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Gharabaghi, B. Co Author Listing * Applying Upstream Satellite Signals and a 2-D Error Minimization Algorithm to Advance Early Warning and Management of Flood Water Levels and River Discharge
* Remote Sensing Satellite Data Preparation for Simulating and Forecasting River Discharge

Gharachelou, S. Co Author Listing * Urban's River Flood Analysing Using Sentinel-1 Data Case Study: (gorganrood, Aq'qala)

Gharaee, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Reinforcement Learning of Vision-Based Vehicular Control, A
* Graph representation learning for road type classification

Gharaghani, S.[Sajjad] Co Author Listing * Survey on semi-supervised feature selection methods, A

Gharahbagh, A.A.[Abdorreza Alavi] Co Author Listing * Gradient-based approach to offline text-independent Persian writer identification

Gharai, S. Co Author Listing * Self-adaptive RBF Neural Networks for Face Recognition

Gharaibeh, A. Co Author Listing * Online Algorithm for Opportunistic Handling of Received Packets in Vehicular Networks

Gharaibeh, A.H.[Anwaar Hamdi] Co Author Listing * novel Arabic OCR post-processing using rule-based and word context techniques, A

Gharaibeh, K.[Khaled] Co Author Listing * Graph-Theoretic Image Alignment Using Topological Features

Gharaibeh, K.M. Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of a new efficient median filtering algorithm

Gharajeh, M.S.[Mohammad Samadi] Co Author Listing * Intelligent and vision-based fire detection systems: A survey

Gharakhanlou, N.M.[Navid Mahdizadeh] Co Author Listing * Geocomputational Approach to Simulate and Understand the Spatial Dynamics of COVID-19 Spread in the City of Montreal, QC, Canada
* Spatial Agent-Based Model to Assess the Spread of Malaria in Relation to Anti-Malaria Interventions in Southeast Iran, A

Gharani, P.[Pedram] Co Author Listing * Context-aware obstacle detection for navigation by visually impaired

Gharat, A.[Amol] Co Author Listing * Domain Knowledge-Informed Self-supervised Representations for Workout Form Assessment

Gharavi Alkhansari, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Causal fractal compression of video sequences using matching pursuit
* Fast Full-search Equivalent Algorithm Using Energy Compacting Transforms, A
* fast globally optimal algorithm for template matching using low-resolution pruning, A
* Fractal video coding by matching pursuit
* Fractal-based techniques for a generalized image coding method
* Generalized Method for Image Coding Using Fractal Based Techniques, A
* Low bitrate image compression using self-organized kohonen maps
* model for entropy coding in matching pursuit, A
Includes: Gharavi Alkhansari, M.[Mohammad] Gharavi-Alkhansari, M.[Mohammad] Gharavi-Alkhansari, M.
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Gharavi, H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Estimation Using Range Data
* Block Matching Motion Estimation Algorithms: New Results
* Block-matching motion estimator for video coder
* Conditional Variable-Length Coding for Gray-Level Pictures
* Cooperative Vehicular Networking: A Survey
* Deep Reinforcement Learning Assisted Beam Tracking and Data Transmission for 5G V2X Networks
* Effective Video Synopsis Approach with Seam Carving, An
* Efficient error concealment for the whole-frame loss based on H.264/AVC
* Hybrid Frame Concealment Algorithm for H.264/AVC, A
* Multichannel Mobile Ad Hoc Links for Multimedia Communications
* Multilevel Video Coding and Distribution Architectures for Emerging Broad-Band Digital Networks
* Multipriority video transmission for third-generation wireless communication systems
* Partitioning of MPEG Coded Video Bitstreams for Wireless Transmission
* Pyramid model based Down-sampling for image inpainting
* Subband coding algorithms for video applications: Videophone to HDTV-Conferencing
* Transmission of subband-coded images via mobile channels
* Video transmission for multi-hop networks using IEEE 802.11 FHSS
Includes: Gharavi, H. Gharavi, H.[Hamid]
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Gharavian, D.[Davood] Co Author Listing * new approach for rotation-invariant and noise-resistant texture analysis and classification, A
* Signal-dependent interference reduction based on a new transmit covariance matrix and receive filter design for colocated MIMO radar

Gharaviri, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Fibrillation Patterns Creep and Jump in a Detailed Three-Dimensional Model of the Human Atria

Gharbali, A.A.[Ali Abdollahi] Co Author Listing * Transfer Learning of Spectrogram Image for Automatic Sleep Stage Classification

Gharbi, H.[Hana] Co Author Listing * Key frame extraction for video summarization using local description and repeatability graph clustering
* Key Frames Extraction Based on Local Features for Efficient Video Summarization

Gharbi, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Any-Resolution Training for High-Resolution Image Synthesis
* Basis Prediction Networks for Effective Burst Denoising With Large Kernels
* comprehensive theoretical evaluation of the end-to-end performance of SoftCast-based linear video delivery schemes, A
* Dataset of Multi-Illumination Images in the Wild, A
* Deep Denoising of Flash and No-Flash Pairs for Photography in Low-Light Environments
* Deep joint demosaicking and de-noising
* Domain Expansion of Image Generators
* Efficient Low Complexity SVC Video Transrater with Spatial Scalability
* Im2Vec: Synthesizing Vector Graphics without Vector Supervision
* Modulated Periodic Activations for Generalizable Local Functional Representations
* Self-Supervised Burst Super-Resolution
* Semi-Supervised Parametric Real-World Image Harmonization
* Spatially-Adaptive Pixelwise Networks for Fast Image Translation
* Spotting Temporally Precise, Fine-Grained Events in Video
* Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of the SoftCast Video Transmission Scheme
* Temporal information based GoP adaptation for linear video delivery schemes
* Video Pose Distillation for Few-Shot, Fine-Grained Sports Action Recognition
Includes: Gharbi, M.[Michael] Gharbi, M.[Michaël] Gharbi, M. Gharbi, M.[Mohamed]
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Gharbi, T.[Tijani] Co Author Listing * Toward stereovisual monitoring of three-dimensional translations with submicrometer resolution

Gharbi, W.[Walma] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Vehicle Detection Using Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Finding your Lookalike: Measuring Face Similarity Rather than Face Identity
Includes: Gharbi, W.[Walma] Gharbi, W.

