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Ivan, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * 5D Light Field Synthesis from a Monocular Video
* Kinematic Galileo and GPS Performances in Aerial, Terrestrial, and Maritime Environments
* Light Field Depth Estimation on Off-the-Shelf Mobile GPU
Includes: Ivan, A.[Andre] Ivan, A.[Antonia]

Ivan, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Design of Coil-Based Electromagnetic-Induced Thermoacoustic for Rail Internal-Flaw Inspection

Ivan, I.[Igor] Co Author Listing * Comparing Residents' Fear of Crime with Recorded Crime Data: Case Study of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Ivan, J.S.[J. Solomon] Co Author Listing * Contextual phase estimation from two-plane intensity measurements
* Phase estimation using phase gradients obtained through Hilbert transform

Ivan, K.[Kinga] Co Author Listing * Potential of Night-Time Lights to Measure Regional Inequality
* VIIRS Nighttime Light Data for Income Estimation at Local Level

Ivan, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * looking back screens, The
* Who do you want to be? Real-time face swap
Includes: Ivan, P.[Paul] Ivan, P.

Ivan, V. Co Author Listing * In Search of Life: Learning from Synthetic Data to Detect Vital Signs in Videos

Ivan, V.A.[Victor Andrei] Co Author Listing * Improving Key Human Features for Pose Transfer
Includes: Ivan, V.A.[Victor Andrei] Ivan, V.A.[Victor-Andrei]

Ivana, H. Co Author Listing * Augmented reality for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A systematic review.

Ivancevic, N.S.[Nebojsa S.] Co Author Listing * Stereometric pattern recognition by artificial touch

Ivancevic, R. Co Author Listing * Integration of precise iris localization into active appearance models for automatic initialization and robust deformable face tracking

Ivancevic, V.G. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-stochastic functor machine for general humanoid-robot dynamics

Ivanchenko, V.[Volodymyr] Co Author Listing * Detecting and locating crosswalks using a camera phone
* Elevation-based MRF stereo implemented in real-time on a GPU
* Figure-ground segmentation using factor graphs
Includes: Ivanchenko, V.[Volodymyr] Ivanchenko, V.

Ivanchenko, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * Real-time abnormal motion detection in surveillance video

Ivanchev, J. Co Author Listing * Information Maximizing Optimal Sensor Placement Robust Against Variations of Traffic Demand Based on Importance of Nodes

Ivancic, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * Destructive M6.2 Petrinja Earthquake (Croatia) in 2020: Preliminary Multidisciplinary Research

Ivanciu, I.A. Co Author Listing * Integrated ubiquitous connectivity and centralised information platform for intelligent public transportation systems

Ivanco, A.[Andrej] Co Author Listing * Predictive kinetic energy management for an add-on driver assistance eco-driving of heavy vehicles

Ivancsics, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient depth propagation in videos with GPU-acceleration

Ivanecky, J.[Jozef] Co Author Listing * Multi-lingual and Multi-modal Speech Processing and Applications

Ivanescu, A.[Anca] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Length and Orientation of Microtubules in Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopy

Ivanescu, A.M.[Anca Maria] Co Author Listing * Modeling image similarity by Gaussian mixture models and the Signature Quadratic Form Distance

Ivanescu, M.[Mircea] Co Author Listing * Delay Time Fractional-Order Model for the Soft Exoskeleton Glove Control

Ivanica, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Accessory Pathway Localization Method for Efficient Treatment of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, An

Ivaniha, O.[Oksana] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Major Sudden Stratospheric Warming Impacts on the Mid-Latitude Mesosphere Based on Local Microwave Radiometer CO Observations in 2018 and 2019
* Planetary Wave Spectrum in the Stratosphere-Mesosphere during Sudden Stratospheric Warming 2018
* Zonal Asymmetry of the Stratopause in the 2019/2020 Arctic Winter

