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8709 * Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Its Variations
* Adaptive Hough Transform, The
* Bayes Error Estimation Using Parzen and K-NN Procedures
* Bootstrap Techniques for Error Estimation
* Camera Rotation Invariance of Image Characteristics
* Characteristics of Natural Scenes Related to the Fractal Dimension
* Class of One-to-One Two-Dimensional Transformations, A
* Classification of Partial 2-D Shapes Using Fourier Descriptors
* Convergence and Consistency of Fuzzy C-Means / ISODATA Algorithms
* Corner Detection and Curve Representation Using Cubic B-Splines
* Cortex Transform: Rapid Computation of Simulated Neural Images, The
* Data Compression
* Decision-Directed Multivariate Empirical Bayes Classification with Nonstationary Priors
* Decoding Substitution Ciphers by Means of Word Matching with Application to OCR
* Entry-Exit Method of Shadow Boundary Segmentation, The
* Focus detection system and lighting device therefor
* High-Speed 3D Imaging of the Beating Heart Using Temporal Estimation
* Image-data reduction technique
* Least-Squares Fitting of Two 3-D Point Sets
* Matcher
* Method and apparatus for sorting articles
* Method of Recognition of Arabic Cursive Handwriting, A
* Motion vector detection system of a moving object on a screen
* Multispectral Texture Synthesis Using Fractal Concepts
* Object Recognition on a Systolic Array
* Optical Character Recognition by the Method of Moments
* Passive range measurement apparatus and method
* Recognition of Noisy Subsequences Using Constrained Edit Distances
* Reconstruction of Planar Boundaries from Incomplete Information
* Registration of Translated and Rotated Images Using Finite Fourier Transforms
* Robotic Object Recognition Using Vision and Touch
* Segmentation and Classification of Range Images
* Special Issue on Hardware and Software for Digital Signal Processing
* Stereo Vision: Structural Correspondence and Curved Surface Reconstruction
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