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Fabra, F. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Spaceborne GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Performance Using CYGNSS Mission Raw Data
* Consolidating the Precision of Interferometric GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Using Airborne Experimental Data
* Experimental Validation of GNSS Interferometric Radio Occultation
* Feasibility of GNSS-R Ice Sheet Altimetry in Greenland Using TDS-1
* Impact of Inter-Modulation Components on Interferometric GNSS-Reflectometry, The
* Is Accurate Synoptic Altimetry Achievable by Means of Interferometric GNSS-R?
* Phase Altimetry With Dual Polarization GNSS-R Over Sea Ice
* Quality Control of Delay-Doppler Maps for Stare Processing
* Revisiting the GNSS-R Waveform Statistics and Its Impact on Altimetric Retrievals
* Software-Defined GNSS Reflectometry Recording Receiver with Wide-Bandwidth, Multi-Band Capability and Digital Beam-Forming, A
Includes: Fabra, F. Fabra, F.[Fran]
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Fabre, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Constrained Gesture Interaction in 3D Geometric Constructions

Fabre, E. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Statistical Models for the Fusion of Multiresolution Image Data
* Mapping Grassland Frequency Using Decadal MODIS 250 m Time-Series: Towards a National Inventory of Semi-Natural Grasslands
* SAR analysis of wetland ecosystems: Effects of band frequency, polarization mode and acquisition dates
Includes: Fabre, E. Fabre, E.[Elodie]

Fabre, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Canopy Height Estimation in French Guiana with LiDAR ICESat/GLAS Data Using Principal Component Analysis and Random Forest Regressions
* Regional Scale Rain-Forest Height Mapping Using Regression-Kriging of Spaceborne and Airborne LiDAR Data: Application on French Guiana
Includes: Fabre, F.[Frederic] Fabre, F.[Frédéric]

Fabre, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Co Author Listing * Effects of Edge Orientation on the Performance of 1st-Order Operators
* Performance Evaluation of First Order Operators
* Rotation invariance in edge detection
Includes: Fabre, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Fabre, J.P.[Jean-Pierre] Fabre, J.P.

Fabre, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling By Consolidation Of Independent Geometries Extracted From Point Clouds: The Case Of The Modeling Of The Turckheim's Chapel (Alsace, France)

Fabre, S.[Sophie] Co Author Listing * Criteria Comparison for Classifying Peatland Vegetation Types Using In Situ Hyperspectral Measurements
* Detection of individual trees in urban alignment from airborne data and contextual information: A marked point process approach
* Exploitation of Sentinel-2 Images for Long-term Vegetation Monitoring At A Former Ore Processing Site
* Exploitation of Spectral and Temporal Information for Mapping Plant Species in a Former Industrial Site
* Fusion of Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Data By Spectral Unmixing In The Reflective Domain
* Hyperspectral Pansharpening in the Reflective Domain with a Second Panchromatic Channel in the SWIR II Spectral Domain
* Impact of contextual information integration on pixel fusion
* Improvement of Soil Moisture Retrieval from Hyperspectral VNIR-SWIR Data Using Clay Content Information: From Laboratory to Field Experiments
* Individual Tree Crown Delineation Method Based on Multi-Criteria Graph Using Geometric and Spectral Information: Application to Several Temperate Forest Sites
* Mapping Plant Species in a Former Industrial Site Using Airborne Hyperspectral and Time Series of Sentinel-2 Data Sets
* Real-world Hyperspectral Image Processing Workflow for Vegetation Stress and Hydrocarbon Indirect Detection, A
* Toward Quantifying Oil Contamination in Vegetated Areas Using Very High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Imagery
Includes: Fabre, S.[Sophie] Fabre, S.
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Fabre, Y. Co Author Listing * Obtaining Genericity for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Algorithms

Fabrega, C.[Cristian] Co Author Listing * Back-compatible Color QR Codes for colorimetric applications
Includes: Fabrega, C.[Cristian] Fábrega, C.[Cristian]

Fabregas, C.D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Approach To Visual Data-Compression

Fabregas, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Biometric dispersion matcher
* Biometric dispersion matcher versus LDA
* BioSecure signature evaluation campaign (BSEC'2009): Evaluating online signature algorithms depending on the quality of signatures
* On-line signature verification system with failure to enrol management
Includes: Fabregas, J.[Joan] Fabregas, J.