Ivanisevic, V.[Vujadin] Co Author Listing * Integrating Geophysical and Photographic Data to Visualize the Quarried Structures of the Roman Town of Bassianae
Includes: Ivanisevic, V.[Vujadin] Ivaniševic, V.[Vujadin]

Ivanjko, E.[Edouard] Co Author Listing * review of reinforcement learning applications in adaptive traffic signal control, A

Ivanko, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Recognition of 3d Manual Gestures For Human-machine Interaction
* Automatic Lip-reading of Hearing Impaired People

Ivanoff, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Snow Depth on Sea Ice Retrievals Using Airborne Altimeters and an AMSR-E Simulator, A
* Evaluating and Quantifying the Climate-Driven Interannual Variability in Global Inventory Modeling and Mapping Studies (GIMMS) Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI3g) at Global Scales
* NASA Team 2 Sea Ice Concentration Algorithm Retrieval Uncertainty
Includes: Ivanoff, A. Ivanoff, A.[Alvaro]

Ivanou, N. Co Author Listing * Transformation Of Images By Radial Basis Functions With Varying Centre Point

Ivanov, A. Co Author Listing * Detection of a Human Head On a Low-quality Image and Its Software Implementation
* EU-FP7-Imars: Analysis Of Mars Multi-resolution Images Using Auto-coregistration, Data Mining And Crowd Source Techniques: Processed Results: A First Look
* Mineral Oil Slicks Identification Using Dual Co-polarized Radarsat-2 and TerraSAR-X SAR Imagery
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Deep Metrics for Stereo Reconstruction
Includes: Ivanov, A. Ivanov, A.[Anton] Ivanov, A.[Andrei]

Ivanov, A.G.[Alexander G.] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Based Autonomous Robotic System for 3D Plant Growth Measurement

Ivanov, B. Co Author Listing * Basic Holographic Characteristics of Panchromatic Light Sensitive Material for Reflective Auto Stereoscopic 3D Display

Ivanov, D. Co Author Listing * method of H.264 video watermarking robust to attack on I and P frames by removal, A
* Oriented Visibility for Multiview Reconstruction
* Seamless Mosaicing of Image-Based Texture Maps
Includes: Ivanov, D. Ivanov, D.[Denis]

Ivanov, D.A.[Dimitry A.] Co Author Listing * Fast Atmospheric Correction Method for Hyperspectral Data

Ivanov, E. Co Author Listing * image processing system for material flow control in coal mining industry, An

Ivanov, I. Co Author Listing * Building Outline Delineation: From Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery to Polygons with An Improved End-to-end Learning Framework
* RDRN: Recursively Defined Residual Network for Image Super-resolution
* Towards Generic Detection of Unusual Events in Video Surveillance
Includes: Ivanov, I. Ivanov, I.[Ilya] Ivanov, I.[Ivan]

Ivanov, K. Co Author Listing * methodology for extracting objective color from images, A

Ivanov, M.[Maxim] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Soil Erosion Cover-Management Factor at the European Part of Russia

Ivanov, M.I.[Momchil I.] Co Author Listing * Toward Automated Validation of Sketch-Based 3D Segmentation Editing Tools

Ivanov, N. Co Author Listing * Computer visualization of pressure distribution and substance flow in diamond anvil cells

Ivanov, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Thermal Infrared Radiation and Laser Ultrasound for Deformation and Water Saturation Effects Testing in Limestone

Ivanov, R.[Rosen] Co Author Listing * ExhibitXplorer: Enabling Personalized Content Delivery in Museums Using Contextual Geofencing and Artificial Intelligence

Ivanov, S. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Extinguishing of Flames Detected By Deep Neural Networks In Embedded Systems
* High-power acoustic fire extinguisher with artificial intelligence platform
* Mesoscale Resolution Radar Data Assimilation Experiments with the Harmonie Model
* Precision Farming: Sensor Analytics
* using of deep neural networks and natural mechanisms of acoustic wave propagation for extinguishing flames, The
Includes: Ivanov, S. Ivanov, S.[Stefan] Ivanov, S.[Serguei] Ivanov, S.[Stepan]

