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Balz, T. Co Author Listing * Analyzing TerraSAR-X and COSMO-Skymed High-resolution SAR Data of Urban Areas
* Characterization of Landslide Deformations in Three Gorges Area Using Multiple InSAR Data Stacks
* Coherence Change-Detection with Sentinel-1 for Natural and Anthropogenic Disaster Monitoring in Urban Areas
* Deformation Monitoring and Analysis of the Geological Environment of Pudong International Airport with Persistent Scatterer SAR Interferometry
* Direct stereo radargrammetric processing using massively parallel processing
* Discernibility of Burial Mounds in High-Resolution X-Band SAR Images for Archaeological Prospections in the Altai Mountains
* Editorial for Special Issue Advances in SAR: Sensors, Methodologies, and Applications
* Error Analysis of Bistatic SAR Imaging and Stereoscopy Bistatic SAR
* Hybrid GPU-Based Single- and Double-Bounce SAR Simulation
* Integrated Time and Phase Synchronization Strategy for a Multichannel Spaceborne-Stationary Bistatic SAR System
* Interpretation of High Resolution SAR Data using Existing GIS Data in Urban Areas
* Investigation of Ground Deformation in Taiyuan Basin, China from 2003 to 2010, with Atmosphere-Corrected Time Series InSAR
* Landslide Deformation Analysis by Coupling Deformation Time Series from SAR Data with Hydrological Factors through Data Assimilation
* Landslide deformation monitoring using point-like target offset tracking with multi-mode high-resolution TerraSAR-X data
* Model for Complex Subsidence Causality Interpretation Based on PS-InSAR Cross-Heading Orbits Analysis, A
* Potentials and limitations of SAR image simulators: A comparative study of three simulation approaches
* Radargrammetric DSM generation in mountainous areas through adaptive-window least squares matching constrained by enhanced epipolar geometry
* Rational function modeling for spaceborne SAR datasets
* Satellite SAR geocoding with refined RPC model
* Using TSX/TDX Pursuit Monostatic SAR Stacks for PS-InSAR Analysis in Urban Areas
Includes: Balz, T. Balz, T.[Timo] Balz, T.[Time]
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Balzani, M.[Marcello] Co Author Listing * 3D Data Acquisition and Modelling of Complex Heritage Buildings
* 3d Data Processing Toward Maintenance and Conservation. the Integrated Digital Documentation of Casa De Vidro
* Digital Morphometric Survey for Documentation, Conservation and Restoration Works: The MUDI Project
* Investigations On The Design Process of Eladio Dieste: 3d Parametric Modelling of Modern Latin American Architectural Heritage
* Parametrical Analysis and Digital Fabrication of Thin Shell Structures: The Impact of Construction Technique On the Resulting Geometry of The Gaussian Vaults of Eladio Dieste
* Point Cloud Analysis for Conservation and Enhancement of Modernist Architecture
Includes: Balzani, M.[Marcello] Balzani, M.

Balzano, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Incremental gradient on the Grassmannian for online foreground and background separation in subsampled video
* Iterative Grassmannian optimization for robust image alignment
* Iterative online subspace learning for robust image alignment
* Online algorithms for factorization-based structure from motion
* Streaming PCA and Subspace Tracking: The Missing Data Case
* What to Expect When You Are Expecting on the Grassmannian
Includes: Balzano, L.[Laura] Balzano, L.

Balzarini, R. Co Author Listing * Effectiveness Of Panoramic Maps Design: A Preliminary Study Based On Mobile Eye-tracking, The
* Study on Mental Representations for Realistic Visualization the Particular Case of Ski Trail Mapping, A

Balzarolo, M.[Manuela] Co Author Listing * Assessing Ecosystem Isoprene Emissions by Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Influence of Landscape Heterogeneity and Spatial Resolution in Multi-Temporal In Situ and MODIS NDVI Data Proxies for Seasonal GPP Dynamics
* MODIS Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI) as an Estimator of Isoprene Emissions in a Temperate Deciduous Forest, A
* Monitoring Spatial and Temporal Variabilities of Gross Primary Production Using MAIAC MODIS Data