Fabregas, X. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Phase Screen Compensation in Ground-Based SAR With a Multiple-Regression Model Over Mountainous Regions
* Forest parameter estimation in the Pol-InSAR context employing the multiplicative-additive speckle noise model
* Indoor Experiments on Polarimetric SAR Interferometry
* Knowledge-based interpretation of thyroid scintigrams
* Model-Based Polarimetric SAR Speckle Filter
* Modeling and reduction of SAR Interferometric phase noise in the wavelet domain
* Multidimensional Speckle Noise Model
* Perturbation Analysis of Eigenvector-Based Target Decomposition Theorems in Radar Polarimetry
* Phase Quality Optimization in Polarimetric Differential SAR Interferometry
* Polarimetric SAR Speckle Noise Model
* Polarimetric Temporal Analysis of Urban Environments With a Ground-Based SAR
* PSI Deformation Map Retrieval by Means of Temporal Sublook Coherence on Reduced Sets of SAR Images
* Single-Pass Polarimetric SAR Interferometry for Vessel Classification
* UWB Tomographic Radar Imaging of Penetrable and Impenetrable Objects
* Wavelet Transform-Based Interferometric SAR Coherence Estimator
Includes: Fabregas, X. Fŕbregas, X.[Xavier] Fabregas, X.[Xavier]
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Fabregat, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * 4D Monitoring of Active Sinkholes with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS): A Case Study in the Evaporite Karst of the Ebro Valley, NE Spain

Fabres, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Detection of Longhorned Borer Attack and Assessment in Eucalyptus Plantations Using UAV Imagery
* Importance of High Resolution Digital Elevation Models for Improved Hydrological Simulations of a Mediterranean Forested Catchment, The
* Influence of DEM Resolution on the Hydrological Responses of a Terraced Catchment: An Exploratory Modelling Approach
Includes: Fabres, S.[Sergio] Fabres, S.[Sérgio]

Fabri, G.[Gianni] Co Author Listing * Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems

Fabri, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Emotional Avatar: Non-verbal Communication Between Inhabitants of Collaborative Virtual Environments, The

Fabri, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Learning high-dimensional networks with nonlinear interactions by a novel tree-embedded graphical model

Fabri, S.G. Co Author Listing * Dual Adaptive Dynamic Control of Mobile Robots Using Neural Networks
* Real-Time Parametric Modeling and Estimation of Urban Traffic Junctions
* Segmentation and Labelling of EEG for Brain Computer Interfaces
Includes: Fabri, S.G. Fabri, S.G.[Simon G.]

Fabrika, M. Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Use For Wood Chips Pile Volume Estimation

Fabris Rotelli, I.[Inger] Co Author Listing * Discrete Pulse Transform of Images
* Introduction to the Special Issue Uncertainty in Remote Sensing Image Analysis
* LULU Operators and Discrete Pulse Transform for Multidimensional Arrays
Includes: Fabris Rotelli, I.[Inger] Fabris-Rotelli, I.[Inger]

Fabris, G. Co Author Listing * Amplified Flow Imaging (aFlow): A Novel MRI-Based Tool to Unravel the Coupled Dynamics Between the Human Brain and Cerebrovasculature

