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Daou, K.E.[Karim Elhadji] Co Author Listing * RDRN: Recursively Defined Residual Network for Image Super-resolution

Daou, R.A.Z.[Roy Abi Zeid] Co Author Listing * Study of the effects of structural uncertainties on a fractional system of the first kind: application in vibration isolation with the CRONE suspension

Daoud, B.[Bilel] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Method for Predicting Volumes of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma for Adaptive Radiation Therapy Treatment, A

Daoud, J.[Jamel] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Method for Predicting Volumes of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma for Adaptive Radiation Therapy Treatment, A

Daoud, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Feasible Local Planning and Path-Following Control for Autonomous Driving

Daoudi, A. Co Author Listing * Benchmark for Algorithms Segmenting the Left Atrium From 3D CT and MRI Datasets

Daoudi, I. Co Author Listing * efficient high-dimensional indexing method for content-based retrieval in large image databases, An
* Kernel Based Approach for High Dimensional Heterogeneous Image Features Management in CBIR Context
* new semi-supervised method for image co-segmentation, A

Daoudi, K.[Khalid] Co Author Listing * Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling fronts in SST images using the microcanonical multiscale formalism
* Detection of Moroccan coastal upwelling in SST images using the Expectation-Maximization
* Fast and Accurate Texture Recognition with Multilayer Convolution and Multifractal Analysis
* On Detectability of Moroccan Coastal Upwelling in Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images
* Physical and Biological Satellite Observations of the Northwest African Upwelling: Spatial Extent and Dynamics
Includes: Daoudi, K.[Khalid] Daoudi, K.

