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Farnaghi, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Integration of rendering technologies and visualization techniques to improve 3D Mobile GIS applications
* Multi-Agent Planning for Automatic Geospatial Web Service Composition in Geoportals
* Varied Density-based Clustering Approach for Event Detection from Heterogeneous Twitter Data, A

Farncombe, T.H. Co Author Listing * Kernel Density Estimator-Based Maximum A Posteriori Image Reconstruction Method for Dynamic Emission Tomography Imaging, A

Farneback, G. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Performance Contest
* Bayesian Approach for Stochastic White Matter Tractography, A
* Efficient Computation of the Inverse Gradient on Irregular Domains
* Estimation of orientation tensors for simple signals by means of second-order filters
* Fast and Accurate Motion Estimation Using Orientation Tensors and Parametric Motion Models
* framework for estimation of orientation and velocity, A
* Improving Deriche-style Recursive Gaussian Filters
* Motion-Based Segmentation of Image Sequences Using Orientation Tensors
* Multi-modal Image Registration Using Polynomial Expansion and Mutual Information
* Polynomial Expansion for Orientation and Motion Estimation
* Two-Frame Motion Estimation Based on Polynomial Expansion
* Unified Framework For Bases, Frames, Subspace Bases, and Subspace Frames, A
* Very High Accuracy Velocity Estimation using Orientation Tensors, Parametric Motion, and Simultaneous Segmentation of the Motion Field
Includes: Farneback, G. Farnebäck, G. Farneback, G.[Gunnar] Farnebäck, G.[Gunnar]
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Farnham, A. Co Author Listing * Millimeter-wave weapons detection system

Farnia, P.[Parastoo] Co Author Listing * efficient method for estimating soft tissue deformation based on intraoperative stereo image features and point-based registration, An
* robust keypoint extraction and matching algorithm based on wavelet transform and information theory for point-based registration in endoscopic sinus cavity data, A

Farnsworth, A. Co Author Listing * Detecting Migrating Birds at Night
* Per-Channel Energy Normalization: Why and How
* Reconstructing Velocities of Migrating Birds from Weather Radar: A Case Study in Computational Sustainability
Includes: Farnsworth, A. Farnsworth, A.[Andrew]

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