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9204 * *Applications of Artificial Intelligence X: Machine Vision and Robotics
* 3-D Object Recognition from 2-D Images Using Geometric Hashing
* 3D Measurements from Imaging Laser Radars: How Good Are They?
* Adaptive block size image compression method and system
* Algebraic Approach to Feature Interactions, An
* Analysis of 2-D Occlusion by Subtracting Out
* Apparatus for measuring three-dimensional curved surface shapes
* Automatic image stabilization device
* Border Following: New Definition Gives Improved Borders
* Boundary Detection Using Quadratic Filters: Performance Criteria and Experimental Assessment
* Comments on A Parallel-Symmetric Thinning Algorithm by Bourbakis
* Complex Autoregressive Model for Shape Recognition
* Cost of Choosing the Wrong Model in Object Recognition by Constrained Search, The
* Digital image compression employing a resolution gradient
* Edge Detection and Labeling by Fusion of Intensity and Range Images
* Fitting An Unknown Number of Lines and Planes to Image Data Through Compatible Cluster Merging
* General Approach to Connected-Component Labeling for Arbitrary Image Representations, A
* Generalized Depth Estimation Algorithm with a Single Image, A
* Global Bifurcation Sets and Stable Projections of Nonsingular Algebraic Surfaces
* Image Coding Using Wavelet Transform
* Image Compression Using the 2-D Wavelet Transform
* Iterative Methods for Solving the Gabor Expansion: Considerations of Convergence
* Mathematical Morphology Approach to Euclidean Distance Transformation, A
* Method and apparatus for predicting the direction of movement in machine vision
* Method for Shift, Rotation, and Scale Invariant Pattern Recognition Using the Form and Arrangement of Pattern-Specific Features, A
* Method of and device for moving image contour recognition
* Method of fingerprint verification
* Model-Based Recognition and Range Imaging for a Guided Vehicle
* Moving object detecting system
* Multiple Widths Yield Reliable Finite Differences
* Object Modeling by Registration of Multiple Range Images
* Objective Image Quality Measure Derived from Digital Image Power Spectra
* Preliminary Report on OCR Problems in LSS Document Conversion, A
* Random-Field Model-Based Algorithm for Anomalous Complex Image Pixel Detection, A
* Reasoning about Edges in Scale Space
* Recognizing Geons from Superquadrics Fitted to Range Data
* Recovering A Boundary-Level Structural Description From Dynamic Stereo
* Representation, Extraction and Recognition with Second-Order Topographic Surface Features
* Robot Sensing Techniques Based on High-Dimensional Moment Invariants and Tensors
* Robust Method of Edge Detection
* Scale-Based Detection of Corners of Planar Curves
* Segmentation method for use against moving objects
* Shape Representation and Image Segmentation Using Deformable Surfaces
* Similarity-Invariant Signatures for Partially Occluded Planar Shapes
* Spatially Invariant Image Sequences
* Special Issue-Neural Networks in Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Motion Computation and Object Segmentation in a Long Sequence of Stereo Frames
* Using Chromatic Information in Dense Stereo Correspondence
* Visual Tracking of Known Three-Dimensional Objects
* What Makes a Good Feature?
* What's in a Set of Points?
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