Ivanov, T.[Tonislav] Co Author Listing * Head pose estimation using multilinear subspace analysis for robot human awareness

Ivanov, V.[Viacheslav] Co Author Listing * Imaging Capabilities of the 1H-X-Nucleus Metamaterial-Inspired Multinuclear RF-Coil
* Teaching Geomatics for Geohazard Mitigation and Management In The Covid-19 Time
Includes: Ivanov, V.[Viacheslav] Ivanov, V.

Ivanov, V.H. Co Author Listing * Real-time Hough/Radon transform: algorithm and architectures

Ivanov, V.I.[Vladimir I.] Co Author Listing * Authentication of area fingerprint scanners
* Monitoring Riverbank Erosion in Mountain Catchments Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Some Tools to Support Teaching Photogrammetry for Slope Stability Assessment And Monitoring
Includes: Ivanov, V.I.[Vladimir I.] Ivanov, V.I.[Vladislav Ivov] Ivanov, V.I.

Ivanov, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbor Methods for Non-Euclidean Manifolds with Applications to Human Activity Analysis in Videos
* Implicit Feature-Based Alignment System for Radiotherapy
* Multi-Modal Human Identification System
* Using component features for face recognition
Includes: Ivanov, Y.[Yuri] Ivanov, Y.

Ivanov, Y.A.[Yuri A.] Co Author Listing * email: Ivanov, Y.A.[Yuri A.]: yivanov AT media mit edu
* Action Recognition Using Probabilistic Parsing
* Ambient intelligence as the bridge to the future of pervasive computing
* Application of Stochastic Grammars to Understanding Action
* Fast Lighting Independent Background Subtraction
* KidsRoom, The
* KidsRoom: A Perceptually-Based Interactive and Immersive Story Environment, The
* Parsing Multi-Agent Interactions
* Probabilistic combination of multiple modalities to detect interest
* Probabilistic Parsing in Action Recognition
* Recognition of Multi-Agent Interaction in Video Surveillance
* Recognition of Visual Activities and Interactions by Stochastic Parsing
* Video Surveillance of Interactions
Includes: Ivanov, Y.A.[Yuri A.] Ivanov, Y.A.
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Ivanova, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Near-UV Pulsations in the Aurora Region Measured by Orbital Telescope TUS during High-Intensity and Long-Duration Continuous AE Activity

Ivanova, E. Co Author Listing * Hard Example Mining with Auxiliary Embeddings

Ivanova, E.Y.[Ekaterina Yu.] Co Author Listing * Algorithms Based on Maximization of the Mutual Information for Measuring Parameters of Canvas Texture from Images

Ivanova, I.[Ivana] Co Author Listing * Assessing Climate Influence on Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Macrophytes in Eutrophicated Reservoirs by Remotely Sensed Time Series
* Data Product Specification Proposal for Architectural Heritage Documentation with Photogrammetric Techniques: A Case Study in Brazil
* Open Geospatial Software and Data: A Review of the Current State and A Perspective into the Future
Includes: Ivanova, I.[Ivana] Ivánová, I.[Ivana]

Ivanova, K.[Krassimira] Co Author Listing * Instance Segmentation with BoundaryNet

Ivanova, N. Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Arctic Sea Ice Parameters by Satellite Passive Microwave Sensors: A Comparison of Eleven Sea Ice Concentration Algorithms