Gharbia, O.A.[Omar A.] Co Author Listing * Deep Adaptive Electrocardiographic Imaging with Generative Forward Model for Error Reduction

Gharebaghi, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Personalized Legibility of an Indoor Environment for People with Motor Disabilities: A New Framework
* Role of Social Factors in the Accessibility of Urban Areas for People with Motor Disabilities, The
* User-Specific Route Planning for People with Motor Disabilities: A Fuzzy Approach

Gharechelou, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * Aquifer and Land Subsidence Interaction Assessment Using Sentinel-1 Data and DInSAR Technique
* Simple Method for the Parameterization of Surface Roughness from Microwave Remote Sensing, A
* Soil Moisture Mapping in an Arid Area Using a Land Unit Area (LUA) Sampling Approach and Geostatistical Interpolation Techniques
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Polarimetric SAR Data and Experimental Observations in an Arid Environment

Gharedaghi, Y.[Yeganeh] Co Author Listing * Retinex-based Image Denoising / Contrast Enhancement Using Gradient Graph Laplacian Regularizer

Gharehbaghi, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * pattern recognition framework for detecting dynamic changes on cyclic time series, A

Gharehchahi, S.[Saeideh] Co Author Listing * Glacier Ice Thickness Estimation and Future Lake Formation in Swiss Southwestern Alps: The Upper Rhône Catchment: A VOLTA Application
* Local- and Regional-Scale Forcing of Glacier Mass Balance Changes in the Swiss Alps

Gharehdaghi, M. Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Long-term Multi-sensor Insar Analysis and Finite Element Simulation to Predict Land Subsidence, The

Gharghan, S.K.[Sadik Kamel] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based COVID-19 diagnosis using CT scans with laboratory and physiological parameters

Ghariani, M.Z.[Mohamed Zied] Co Author Listing * Improved centerline tracking for new descriptors of atherosclerotic aortas

Gharib, A.M. Co Author Listing * Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque Elasticity Reconstruction Based on a Segmentation-Driven Optimization Procedure Using Strain Measurements: Theoretical Framework

Ghariba, B.[Bashir] Co Author Listing * Salient object detection using semantic segmentation technique

Gharibbafghi, Z.[Zeinab] Co Author Listing * Modified Superpixel Segmentation for Digital Surface Model Refinement and Building Extraction from Satellite Stereo Imagery

Gharibi, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * True Orthophoto Generation from Aerial Frame Images and LiDAR Data: An Update
* Visualisation of urban airborne laser scanning data with occlusion images

Gharibzadeh, S.[Shahriar] Co Author Listing * Microarray image enhancement by denoising using decimated and undecimated multiwavelet transforms

Gharieb, R.R. Co Author Listing * C-means clustering fuzzified by two membership relative entropy functions approach incorporating local data information for noisy image segmentation
* Cumulant-based LP method for two-dimensional spectral estimation
* Higher order statistics based IIR notch filtering scheme for enhancing sinusoids in coloured noise
* Two-dimensional cumulant-based adaptive enhancer

Gharineiat, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * 3D LoD2 and LoD3 Modeling of Buildings with Ornamental Towers and Turrets Based on LiDAR Data
* Assessment and Prediction of Sea Level Trend in the South Pacific Region
* Automatic Filtering of Lidar Building Point Cloud in Case of Trees Associated to Building Roof
* Comparative Approach of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Restrictions in Controlled Airspaces
* Full Series Algorithm of Automatic Building Extraction and Modelling from LiDAR Data
* Modeling Multi-Rotunda Buildings at LoD3 Level from LiDAR Data
* Review of Automatic Processing of Topography and Surface Feature Identification LiDAR Data Using Machine Learning Techniques
* Spectral Analysis of Satellite Altimeter and Tide Gauge Data around the Northern Australian Coast
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Gharipour, A. Co Author Listing * Bio-Cell Image Segmentation Using Bayes Graph-Cut Model
* Level Set Based Segmentation of Cell Nucleus in Fluorescence Microscopy Images Using Correntropy-Based K-Means Clustering
* Multi-Kernel Local Level Set Image Segmentation Algorithm for Fluorescence Microscopy Images, A
* Segmentation of cell nuclei in fluorescence microscopy images: An integrated framework using level set segmentation and touching-cell splitting
Includes: Gharipour, A. Gharipour, A.[Amin]

Gharleghi, R.[Ramtin] Co Author Listing * Assessing Encoder-Decoder Architectures for Robust Coronary Artery Segmentation

Gharloghi, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Efficient Alternating Algorithm for the L_p-Norm Cross-Gradient Joint Inversion of Gravity and Magnetic Data Using the 2-D Fast Fourier Transform, An

Gharouit, K. Co Author Listing * comparison of classification algorithms for verbose queries detection using BabelNet, A

Gharsallah, A. Co Author Listing * Frequency domain DOA estimation for positioning in impulse radio ultra-widband systems

Gharsalli, L. Co Author Listing * gradient-like variational Bayesian approach: Application to microwave imaging for breast tumor detection, A

Gharti, S.[Shashi] Co Author Listing * Incremental behavior modeling and suspicious activity detection

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