Daoudi, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * 3-D Human Action Recognition by Shape Analysis of Motion Trajectories on Riemannian Manifold
* 3-D Search engine based on Fourier series, A
* 3D dynamic expression recognition based on a novel Deformation Vector Field and Random Forest
* 3D Face Recognition under Expressions, Occlusions, and Pose Variations
* 3D facial expression recognition using SIFT descriptors of automatically detected keypoints
* 3D human motion analysis framework for shape similarity and retrieval
* 3D models retrieval by using characteristic views
* 3D Shape Sequence of Human Comparison and Classification Using Current and Varifolds
* 3D-Model search engine from photos
* 3D-Shape Retrieval Using Curves and HMM
* 4-D Facial Expression Recognition by Learning Geometric Deformations
* Accurate 3D action recognition using learning on the Grassmann manifold
* Affine invariant descriptors for color images using Fourier series
* Affine invariant descriptors using Fourier series
* Analyzing of facial paralysis by shape analysis of 3D face sequences
* Analyzing trajectories on Grassmann manifold for early emotion detection from depth videos
* Automatic Estimation of Self-Reported Pain by Interpretable Representations of Motion Dynamics
* Automatic Estimation of Self-Reported Pain by Trajectory Analysis in the Manifold of Fixed Rank Positive Semi-Definite Matrices
* Barycentric Representation and Metric Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
* Bayesian approach for 3D models retrieval based on characteristic views, A
* Bayesian framework for 3D models retrieval based on characteristic views, A
* Blocking Adult Images Based on Statistical Skin Detection
* Combining face averageness and symmetry for 3D-based gender classification
* comparative study of existing metrics for 3D-mesh segmentation evaluation, A
* comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* Determining characteristic views of a 3D object by visual hulls and Hausdorff distance
* Dynamic Facial Expression Generation on Hilbert Hypersphere With Conditional Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Nets
* Elastic radial curves to model 3D facial deformations
* Elastic Shape Models for Face Analysis Using Curvilinear Coordinates
* Emotion Recognition by Body Movement Representation on the Manifold of Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices
* Enhancing 3D mesh topological skeletons with discrete contour constrictions
* Estimation of general 2D affine motion using Fourier descriptors
* Exploring the Magnitude of Human Sexual Dimorphism in 3D Face Gender Classification
* Extremal human curves: A new human body shape and pose descriptor
* Fast and efficient 3D face recognition using wavelet networks
* Fast and precise kinematic skeleton extraction of 3D dynamic meshes
* Fitting, Comparison, and Alignment of Trajectories on Positive Semi-Definite Matrices with Application to Action Recognition
* Florence 4D Facial Expression Dataset, The
* From Maximum Entropy to Belief Propagation: An application to Skin Detection
* Fully automatic 3D facial expression recognition using differential mean curvature maps and histograms of oriented gradients
* Gauge Invariant Framework for Shape Analysis of Surfaces
* Gauge invariant framework for trajectories analysis
* Gender and 3D facial symmetry: What's the relationship?
* Global Planar Rigid Motion Estimation Applied to Object-Oriented Coding
* Grassmann framework for 4D facial shape analysis, A
* Grassmannian Framework for Face Recognition of 3D Dynamic Sequences with Challenging Conditions, A
* Grassmannian Representation of Motion Depth for 3D Human Gesture and Action Recognition
* Guest Editorial: Learning with Manifolds in Computer Vision
* Human Motion Prediction Using Manifold-Aware Wasserstein GAN
* Human Object Interaction Recognition Using Rate-Invariant Shape Analysis of Inter Joint Distances Trajectories
* Hybrid Approach for 3D Head Reconstruction: Using Neural Networks and Visual Geometry
* Indexed heat curves for 3D-model retrieval
* Intrinsic Framework for Analysis of Facial Surfaces, An
* Invariant High Level Reeb Graphs of 3D Polygonal Meshes
* Joint gender, ethnicity and age estimation from 3D faces: An experimental illustration of their correlations
* Kinematic Skeleton Extraction Based On Motion Boundaries for 3D Dynamic Meshes
* Learning shape variations of motion trajectories for gait analysis
* Lip reading with Hahn Convolutional Neural Networks
* Local 3D Shape Analysis for Facial Expression Recognition
* Local visual patch for 3d shape retrieval
* Magnifying subtle facial motions for 4D Expression Recognition
* Magnifying Subtle Facial Motions for Effective 4D Expression Recognition
* Metric Learning on the Manifold of Oriented Ellipses: Application to Facial Expression Recognition
* mixture of K-Optimal-Spanning-Trees based probability approximation: Application to skin detection, The
* Modelling the Statistics of Cyclic Activities by Trajectory Analysis on the Manifold of Positive-Semi-Definite Matrices
* Motion segment decomposition of RGB-D sequences for human behavior understanding
* Nasal Region Contribution in 3D Face Biometrics Using Shape Analysis Framework
* New 3D-Matching Method of Nonrigid and Partially Similar Models Using Curve Analysis, A
* New Computational Approach to Identify Human Social Intention in Action, A
* New Multiscale Planar Shape Invariant Representation Under a General Affine Transformations
* Novel generative model for facial expressions based on statistical shape analysis of landmarks trajectories
* Novel Geometric Framework on Gram Matrix Trajectories for Human Behavior Understanding, A
* Novel Space-Time Representation on the Positive Semidefinite Cone for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* On 3D Retrieval from Photos
* Optimization methods in multilayer classifier networks for automatic control of lamellibranch larva growth
* Person Independent 3d Facial Expression Recognition by a Selected Ensemble of SIFT Descriptors
* Place Recognition via 3D Modeling for Personal Activity Lifelog Using Wearable Camera
* Pose and Expression-invariant 3d Face Recognition using Elastic Radial Curves
* practical approach for 3D model indexing by combining local and global invariants, A
* probabilistic approach for 3D shape retrieval by characteristic views, A
* Probability Approximation Using Best-Tree Distribution for Skin Detection
* Riemannian analysis of 3D nose shapes for partial human biometrics, A
* Riemannian Framework for Analysis of Human Body Surface, A
* Selecting 3d Curves On The Nasal Surface Using Adaboost for Person Authentication
* Set of Selected SIFT Features for 3D Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Shape analysis of local facial patches for 3D facial expression recognition
* Shape Distance by Complete and Stable Invariant Descriptors for Contour Tracking, A
* Shape distances for contour tracking and motion estimation
* SHREC '11 Track: 3d Face Models Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Shape Retrieval On Non-Rigid 3d Watertight Meshes
* SHREC'12 Track: 3d Mesh Segmentation
* Skin and non-skin probability approximation based on discriminative tree distribution
* Skin detection using pairwise models
* Space-Time Pose Representation for 3D Human Action Recognition
* Sparse to Dense Dynamic 3D Facial Expression Generation
* Spontaneous Expression Detection from 3D Dynamic Sequences by Analyzing Trajectories on Grassmann Manifolds
* Three-Dimensional Face Recognition Using Shapes of Facial Curves
Includes: Daoudi, M.[Mohamed] Daoudi, M.
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Daoui, A. Co Author Listing * Blind Image Zero-Watermarking Algorithm Based on Radial Krawtchouk Moments and Chaotic System
* Efficient Reconstruction and Compression of Large Size ECG Signal by Tchebichef Moments
* Image-Based Visual Servoing Techniques for Robot Control
* Large Size 1D Signal Analysis by Hybrid Tchebichef-Charlier Moments
* On computational aspects of high-order dual Hahn moments
Includes: Daoui, A. Daoui, A.[Achraf]

Daoui, C. Co Author Listing * Markovian Segmentation of Color and Gray Level Images
* Markovian Segmentation of Textured Color Images
* Triplet Markov chain in images segmentation

Daoui, O.[Ossama] Co Author Listing * In silico molecular investigations of derived cyclohexane-1,3-dione compounds as potential inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinase C-met: 2D QSAR, molecular docking and ADMET

Daoust, T.[Tyler] Co Author Listing * Light at the End of the Tunnel: High-Speed LiDAR-Based Train Localization in Challenging Underground Environments

Daout, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * Fusion and inversion of SAR data to obtain a superresolution image
* Moving Targets Detection Capacities Improvement in Multichannel SAR Framework
* Using fractal dimension to target detection in bistatic SAR data
Includes: Daout, F.[Franck] Daout, F.

Daout, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Illuminating the Spatio-Temporal Evolution of the 2008-2009 Qaidam Earthquake Sequence with the Joint Use of Insar Time Series and Teleseismic Data

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