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Bigue, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * High-Speed Acquisition and Pre-processing of Polarimetric Image Sequences
Includes: Bigue, L.[Laurent] Bigué, L.[Laurent]

Biguino, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * Deriving Water Quality Parameters Using Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Case Study in the Sado Estuary, Portugal
* Evaluation of SMOS L4 Sea Surface Salinity Product in the Western Iberian Coast

Bigun, E.S. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Audio and Video Information for Multi Modal Person Authentication

Bigun, I. Co Author Listing * VIRSBS project: Visual intelligent recognition for secure banking services, The

Bigun, J.[Josef] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Bigun, J.[Josef]: Josef Bigun AT ide hh se
* Automatic Image Quality Assessment with Application in Biometrics
* Best regions for periocular recognition with NIR and visible images
* Compact multi-scale periocular recognition using SAFE features
* Comparison of Face Verification Results on the XM2VTS Database
* Coordinate Transformations, Symmetries and GHT
* Damascening video databases for evaluation of face tracking and recognition: The DXM2VTS database
* Discriminative multimodal biometric authentication based on quality measures
* Ethiopic Character Recognition Using Direction Field Tensor
* Evaluation protocol for the DXM2VTS database and performance comparison of face detection and face tracking on video
* Evidence on Skill Differences of Women and Men Concerning Face Recognition
* Experimental analysis regarding the influence of iris segmentation on the recognition rate
* Face Authentication by Retinotopic Sampling of the Gabor Decomposition and Support Vector Machines
* Face Authentication with Gabor Information on Deformable Graphs
* Facial feature detection by saccadic exploration of the Gabor decomposition
* Facial Features Detection by Saccadic Exploration of the Gabor Decomposition and Support Vector Machines
* Facial masks and soft-biometrics: Leveraging face recognition CNNs for age and gender prediction on mobile ocular images
* Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area: A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics
* Frequency and Orientation Sensitive Texture Measures Using Linear Symmetry
* Frequency Map by Structure Tensor in Logarithmic Scale Space and Forensic Fingerprints
* Fusion of Audio and Video Information for Multi Modal Person Authentication
* Geometric image primitives by complex moments in Gabor space and the application to texture segmentation
* Ground truth and evaluation for latent fingerprint matching
* Ground Truth for Iris Segmentation, A
* Hierarchical Image Segmentation by Multidimensional Clustering and Orientation-Adaptive Boundary Refinement
* HMM-Based Handwritten Amharic Word Recognition with Feature Concatenation
* Hybrid System for Robust Recognition of Ethiopic Script, A
* Image and vision computing journal special issue on multimodal biometrics
* Iris Super-Resolution Using Iterative Neighbor Embedding
* Lexicon and hidden Markov model-based optimisation of the recognised Sinhala script
* Lexicon-based offline recognition of Amharic words in unconstrained handwritten text
* Lip Biometrics for Digit Recognition
* Lip-motion events analysis and lip segmentation using optical flow
* Local Feature Extraction in Fingerprints by Complex Filtering
* Local Features for Enhancement and Minutiae Extraction in Fingerprints
* Local Symmetry Features in Image Processing
* Local Symmetry Modeling in Multi-Dimensional Images
* Localization of corresponding points in fingerprints by complex filtering
* Motion Estimation and Segmentation by Fuzzy Algorithms
* Motion Estimation of Ocular Fundus Images
* Motion Features from Lip Movement for Person Authentication
* Motion Segmentation by Fuzzy Clustering with Automatic Determination of the Number of Motions
* Multi-view and Multi-scale Recognition of Symmetric Patterns
* Multidimensional Orientation Estimation with Applications to Texture Analysis and Optical Flow
* Multifont size-resilient recognition system for Ethiopic script
* Multimodal biometric authentication using quality signals in mobile communications
* Multiscale complex moments of the local power spectrum
* N-Folded Symmetries by Complex Moments in Gabor Space and Their Application to Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
* Non-intrusive liveness detection by face images
* Offline handwritten Amharic word recognition
* On the effect of selfie beautification filters on face detection and recognition
* Optimal orientation detection of linear symmetry
* Orientation Fields Filtering by Derivatives of a Gaussian
* Orientation radiograms for image retrieval: An alternative to segmentation
* Orientation Scanning to Improve Lossless Compression of Fingerprint Images
* Periocular Recognition Using Retinotopic Sampling and Gabor Decomposition
* Person Verification by Lip-Motion
* Pre-registration for Improved Latent Fingerprint Identification
* Pre-registration of latent fingerprints based on orientation field
* Preface, AVBPA
* Prominent symmetry points as landmarks in fingerprint images for alignment
* Protein Spot Detection by Symmetry Derivatives of Gaussians
* Pyramid Based Interpolation for Face-Video Playback in Audio Visual Recognition
* Real-time AdaBoost cascade face tracker based on likelihood map and optical flow
* Real-Time Face Detection Using Illumination Invariant Features
* Recognition by Symmetry Derivatives and the Generalized Structure Tensor
* Recognition of Local Symmetries in Gray Value Images by Harmonic Functions
* Registration of Fingerprints by Complex Filtering and by 1D Projections of Orientation Images
* Retinal vision applied to facial features detection and face authentication
* Saccadic search with Gabor features applied to eye detection and real-time head tracking
* Segmentation of Moving Objects by Robust Motion Parameter Estimation over Multiple Frames
* segmentation-free approach to recognise printed Sinhala script using linear symmetry, A
* Spatio-temporal robust motion estimation and segmentation
* Speaker and Digit Recognition by Audio-Visual Lip Biometrics
* Special Issue on Audio-Based and Video-Based Person Authentication
* Speed, frequency, and orientation tuned 3-D Gabor filter banks and their design
* Squeezefaceposenet: Lightweight Face Verification Across Different Poses for Mobile Platforms
* Structural and Syntactic Techniques for Recognition of Ethiopic Characters
* Structure Feature for Image Processing Applications Based on Spiral Functions, A
* survey on periocular biometrics research, A
* Symmetry Interpretation of Complex Moments and the Local Power Spectrum
* Text Driven Face-Video Synthesis Using GMM and Spatial Correlation
* Texture Boundary Tracking with Gabor Phase
* Unsupervised feature reduction in image segmentation by local Karhunen-Loeve transform
* Unsupervised Feature Reduction in Image Segmentation by Local Transforms
* Using Linear Symmetry Features as a Pre-processing Step for Fingerprint Images
* Verifying liveness by multiple experts in face biometrics
* Vision with Direction: A Systematic Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision
Includes: Bigun, J.[Josef] Bigun, J. Bigün, J. (Maybe also Biguen, J.)Bigün, J.[Josef] (Maybe also Biguen, J.)
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Bigun, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Orientation Fields Filtering by Derivatives of a Gaussian
* Recognition by Symmetry Derivatives and the Generalized Structure Tensor
Includes: Bigun, T.[Tomas] Bigun, T.

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