
* Representing a Partially Observed Non-Rigid 3D Human Using Eigen-Texture and Eigen-Deformation
* Use of A MODIS Satellite-Based Aridity Index to Monitor Drought Conditions in Mongolia from 2001 to 2013
* Use of a Satellite-Based Aridity Index to Monitor Decreased Soil Water Content and Grass Growth in Grasslands of North-East Asia
Includes: Kimura, R.[Reiji] Kimura, R.[Rikako] Kimura, R.[Ryohei] Kimura, R.[Ryosuke] Kimura, R.
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Kimura, S. Co Author Listing * area-efficient 4/8/16/32-point inverse DCT architecture for UHDTV HEVC decoder, An
* Automatic Recognition of Human Facial Expressions
* Convolver-Based Real-Time Stereo Machine (SAZAN), A
* Development of a Video-Rate Stereo Machine
* Extraction of Vanishing Point and Its Application to Scene Analysis Based on Image Sequence
* Facial Expression Recognition and its Degree Estimation
* Fast Algorithm and VLSI Architecture of Rate Distortion Optimization in H.265-HEVC
* Fast SAO estimation algorithm and its VLSI architecture
* Merge mode based fast inter prediction for HEVC
* Motion-JPEG2000 Standardization and Target Market
* Variable-Clock-Cycle-Path VLSI Design of Binary Arithmetic Decoder for H.265/HEVC, A
Includes: Kimura, S. Kimura, S.[Satoshi] Kimura, S.[Shigeru] Kimura, S.[Shinji]
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Kimura, T.[Tomotaka] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Network Based Sinhala Character Recognition
* Learners' Efficiency Prediction Using Facial Behavior Analysis
* novel 3D audio display system using radiated loudspeaker for future 3D multimodal communications, A
* Probability Estimation of Binary Information Sources for Image Coding
* Reading-Life Log: Technologies to Recognize Texts That We Read, The
* Simultaneous Mixed Vertical and Horizontal Handwritten Japanese Character Line Detection
* Three-dimensional image processing apparatus
* Topology-Aware Flow-Based Point Cloud Generation
* Wide Color Gamut Displays using Led Backlight: Signal Processing Circuits, Color Calibration System and Multi-Primaries
Includes: Kimura, T.[Tomotaka] Kimura, T.[Tsukasa] Kimura, T.[Toshiyuki] Kimura, T.[Tomohiro] Kimura, T. Kimura, T.[Tokunori] Kimura, T.[Takumi]
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Kimura, T.D.[Takayuki Dan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive pen user interface with supervised competitive learning

Kimura, Y. Co Author Listing * Affine-invariant Gray-scale Character Recognition Using GAT Correlation
* Affine-Invariant Recognition of Gray-Scale Characters Using Global Affine Transformation Correlation
* Beading design diagram reading system for visually impaired persons
* Coaxial-Fed Circular Dipole Array Antenna With Ferrite Loading for Thin Directional Borehole Radar Sonde
* Dynamic PET Image Reconstruction Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Incorporated With Deep Image Prior
* Halo control for LHE based local adaptive tone mapping
* Handwritten Japanese character recognition using adaptive normalization by global affine transformation
* Mapping visual field with positron emission tomography by mathematical modeling of the retinotopic organization in the calcarine cortex
* MMID: Multimodal Multi-view Integrated Database for Human Behavior Understanding
* Real-time 3D head pose estimation using both geometry and learning
* Shape recognition of flexible cables by Outer Edge FCM clustering
* Texture-Based Objects Recognition for Vehicle Environment Perception Using a Multiband Camera
* Toward robust handwritten Kanji character recognition
Includes: Kimura, Y. Kimura, Y.[Yoshimasa] Kimura, Y.[Yuta] Kimura, Y.[Yusuke] Kimura, Y.[Yoshikatsu] Kimura, Y.[Yoshimasoa]
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Kimuro, Y. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic localization for mobile robots using incomplete maps

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