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IVPR17 * *IEEE International Conference on Imaging, Vision and Pattern Recognition
* adaptive digital image watermarking scheme with PSO, DWT and XFCM, An
* adjustable window function to design an FIR filter, An
* approach to recognize book title from multi-cell bookshelf images, An
* Bi-spectral higher order statistics and time-frequency domain features for arithmetic task classification from EEG signals
* Chord Angle Deviation using Tangent (CADT), an efficient and robust contour-based corner detector
* Clustering-based Bangla spell checker
* Design and fabrication of a teleoperated explorer mobile robot
* Detection of Interstitial Lung Disease using correlation and regression methods on texture measure
* EERC-MAC: Energy efficient Receiver Centric MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor network
* Efficient bearing fault diagnosis by extracting intrinsic fault information using envelope power spectrum
* Enhanced color visualization by spectral imaging: An application in cultural heritage
* extractive text summarization technique for Bengali document(s) using K-means clustering algorithm, An
* Feature extraction and characterization of cardiovascular arrhythmia and normal sinus rhythm from ECG signals using LabVIEW
* Feature extraction using HHT-based locally optimized short-time fractional Fourier transform for speaker recognition
* Feature Selection and Discretization based on Mutual Information
* Fiber dye classification by spectral imaging
* Gas sensor based on octagonal hollow core photonic crystal Fiber
* Handwritten Arabic numeral recognition using deep learning neural networks
* Image augmentation by blocky artifact in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for handwritten digit recognition
* Interactive intelligent agents with creative minds: Experiments with mobile robots in cooperating tasks by using machine learning
* Keynote speaker: An engineered microenvironment for manipulating cells in tissue regeneration: A way towards the development of bioartificial organs using mesenchymal stem cell
* Keynote speaker: An experimental and computational framework to build a dynamic protein atlas for human cell division
* Keynote speaker: Computer aided diagnostics in medicine: Discrimination for some lung diseases
* Keynote speaker: Electromagnetic performances analysis of an ultra-wideband antenna in microwave breast imaging
* Keynote speaker: Nano-cancer technology: New diagnostic and therapeutic devices
* Keynote speaker: Sensing motion on wild data and virtual reality application
* Keynote speaker: State of the art brain PET inserts for the existing MRI system
* Multimedia content security with random key generation approach in cloud computing
* Novel recommendation systems in social networks
* novel resource scheduling approach to improve the reliability of Shuffle-exchange networks, A
* overview of Multimodal Sentiment Analysis research: Opportunities and Difficulties, An
* Plenary speaker: Development of the next generation positron emission tomography
* Plenary speaker: Granular video tracking: Role of r-granules
* Plenary speaker: Smart material interfaces: Playful and artistic applications
* Portable implementation of profuse perspiration indicator for use in disease symptom detection
* Quantum particle swarm optimization for multiobjective combined economic emission dispatch problem using cubic criterion function
* Real time Hand Gesture Recognition using different algorithms based on American Sign Language
* Recommendation of move method refactorings using coupling, cohesion and contextual similarity
* Reconstruction of gene network through Backward Elimination based Information-Theoretic Inference with Maximal Information Coefficient
* RF absorption in biological tissue at varying distances and angles and rapport to tissue impedance
* Robustness analysis of lane keeping system for autonomous ground vehicle
* Segment based co-factor detection and elimination for effective gait recognition
* semantic content based recommendation system for cross-lingual news, A
* Single cell mass measurement from deformation of nanofork
* Smart material interfaces: Playful and artistic applications
* Solar powered smart ultrasonic insects repellent with DTMF and manual control for agriculture
* SUST-BHND: A database of Bangla Handwritten Numerals
* Time Efficient Receiver Oriented Sleep Scheduling for Underwater Sensor Network
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