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Alqadah, H.F. Co Author Listing * Compressive Multi-Frequency Linear Sampling Method for Underwater Acoustic Imaging, A
* Single Frequency Inverse Obstacle Scattering: A Sparsity Constrained Linear Sampling Method Approach

AlQadhi, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Novel Technique for Modeling Ecosystem Health Condition: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia, A

Alqahtani, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Auto-Encoder with Embedded Clustering, A
* Learning Discriminatory Deep Clustering Models
* Neuron-based Network Pruning Based on Majority Voting
* Pruning CNN filters via quantifying the importance of deep visual representations
Includes: Alqahtani, A. Alqahtani, A.[Ali]

Alqahtani, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment and comparison on images of petri dishes containing cell colonies

Alqaisi, T. Co Author Listing * Embedded double matching of local descriptors for a fast automatic recognition of real-world objects

Alqaralleh, E.[Esraa] Co Author Listing * Symmetric ear and profile face fusion for identical twins and non-twins recognition

Alqasemi, R. Co Author Listing * Design and development of a virtual reality system for vocational rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities
* Effects of Instruction Methods on User Experience in Virtual Reality Serious Games
* Scene-Dependent Intention Recognition for Task Communication with Reduced Human-Robot Interaction
Includes: Alqasemi, R. Alqasemi, R.[Redwan]

Alqasir, H.[Hiba] Co Author Listing * Region Proposal Oriented Approach for Domain Adaptive Object Detection

Alqasrawi, Y.[Yousef] Co Author Listing * Fusing integrated visual vocabularies-based bag of visual words and weighted colour moments on spatial pyramid layout for natural scene image classification

Alqassab, A.N. Co Author Listing * Adaptation of Bidirectional Kalman Filter to Multi-Frequency Time-of-Flight Range Imaging

Alqassis, A.[Adham] Co Author Listing * wireless robotic video laparo-endoscope for minimal invasive surgery, A

Alqawlaq, S.[Samih] Co Author Listing * Is color patchy?

Alqaysi, H.H. Co Author Listing * Detection of Abnormal behavior in Dynamic Crowded Gatherings

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