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Balsa Barreiro, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Generation of 3D/4D Photorealistic Building Models. The Testbed Area for 4D Cultural Heritage World Project: The Historical Center of Calw (Germany)
* Geo-referencing naturalistic driving data using a novel method based on vehicle speed
* Geospatial Analysis and Mapping Strategies for Fine-Grained and Detailed COVID-19 Data with GIS
* GIS Mapping of Driving Behavior Based on Naturalistic Driving Data
* Land-use Mapping of Valencia City Area from Aerial Images and LiDAR Data
* Proposal of geographic information systems methodology for quality control procedures of data obtained in naturalistic driving studies
Includes: Balsa Barreiro, J.[Jose] Balsa-Barreiro, J.[José] Balsa-Barreiro, J.[Jose] Balsa-Barreiro, J.

Balsa Castro, C. Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks for Chronological Age Estimation From OPG Images
* Ensemble-based Phenotype Classifier to Diagnose Crohn's Disease from 16s RRNA Gene Sequences, An
Includes: Balsa Castro, C. Balsa-Castro, C. Balsa-Castro, C.[Carlos]

Balsamo, G.[Gianpaolo] Co Author Listing * Monitoring and Forecasting the Impact of the 2018 Summer Heatwave on Vegetation
* Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review

Balsara, P.T. Co Author Listing * Hierarchy Embedded Differential Image for Progressive Transmission Using Lossless Compression
* Intermediate-level vision tasks on a memory array architecture

Balschbach, G. Co Author Listing * Multichannel shape from shading techniques for moving specular surfaces

Balseiro, F.F.[Fernando Farinaz] Co Author Listing * Detection of Unusual Objects and Temporal Patterns in EEG Video Recordings
Includes: Balseiro, F.F.[Fernando Farinaz] Balseiro, F.F.[Fernando Fariñaz]

Balsi, M. Co Author Listing * Establishing New Foundations for The Use of Remotely-piloted Aircraft Systems for Civilian Applications
* Experimental Validation of an Active Thermal Landmine Detection Technique
* Fully Automatic Point Cloud Analysis for Powerline Corridor Mapping
* High-Resolution Aerial Detection of Marine Plastic Litter by Hyperspectral Sensing
* Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Tree-Related Microhabitats using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Preliminary Archeological Site Survey by UAV-Borne Lidar: A Case Study
* UAS for Archaeology: New Perspectives on Aerial Documentation
Includes: Balsi, M. Balsi, M.[Marco]
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Balslev, I. Co Author Listing * Mirror-based Trinocular Systems in Robot-vision
* Noise tolerance of moment invariants in pattern recognition
* Training Space Truncation in Vision-Based Recognition
* Weighted central moments in pattern recognition
Includes: Balslev, I. Balslev, I.[Ivar]

Balss, U. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Traffic Flows Using TerraSAR-X Along-Track Interferometry
* In-Depth Verification of Sentinel-1 and TerraSAR-X Geolocation Accuracy Using the Australian Corner Reflector Array
* Long-Term Validation of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Orbit Solutions with Laser and Radar Measurements
* Measurements on the Absolute 2-D and 3-D Localization Accuracy of TerraSAR-X
* Mitigation of Tropospheric Delay in SAR and InSAR Using NWP Data: Its Validation and Application Examples
* Noise-Related Radiometric Correction in the TerraSAR-X Multimode SAR Processor
* Precise 2-D and 3-D Ground Target Localization with TerraSAR-X
* Precise Three-Dimensional Stereo Localization of Corner Reflectors and Persistent Scatterers With TerraSAR-X
* TerraSAR-X SAR Processing and Products
Includes: Balss, U. Balss, U.[Ulrich]
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Balster, E. Co Author Listing * Enabling Reliable Change Detection for Independently Compressed SAR Images
* Registration of region of interest for object tracking applications in wide area motion imagery

Balster, E.J. Co Author Listing * Combined spatial and temporal domain wavelet shrinkage algorithm for video denoising
* Digital spotlighting parameter evaluation for SAR imaging
* Feature-Based Wavelet Shrinkage Algorithm for Image Denoising
* FPGA implementation of the JPEG2000 binary arithmetic (MQ) decoder
* High-throughput CAVLC architecture for real-time H.264 coding using reconfigurable devices
* Implementation and Analysis of Jpeg2000 System on a Chip
* Increased Throughput FPGA Design of the JPEG2000 Binary Arithmetic Decoder, An
* Integer Computation of Lossy JPEG2000 Compression
* no-reference image enhancement quality metric and fusion technique, A
* Post-compression Rate-distortion Development For Embedded Block Coding With Optimal Truncation In Jpeg2000 Imagery
Includes: Balster, E.J. Balster, E.J.[Eric J.]
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