Balzer, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Sparse Kernel Approximations for Large-Scale Visual Search
* Cavlectometry: Towards Holistic Reconstruction of Large Mirror Objects
* CLAM: Coupled Localization and Mapping with Efficient Outlier Handling
* Direct Optimization of T-Splines Based on Multiview Stereo
* Efficient minimal-surface regularization of perspective depth maps in variational stereo
* Gauss-Newton Method for the Integration of Spatial Normal Fields in Shape Space, A
* Isogeometric finite-elements methods and variational reconstruction tasks in vision: A perfect match
* Multi-view feature engineering and learning
* Multiview specular stereo reconstruction of large mirror surfaces
* Optimization on Shape Curves with Application to Specular Stereo
* Second-Order Shape Optimization for Geometric Inverse Problems in Vision
* Shape from Specular Reflection and Optical Flow
* Shape from specular reflection in calibrated environments and the integration of spatial normal fields
* Volumetric reconstruction applied to perceptual studies of size and weight
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Balzer, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * comprehensive comparison of GPU- and FPGA-based acceleration of reflection image reconstruction for 3D ultrasound computer tomography, A

Balzer, P. Co Author Listing * Quality assessment of compressed cardiac MRI. Effect of lossy compression on computerized physiological parameters

Balzi, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Importance-weighted covariance estimation for robust common spatial pattern

Balzotti, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Reef Bathymetry and Coral Habitat Complexity from Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Spectral Mapping Signature for the Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) Pathogen in Hawaiian Forests, A

Balzter, H.[Heiko] Co Author Listing * Airborne S-Band SAR for Forest Biophysical Retrieval in Temperate Mixed Forests of the UK
* Airborne X-hh Incidence Angle Impact On Canopy Height Retreival: Implications For Spaceborne X-hh Tandem-x Global Canopy Height Model
* Application of Lidar in Woodland Bird Ecology: Climate, Canopy Structure, and Habitat Quality, The
* Data Fusion for Reconstruction of a DTM, Under a Woodland Canopy, From Airborne L-band InSAR
* Directional and Zonal Analysis of Urban Thermal Environmental Change in Fuzhou as an Indicator of Urban Landscape Transformation
* Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration in a Semi-Arid Region Using Remote Sensing Data
* Extrapolating Forest Canopy Fuel Properties in the California Rim Fire by Combining Airborne LiDAR and Landsat OLI Data
* Forest fire scar detection in the boreal forest with multitemporal spot-vegetation data
* Impact of Soil Reflectance Variation Correction on Woody Cover Estimation in Kruger National Park Using MODIS Data
* Individual Tree Crown Delineation from Airborne Laser Scanning for Diseased Larch Forest Stands
* Land Degradation Assessment Using Residual Trend Analysis of GIMMS NDVI3g, Soil Moisture and Rainfall in Sub-Saharan West Africa from 1982 to 2012
* Mapping CORINE Land Cover from Sentinel-1A SAR and SRTM Digital Elevation Model Data using Random Forests
* Mapping Forest Cover and Forest Cover Change with Airborne S-Band Radar
* Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Colombia's Forest Aboveground Biomass Using SAR and Optical Data
* Methods to Quantify Regional Differences in Land Cover Change
* Normalized Difference Vegetation Vigour Index: A New Remote Sensing Approach to Biodiversity Monitoring in Oil Polluted Regions
* Relationships of S-Band Radar Backscatter and Forest Aboveground Biomass in Different Forest Types
* Remote Sensing and GIS for Habitat Quality Monitoring: New Approaches and Future Research
* Spectral Diversity Metrics for Detecting Oil Pollution Effects on Biodiversity in the Niger Delta
* Ultraviolet Fluorescence LiDAR (UFL) as a Measurement Tool for Water Quality Parameters in Turbid Lake Conditions
* Validation of Hourly Global Horizontal Irradiance for Two Satellite-Derived Datasets in Northeast Iraq
Includes: Balzter, H.[Heiko] Balzter, H.
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