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Batabyal, T.[Tamal] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using joint coordinates of 3D skeleton data
* DDT: Decentralized event Detection and Tracking using an ensemble of vertex-reinforced walks on a graph
* Elastic Path2Path: Automated Morphological Classification of Neurons by Elastic Path Matching
* Glidar3DJ: a View-Invariant Gait Identification via Flash Lidar Data Correction
* GraDED: A graph-based parametric dictionary learning algorithm for event detection
* LaWeCo: Active region detection in non-uniformly sampled data using Laplacian-weighted covariance
* Lcuts: Linear Clustering of Bacteria Using Recursive Graph Cuts
* UGrAD: A graph-theoretic framework for classification of activity with complementary graph boundary detection
* UGraSP: A unified framework for activity recognition and person identification using graph signal processing
Includes: Batabyal, T.[Tamal] Batabyal, T.
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Batagelj, B.[Borut] Co Author Listing * Color-Based Face Detection in the 15 Seconds of Fame Art Installation
* Preservation of a Computer-Based Art Installation

Batagelo, H.C.[Harlen Costa] Co Author Listing * Generalized Hermitian Radial Basis Functions Implicits from polygonal mesh constraints
* GPU-Based Sphere Tracing for Radial Basis Function Implicits
* Laplacian Coordinates for Seeded Image Segmentation
* Laplacian Coordinates: Theory and Methods for Seeded Image Segmentation

Bataineh, B.[Bilal] Co Author Listing * adaptive local binarization method for document images based on a novel thresholding method and dynamic windows, An

Bataineh, Z.[Ziad] Co Author Listing * Establishment of national diagnostic reference levels as guidelines for computed tomography radiation in Jordan

Batalama, S. Co Author Listing * Joint Source-channel Coding for Scalable Video Over DS-CDMA Multipath Fading Channels

Batalama, S.N. Co Author Listing * Blind Iterative Recovery of Spread-Spectrum Steganographic Messages
* L1-Subspace Tracking for Streaming Data
* Layered video transmission over wireless multirate DS-CDMA links
* Passive spread-spectrum steganalysis
Includes: Batalama, S.N. Batalama, S.N.[Stella N.]

Batali, J. Co Author Listing * Motion Detection and Analysis

Batalla, J.M. Co Author Listing * Adding a New Dimension to HTTP Adaptive Streaming Through Multiple-Source Capabilities
* Advanced multimedia service provisioning based on efficient interoperability of adaptive streaming protocol and high efficient video coding
* Secure Smart Homes: Opportunities and Challenges
Includes: Batalla, J.M. Batalla, J.M.[Jordi Mongay]

Batalla, M.[Meritxell] Co Author Listing * Improving Mean Minimum and Maximum Month-to-Month Air Temperature Surfaces Using Satellite-Derived Land Surface Temperature

Bataller Mompean, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Simplified spiking neural network architecture and STDP learning algorithm applied to image classification
Includes: Bataller Mompean, M.[Manuel] Bataller-Mompean, M.[Manuel]

Batalo, B.[Bojan] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Temporal Tensor Datasets on Product Grassmann Manifold

Bataouche, S.[Samira] Co Author Listing * Asynchronous Pyramids
* Hierarchical and Robust Process for Information Retrieval, A
* Robust Clustering with Applications in Computer Vision

Batar, A.K.[Amit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Assessment Using Geospatial Platforms and Weights of Evidence (WoE) Method in the Indian Himalayan Region: Recent Developments, Gaps, and Future Directions
* Novel Approach for Forest Fragmentation Susceptibility Mapping and Assessment: A Case Study from the Indian Himalayan Region, A

Batard, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Class of Generalized Laplacians on Vector Bundles Devoted to Multi-Channel Image Processing, A
* Class of Priors for Color Image Restoration Parameterized by Lie Groups Acting on Pixel Values, A
* Clifford Bundles: A Common Framework For Image, Vector Field, and Orthonormal Frame Field Regularization
* Clifford-Hodge Flow: An Extension of the Beltrami Flow, The
* Connection Between Image Processing and Artificial Neural Networks Layers Through a Geometric Model of Visual Perception, A
* Decomposition Framework for Image Denoising Algorithms, A
* Denoising an Image by Denoising Its Components in a Moving Frame
* DIP-VBTV: A Color Image Restoration Model Combining a Deep Image Prior and a Vector Bundle Total Variation
* Duality Principle for Image Regularization and Perceptual Color Correction Models
* Generalized Gradient on Vector Bundle: Application to Image Denoising
* Geometric Model of Brightness Perception and Its Application to Color Images Correction, A
* Harmonic Flow for Histogram Matching
* Heat Equations on Vector Bundles: Application to Color Image Regularization
* Heat kernels of generalized laplacians-application to color image smoothing
* Hyperparameter-Free Losses for Model-Based Monocular Reconstruction
* Local denoising based on curvature smoothing can visually outperform non-local methods on photographs with actual noise
* Metric Approach to nD Images Edge Detection with Clifford Algebras, A
* Nonlocal Variational Formulation for the Improvement of Tone Mapped Images, A
* On Covariant Derivatives and Their Applications to Image Regularization
* Polyakov Action on (rho,G)-Equivariant Functions Application to Color Image Regularization
* Variational Method for the Optimization of Tone Mapping Operators, A
Includes: Batard, T.[Thomas] Batard, T.
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Batarilo, Z.[Zvonimir] Co Author Listing * Distributed 3D Information Visualization: Towards Integration of the Dynamic 3D Graphics and Web Services

Batatia, H. Co Author Listing * 4D CT image reconstruction based on interpolated optical flow fields
* Computing the Cramer-Rao Bound of Markov Random Field Parameters: Application to the Ising and the Potts Models
* Estimating the Granularity Coefficient of a Potts-Markov Random Field Within a Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithm
* Exploiting Information Geometry to Improve the Convergence of Nonparametric Active Contours
* General Quasi-Automatic Initialization For Snakes: Application to Ultrasound Images, A
* Multivariate Bayesian classification of epilepsy EEG signals
* Quasi-automatic initialization for parametric active contours
* robust speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion, A
* Segmentation of Skin Lesions in 2-D and 3-D Ultrasound Images Using a Spatially Coherent Generalized Rayleigh Mixture Model
* Skull Conductivity Estimation for EEG Source Localization
* Synthetic medical image generator for data augmentation and anonymisation based on generative adversarial network for glioblastoma tumors growth prediction
Includes: Batatia, H. Batatia, H.[Hadj]
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Bataua, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Single Tree Detection in Plantations using UAV-based Photogrammetric Point clouds

Batavia, D.[Darshan] Co Author Listing * Computing and Reducing Slope Complexes
* On the Space Between Critical Points
* Partitioning 2D Images into Prototypes of Slope Region

Batavia, P.H.[Parag H.] Co Author Listing * Applying Advanced Learning Algorithms to ALVINN

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