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Gaya, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Compact laser radar and three-dimensional camera
Includes: Gaya, F.[Francisco] GayŠ, F.[Francisco]

Gaya, J.[Josep] Co Author Listing * Remote Cooperative Design System Using Interactive 3d Graphics, A

Gaya, J.D.O.[Joel De O.] Co Author Listing * Achieving Turbidity Robustness on Underwater Images Local Feature Detection

Gayah, V.V. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Prediction of Vehicle Cluster Distribution in Mixed Traffic: A Statistical Mechanics-Inspired Method
* Incorporating Phase Rotation Into a Person-Based Signal Timing Optimization Algorithm
Includes: Gayah, V.V. Gayah, V.V.[Vikash V.]

Gayaka, S.[Shreekant] Co Author Listing * Exploring Subpixel Learning Algorithms for Estimating Global Land Cover Fractions from Satellite Data Using High Performance Computing

Gayama, S.[Shinichi] Co Author Listing * Image information summary apparatus, image information summary method and image information summary processing program

Gayathri, M. Co Author Listing * Employing Acoustic Features To Aid Neural Networks Towards Platform Agnostic Learning In Lung Ultrasound Imaging
* Novel framework for multimodal biometric image authentication using visual share neural network

Gayathri, R.[Rajagopal] Co Author Listing * Detection and classification of electroencephalogram signals for epilepsy disease using machine learning methods
* Random Parameter EM-Based Kalman Filter (REKF) for Joint Symbol Detection and Channel Estimation in Fast Fading STTC MIMO Systems
Includes: Gayathri, R.[Rajagopal] Gayathri, R.

Gayatri, E.[Erapaneni] Co Author Listing * Challenges and Imperatives of Deep Learning Approaches for Detection of Melanoma: A Review

Gayatri, K. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Technique for the Classification of Precipitation Echoes in Radar Data, A

Gayatri, V. Co Author Listing * Classification of selected medicinal plants leaf using image processing
* Novel DCT and DWT based Watermarking Techniques for Digital Images

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