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Jama, A.[Arshad] Co Author Listing * Augmenting graph cut with TV-L1 approach for robust stereo matching

Jama, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Identifying degrees of freedom in pushbroom bundle adjustment

Jamadandi, A.[Adarsh] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Word Embeddings in Kinematic Space

Jamain, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Naive Bayes Mystery: A classification detective story, The

Jamakayala, J.[Jeevan] Co Author Listing * Feature Fusion Ensemble Architecture With Active Learning for Microscopic Blood Smear Analysis

Jamal, A.[Anwar] Co Author Listing * Analytical Method and Research of Uyghur Language Chunks Based on Digital Forensics
* Examining Hotspots of Traffic Collisions and their Spatial Relationships with Land Use: A GIS-Based Geographically Weighted Regression Approach for Dammam, Saudi Arabia
* U-DADA: Unsupervised Deep Action Domain Adaptation
Includes: Jamal, A.[Anwar] Jamal, A.[Arshad]

Jamal, I.[Iqbal] Co Author Listing * Anovel framework for automatic passenger counting
* Extensible Interactive 3D Visualization Framework for N-Dimensional Datasets Used in Heterogeneous Software Display Environments, An

Jamal, K.[Kashif] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Vegetation Dynamic and Persistence under Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors

Jamal, M.A. Co Author Listing * Deep Face Detector Adaptation Without Negative Transfer or Catastrophic Forgetting
* Lazy Approach to Long-Horizon Gradient-Based Meta-Learning, A
* M33D: Learning 3D priors using Multi-Modal Masked Autoencoders for 2D image and video understanding
* Rethinking Class-Balanced Methods for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition From a Domain Adaptation Perspective
* Task Agnostic Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Learning
Includes: Jamal, M.A. Jamal, M.A.[Muhammad Abdullah]

Jamal, R.[Rashid] Co Author Listing * Randomised visual secret sharing scheme for grey-scale and colour images
* Spam image detection based on convolutional block attention module
Includes: Jamal, R.[Rashid] Jamal, R.[Riffi]

Jamal, S.[Saad] Co Author Listing * Walking in a Crowd Full of Virtual Characters: Effects of Virtual Character Appearance on Human Movement Behavior

Jamal, S.S.[Sajjad Shaukat] Co Author Listing * Synchronization of Monostatic Radar Using a Time-Delayed Chaos-Based FM Waveform

Jamal, W. Co Author Listing * Prediction of Synchrostate Transitions in EEG Signals Using Markov Chain Models

Jamalabdollahi, M. Co Author Listing * ToA Ranging and Layer Thickness Computation in Nonhomogeneous Media

Jamalbafrani, F.[Fatemeh] Co Author Listing * E2F-Net: Eyes-to-face inpainting via StyleGAN latent space

Jamali Rad, H.[Hadi] Co Author Listing * LAB: Learnable Activation Binarizer for Binary Neural Networks
* Lookahead adversarial learning for near real-time semantic segmentation
* Self-Attention Message Passing for Contrastive Few-Shot Learning
* Self-Supervised Class-Cognizant Few-Shot Classification
* Sparsity-Aware Sensor Selection: Centralized and Distributed Algorithms
* Tilted Cross-Entropy (TCE): Promoting Fairness in Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Jamali Rad, H.[Hadi] Jamali-Rad, H.[Hadi] Jamali-Rad, H.

Jamali, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Topological Indoor Building Modeling Integrated with Open Street Map
* Automated Extraction of Buildings From Aerial Lidar Point Clouds And Digital Imaging Datasets
* Comparing Solo Versus Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Wetland Classification Using Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery
* Comparison of Artificial Neural Network And Homotopy Continuation In 3d Interior Building Modelling, A
* Comparison of Tree-based Algorithms for Complex Wetland Classification Using the Google Earth Engine, A
* Evaluation of Advanced Data Mining Algorithms in Land Use/land Cover Mapping
* Fit-for-purpose Algorithm for Environmental Monitoring Based On Maximum Likelihood, Support Vector Machine and Random Forest, A
* Flood Mapping Using Synthetic Aperture Radar: a Case Study of Ramsar Flash Flood
* Sentinel-1 Image Classification for City Extraction Based On The Support Vector Machine and Random Forest Algorithms
* Swin Transformer and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Coastal Wetland Classification Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and LiDAR Data
* Topological 3D Elevation Data Interpolation of ASTER GDEM Based on Continuous Deformation
* Unified Topological Framework for Retrieving 2D and 3D Multi-scale Spatial Information
Includes: Jamali, A. Jamali, A.[Ali]
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Jamali, H.[Hamadi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive recognition of documents using layout attributes

Jamali, M.[Mohammadreza] Co Author Listing * Adjustable Fast Decision Method for Affine Motion Estimation in VVC, An
* Efficient Coding of 360 Videos Exploiting Inactive Regions in Projection Formats
Includes: Jamali, M.[Mohammadreza] Jamali, M.

