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Chik, D.[Desmond] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Tracking in a Stochastic Approximation Setting
* Using an adaptive VAR Model for motion prediction in 3D hand tracking

Chika, B.[Beatrice] Co Author Listing * Innovative Remote Sensing Methodologies for Kenyan Land Tenure Mapping

Chikahisa, M.[Masaki] Co Author Listing * Estimation of electron probe profile from SEM image through wavelet multiresolution analysis for inline SEM inspection

Chikamura, T. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition with Luminance, Rotation and Location Invariance

Chikando, A. Co Author Listing * Optimizing image segmentation using color model mixtures

Chikano, M.[Megumi] Co Author Listing * Recovery and localization of handwritings by a camera-pen based on tracking and document image retrieval

Chikatsu, H.[Hirofumi] Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling Of Small Objects Using Macro Lens In Digital Very Close Range Photogrammetry
* 3D Modelling and visualization of Cultural Heritage using mobile phone cameras
* Accuracy Improvement Of DEM For Generating Orthophoto By Reverse Projection Method
* Automatic break-line detection from laserscanner data using surface flatness
* Automatic Tree Data Removal Method for Topography Measurement Result Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Camera Calibration for UAV Application Using Sensor of Mobile Camera
* Camera Calibration in 3D Modelling for UAV Application
* Camera Calibration Techniques Using Multiple Cameras Of Different Resolutions And Bundle Of Distances
* Camera-Variant Calibration and Sensor Modeling for Practical Photogrammetry in Archeological Sites
* Construction of a System for Defining Areas Which Are Not Obtained Data from Stereo Images
* Efficient Extraction Method of the Change of Buildings for Fixed Property Investigation
* Evaluation of image based integrated measurement system and its application to topographic survey
* Generation of effective orthophotos for road surfaces using MMS
* Image Blur Detection Method Based on Gradient Information In Directional Statistics
* On Fundamental Evaluation Using UAV Imagery And 3d Modeling Software
* On Ground Surface Extraction Using Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanner for CIM
* On Improvement of Accuracy of Airborne Laser Scanner Data Using Digital Images
* On Object Extraction Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data And Digital Images for 3D Modelling
* Performance Evaluation Of 3d Modeling Software For UAV Photogrammetry
* Performance Evaluations of Macro Lens for Digital Documentation of Small Objects
* Reconstruction And Visualization Of Original Landscape Based On Reverse Mapping
* Robust Extraction of Ancient Burial Mounds in Brushland from Laser Scanning Data
* Ubiquitous digital photogrammetry by consumer grade digital camera
Includes: Chikatsu, H.[Hirofumi] Chikatsu, H.
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Chikh, A. Co Author Listing * Active Contours Based Battachryya Gradient Flow for Texture Segmentation
* Fast Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Active Contours Model Driven by Bhattacharyya Gradient Flow
* Segmentation of Prostate Using Interactive Finsler Active Contours and Shape Prior
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using active contours driven by the Chernoff gradient flow
Includes: Chikh, A. Chikh, A.[Azzeddine]

Chikh, M.A. Co Author Listing * Benchmark for Algorithms Segmenting the Left Atrium From 3D CT and MRI Datasets
* Deep transfer learning based classification model for covid-19 using chest CT-scans
* Microscopic image segmentation based on pixel classification and dimensionality reduction
Includes: Chikh, M.A. Chikh, M.A.[Mohamed Amine] Chikh, M.A.[Med Amine]

Chikhaoui, B.[Belkacem] Co Author Listing * new statistical model for activity discovery and recognition in pervasive environments, A

Chikin, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Channel Balancing for Accurate Quantization of Winograd Convolutions
* Data-Free Network Compression via Parametric Non-uniform Mixed Precision Quantization
* Explicit Model Size Control and Relaxation via Smooth Regularization for Mixed-Precision Quantization
* Towards Accurate Network Quantization with Equivalent Smooth Regularizer

Chikkerur, S.[Sharat] Co Author Listing * Attentive processing improves object recognition
* Cancelable Biometrics: A Case Study in Fingerprints
* Fingerprint enhancement using STFT analysis
* Fingerprint Representation Using Localized Texture Features
* Generating Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Generating Registration-free Cancelable Fingerprint Templates
* Indexing Biometric Databases Using Pyramid Technique
* integrated model of visual attention using shape-based features, An
* K-plet and Coupled BFS: A Graph Based Fingerprint Representation and Matching Algorithm
* Novel Approaches for Minutiae Verification in Fingerprint Images
* Probabilistic Approach to Semantic Face Retrieval System, A
* Systematic Approach for Feature Extraction in Fingerprint Images, A
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Chikomo, F.O. Co Author Listing * Integrated Approach to Level-of-Detail Building Extraction and Modelling Using Airborne LIDAR an Optical Imagery, An

Chikontwe, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * CAD: Co-Adapting Discriminative Features for Improved Few-Shot Classification
* Uncertainty-aware semi-supervised few shot segmentation

Chikr El Mezouar, M.[Miloud] Co Author Listing * edge-based method for effective abandoned luggage detection in complex surveillance videos, An

Chikwanda, H. Co Author Listing * Computerized tomographic imaging is insensitive to density variation during scanning

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