Fabris, M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Survey Applied to Industrial Archaeology by TLS Methodology
* Analysis of the Periodic Component of Vertical Land Motion in the Po Delta (Northern Italy) by GNSS and Hydrological Data
* Combining Sentinel-1 Interferometry and Ground-Based Geomatics Techniques for Monitoring Buildings Affected by Mass Movements
* Editorial for Special Issue Ground and Structural Deformations Monitoring Systems Integrating Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Data
* Editorial for Special Issue Monitoring Land Subsidence Using Remote Sensing
* High Resolution Data from Laser Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry Terrestrial Methodologies Test Site: An Architectural Surface
* High Resolution Survey of Phaistos Palace (Crete) By TLS and Terrestrial Photogrammetry
* Integrated InSAR and GNSS Approach to Monitor Land Subsidence in the Po River Delta (Italy), An
* Monitoring Of Land Subsidence In Ravenna Municipality Using Integrated SAR - Gps Techniques: Description And First Results
* Monitoring of Land Subsidence in the Po River Delta (Northern Italy) Using Geodetic Networks
* Monitoring the Coastal Changes of the Po River Delta (Northern Italy) since 1911 Using Archival Cartography, Multi-Temporal Aerial Photogrammetry and LiDAR Data: Implications for Coastline Changes in 2100 A.D.
* Monitoring the morphological evolution of the Sciara del Fuoco during the 2002-2003 Stromboli eruption using multi-temporal photogrammetry
* Remote Sensing and Geodetic Measurements for Volcanic Slope Monitoring: Surface Variations Measured at Northern Flank of La Fossa Cone (Vulcano Island, Italy)
* Semiautomatic Anomalous Change Detection Method For Monitoring Aims, A
Includes: Fabris, M. Fabris, M.[Massimo]
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Fabrizi, R. Co Author Listing * Satellite and Ground-Based Sensors for the Urban Heat Island Analysis in the City of Rome

Fabrizio, B.[Banfi] Co Author Listing * Digital Workflow for Built Heritage: From SCAN-to-BIM Process to the VR-Tour of the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio in Milan, A

Fabrizio, G.A. Co Author Listing * New Data Extrapolation Approach Based on Spectral Partitioning, A

Fabrizio, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Analytical Solution To The Perspective-n-point Problem For Common Planar Camera And For Catadioptric Sensor, An
* Calibration of panoramic catadioptric sensors made easier
* Dahu graph-cut for interactive segmentation on 2D/3D images, The
* Fast Implementation of the Ultimate Opening
* From Text Detection to Text Segmentation: A Unified Evaluation Scheme
* minimum barrier distance for multivariate images with applications, A
* Motion compensation based on tangent distance prediction for video compression
* Motion Estimation using Tangent Distance
* Optimal recursive clustering of likelihood functions for multiple object tracking
* precise skew estimation algorithm for document images using KNN clustering and fourier transform, A
* Snoopertext: A multiresolution system for text detection in complex visual scenes
* Text Extraction from Street Level Images
* Text segmentation in natural scenes using Toggle-Mapping
* TextCatcher: a method to detect curved and challenging text in natural scenes
* Using histogram representation and Earth Mover's Distance as an evaluation tool for text detection
* What is a good evaluation protocol for text localization systems? Concerns, arguments, comparisons and solutions
Includes: Fabrizio, J.[Jonathan] Fabrizio, J.
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Fabroyir, H.[Hadziq] Co Author Listing * Immersive and Interactive Map Touring System Based on Traveler Conceptual Models, An

Fabry, J. Co Author Listing * On the Steady State Performance of the Kalman Filter Applied to Acoustical Systems

Fabry, P. Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Sea Surface Range Velocities From Envisat ASAR Doppler Centroid Measurements

Fabry, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition using Point Cloud Kernel Correlation
* Fusion of an Isometric Deformation Modeling Approach Using Spectral Decomposition and a Region-Based Approach Using ICP for Expression-Invariant 3D Face Recognition
* Inelastic Deformation Invariant Modal Representation for Non-rigid 3D Object Recognition
* Isometric deformation modeling using singular value decomposition for 3D expression-invariant face recognition
* Isometric Deformation Modelling for Object Recognition
* SHREC'10 Track: Non-Rigid 3d Shape Retrieval
Includes: Fabry, T.[Thomas] Fabry, T.

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