Jamali, S.[Sadegh] Co Author Listing * Change Points Detected in Decadal and Seasonal Trends of Outlet Glacier Terminus Positions across West Greenland
* Detecting the Greatest Changes in Global Satellite-Based Precipitation Observations
* Examining the potential for early detection of spruce bark beetle attacks using multi-temporal Sentinel-2 and harvester data
* Global Evaluation of SMAP/Sentinel-1 Soil Moisture Products
* Global-Scale Patterns and Trends in Tropospheric NO2 Concentrations, 2005-2018
* Linear and Non-Linear Vegetation Trend Analysis throughout Iran Using Two Decades of MODIS NDVI Imagery
* Mangrove Ecosystem Mapping Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Images and Random Forest Algorithm in Google Earth Engine
* Performance Evaluation of Six Gridded Precipitation Products throughout Iran Using Ground Observations over the Last Two Decades (2000-2020)
* Satellite-Observed Spatial and Temporal Sea Surface Temperature Trends of the Baltic Sea between 1982 and 2021
* Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Surface Urban Heat Island and Thermal Comfort Using Landsat Satellite Images between 1989 and 2019: A Case Study in Tehran
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Jamalian, A. Co Author Listing * Spatial Attention Improves Object Localization: A Biologically Plausible Neuro-Computational Model for Use in Virtual Reality

Jamalinia, E.[Elahe] Co Author Listing * Canopy-Level Spectral Variation and Classification of Diverse Crop Species with Fine Spatial Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy
* Crop Canopy Nitrogen Estimation from Mixed Pixels in Agricultural Lands Using Imaging Spectroscopy
* Mapping Water Quality in Nearshore Reef Environments Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy

Jamalipour, A. Co Author Listing * BRT: Bus-Based Routing Technique in Urban Vehicular Networks
* Mobility Model for Contact-Aware Data Offloading Through Train-to-Train Communications in Rail Networks
Includes: Jamalipour, A. Jamalipour, A.[Abbas]

Jamalizadeh, A. Co Author Listing * Class-Agnostic Weighted Normalization of Staining in Histopathology Images Using a Spatially Constrained Mixture Model

Jamaluddin, A.Z.[Ahmad Zawawi] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction from Specialized Wide Field of View Camera System Using Unified Spherical Model

Jamaluddin, I.[Ilham] Co Author Listing * LinkNet-Spectral-Spatial-Temporal Transformer Based on Few-Shot Learning for Mangrove Loss Detection with Small Dataset
* MDPrePost-Net: A Spatial-Spectral-Temporal Fully Convolutional Network for Mapping of Mangrove Degradation Affected by Hurricane Irma 2017 Using Sentinel-2 Data
* Rainfall Forecast Using Machine Learning with High Spatiotemporal Satellite Imagery Every 10 Minutes

Jamaludin, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * You Said That?: Synthesising Talking Faces from Audio

Jamaludin, J. Co Author Listing * Analysis on the Effect of Sensor Views in Image Reconstruction Produced by Optical Tomography System Using Charge-Coupled Device

Jamaludin, Z.[Zulikha] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Study on Social Learning Using Mobile Technology Among Children with Autism
* User Experience of Autism Social-Aid Among Autistic Children: AUTISM Social Aid Application

Jamalul Shamsudin, N.L. Co Author Listing * Integrating Network Concept Into Multi Criteria Analysis for Suggesting Bus Rapid Transit Routes

Jaman, K.A.[Kirby A.] Co Author Listing * Display of 3D Anisotropic Images from Limited-View Computed Tomograms

Jamangulova, N.[Nurzat] Co Author Listing * Absolute Calibration or Validation of the Altimeters on the Sentinel-3A and the Jason-3 over Lake Issykkul (Kyrgyzstan)

Jamart, O. Co Author Listing * Decoding of images using soft-bits and Markov random field modeling

Jamasbi, B. Co Author Listing * Tracking vehicle targets with large aspect change

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