Ivanovic, A. Co Author Listing * Fisher Information Game for Optimal Design of Synchronization Patterns in Blind Watermarking, The
* Game-theoretic Analysis of Watermark Detection
* Nonadditive gaussian watermarking and its application to wavelet-based image watermarking
* probabilistic framework for segmentation and tracking of multiple non rigid objects for video surveillance, A
* Recursive estimation of generative models of video
* Variational Shift Invariant Probabilistic PCA for Face Recognition
* Variational Transform Invariant Mixture of Probabilistic PCA
Includes: Ivanovic, A. Ivanovic, A.[Aleksandar] Ivanovic, A.[Alexandar]
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Ivanovic, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * Content adaptive pre-filtering for video compression
* ScePT: Scene-consistent, Policy-based Trajectory Predictions for Planning
* Trajectron++: Dynamically-Feasible Trajectory Forecasting with Heterogeneous Data
* Trajectron: Probabilistic Multi-Agent Trajectory Modeling With Dynamic Spatiotemporal Graphs, The
* Whose Track Is It Anyway? Improving Robustness to Tracking Errors with Affinity-based Trajectory Prediction
Includes: Ivanovic, B.[Boris] Ivanovic, B.

Ivanovic, M. Co Author Listing * Detection of motion in hybrid PET/SPECT imaging based on the correlation of partial sinograms

Ivanovic, S.S.[Stefan S.] Co Author Listing * Filtering-Based Approach for Improving Crowdsourced GNSS Traces in a Data Update Context, A

Ivanovici, M.[Mihai] Co Author Listing * Color and multispectral texture characterization using pseudo-morphological tools
* Fractal Dimension of Color Fractal Images
* Fractal Dimension of Color Fractal Images With Correlated Color Components
* Improved probabilistic pseudo-morphology for noise reduction in colour images
* lacunarity of colour fractal images, The
* Linear and Non-Linear Models for Remotely-Sensed Hyperspectral Image Visualization
* Multivariate Mathematical Morphology Based on Orthogonal Transformation, Probabilistic Extrema Estimation and Distance Optimization, A
* Polarization-based optical characterization for color texture analysis and segmentation
* Probabilistic pseudo-morphology for grayscale and color images
* Reducing the oversegmentation induced by quasi-flat zones for multivariate images
* Towards Video Quality Metrics Based on Colour Fractal Geometry
Includes: Ivanovici, M.[Mihai] Ivanovici, M.
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Ivanovs, J.[Janis] Co Author Listing * European Wide Forest Classification Based on Sentinel-1 Data

Ivanovs, M.[Maksims] Co Author Listing * CNN for Hand Washing Movement Classification: What Matters More - the Approach or the Dataset?
* Perturbation-based methods for explaining deep neural networks: A survey

Ivanovska, M.[Marija] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Anomaly Detection Algorithms for the Real-World Applications
* Learning privacy-enhancing face representations through feature disentanglement
* On the Vulnerability of Deepfake Detectors to Attacks Generated by Denoising Diffusion Models
* TomatoDIFF: On-plant Tomato Segmentation with Denoising Diffusion Models *
Includes: Ivanovska, M.[Marija] Ivanovska, M.

Ivanovska, T.[Tatyana] Co Author Listing * Fast Implementations of the Levelset Segmentation Method With Bias Field Correction in MR Images: Full Domain and Mask-Based Versions
* Pharynx Segmentation from MRI Data for Analysis of Sleep Related Disoders
* Towards Accurate Segmentation of Fibroglandular Tissue in Breast MRI Using Fuzzy C-Means and Skin-Folds Removal

Ivanovski, S.L. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Ivanovski, Z.[Zoran] Co Author Listing * Automatic image orientation detection with prior hierarchical content-based classification
* Blocking effect reduction in low bitrate video on a mobile platform
* Content-Based Annotation of User Generated Videos on a Mobile Platform
* Fully automated exposure fusion algorithm for mobile platforms
Includes: Ivanovski, Z.[Zoran] Ivanovski, Z.

Ivanovski, Z.A.[Zoran A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Selective Perceptual-Based Super-Resolution Estimator, An

Ivanyi, D.[Dora] Co Author Listing * Suitability of Satellite Imagery for Surveillance of Maize Ear Damage by Cotton Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) Larvae
Includes: Ivanyi, D.[Dora] Iványi, D.[Dóra]

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