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IJRR( Vol No. ) * *International Journal of Robotics Research

IJRR(1) * Development of an Optical Distance Sensor for Robots
* Recognizing and Locating Partially Visible Objects: The Local-Feature-Focus Method
* Survey of Model-Based Image Analysis Systems

IJRR(10) * Autonomous Robot Calibration for Hand-Eye Coordination
* Computational Methods for Task-Directed Sensor Data Fusion and Planning
* Geometric Reasoning in a Parallel Network
* Modeling Spaces for Toleranced Objects

IJRR(11) * 3-D World Model Builder with a Mobile Robot, A
* Analysis of Swept Volumes via Lie Groups and Differential Equations
* Comment on Consistent Integration and Propagation of Disparate Sensor Observations
* Dynamic Map Building for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
* Existence and Uniqueness for Shape from Shading Around Critical Points: Theory and an Algorithm
* Imperfect form Tolerancing on Manifold Objects: A Metric Approach

IJRR(12) * Eye-to-Hand Coordination for Vision-Guided Robot Control Applications
* Fully Decentralized Multi-Sensor System for Tracking and Surveillance, A

IJRR(13) * Laser Tracking System to Measure Position and Orientation of Robot End Effectors Under Motion, A
* Position Control Experiments Using Vision
* Real-Time Visual Servoing Using Controlled Illumination
* Shape from Diameter: Recognizing Polygonal Parts with a Parallel-Jaw Gripper

IJRR(14) * Achieving Dextrous Grasping by Integrating Planning and Vision-Based Sensing
* Hand-Eye Calibration
* Matching And Clustering: Two Steps Toward Automatic Object Modeling in Computer Vision
* Real-Time Vehicle Trajectory Supervision on the Highway
* Relative 3D Reconstruction Using Multiple Uncalibrated Images
* Symmetry from Shape and Shape from Symmetry

IJRR(15) * Exploiting Image Motion for Active Vision in a Visual Servoing Framework
* Geometric Sensing of Known Planar Shapes
* Geometric Sensing of Known Planar Shapes
* Perception, Planning, and Control for Autonomous Walking with the Ambler Planetary Rover

IJRR(16) * Generalized Polyhedral Object Recognition and Localization Using Crossbeam Sensing
* Image Divergence and Deformation from Closed Curves
* Let Them Fall Where They May: Capture Regions of Curved Objects and Polyhedra
* Model-Based Planar Contour Following in the Presence of Pose and Model Errors
* Note on Hand Eye Calibration, A
* Object Recognition and Localization from Scanning Beam Sensors
* Vision and Motion Planning for a Mobile Robot under Uncertainty
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IJRR(17) * 3D Motion and Shape Representations in Visual Servo Control
* Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles Using Linear-Array Cameras
* Objective-Based Framework for Motion Planning Under Sensing and Control Uncertainties, An
* Tangentbug: A Range-Sensor-Based Navigation Algorithm
* Tracking Naturally-Occurring Indoor Features in 2-D and 3-D with Lidar Range Amplitude Data

IJRR(18) * Feature-Based Mapping in Real Large Scale Environments Using an Ultrasonic Array
* Hand-Eye Calibration Using Dual Quaternions

IJRR(19) * Dynamic Vision Algorithm to Locate a Vehicle on a Nonstructured Road, A

IJRR(2) * Topographic Primal Sketch, The
* Wide-Field Scanning Triangulation Rangefinder for Machine Vision, A

IJRR(21) * Realtime Path Planning in Changing Environments

IJRR(22) * Performance Tests for Visual Servo Control Systems, with Application to Partitioned Approaches to Visual Servo Control

IJRR(27) * FAB-MAP: probabilistic localization and mapping in the space of appearance

IJRR(3) * Model-Based Recognition and Localization from Sparse Range or Tactile Data
* Smoothed Local Symmetries and Their Implementation
* Using the Gaussian Image to Find the Orientation of Objects

IJRR(32) * Vision meets robotics: The KITTI dataset

IJRR(4) * Contour Evolution, Neighbourhood Deformation and Global Image Flow: Planar Surfaces in Motion
* Implementation of Model-Based Visual Feedback for Robot Arc Welding of Thin Sheet Steel, An
* Surface Structure and Three-Dimensional Motion from Image Flow Kinematics

IJRR(5) * 3DPO: A Three-Dimensional Part Orientation System
* Determining Grasp Configurations Using Photometric Stereo and the PRISM Binocular Stereo System
* Extraction of Curved Surface Features with Generic Range Sensors, The
* Representation, Recognition, and Locating of 3-D Objects, The
* Two-Dimensional Model-Based, Boundary Matching Using Footprints

IJRR(6) * 3-D Sensor System for Teaching Robot Paths and Environments, A
* Consistent Integration and Propagation of Disparate Sensor Observations
* Determining a Depth Map Using a Dual Photometric Stereo
* Identification of Partially Obscured Objects in Two and Three Dimensions by Matching Noisy Characteristic Curves
* New Development in Camera Calibration: Calibrating a Pair of Mobile Cameras, A

IJRR(7) * Building, Registering, and Fusing Noisy Visual Maps
* Combining Sonar and Infrared Sensors for Mobile Robot Navigation
* Complexity of Fine Motion Planning, The
* Fusion of Multisensor Data
* Integrating Vision and Touch for Object Recognition Tasks
* Multisensor Knowledge Systems: Interpreting 3D Structure
* Object Localization with Multiple Sensors
* Optimal Combination and Constraints for Geometrical Sensor Data
* Real-Time Pathfinding in Multirobot Systems Including Obstacle Avoidance
* Robotic Perceptual System Utilizing Passive Vision and Active Touch, A
* Sensor Models and Multisensor Integration
* Special Issue on Sensor Data Fusion
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IJRR(8) * Efficient Recognition of Partially Visible Objects Using a Logarithmic Complexity Matching Technique
* Geometrical Modeling from Multiple Stereo Views

IJRR(9) * 2D Path Planning: A Configuration Space Heuristic Approach
* Approaches for Recognition and Interpretation of Workpiece Surface Features Using Structured Lighting
* Bayesian Approach to Optimal Sensor Placement, A
* Geometric Representation of Swept Volumes with Application to Polyhedral Objects
* Qualitative Understanding of Scene Dynamics for Mobile Robots
* Roads, Rivers, and Obstacles: Optimal Two-Dimensional Path Planning Around Linear Features for a Mobile Agent
* Robust, Correspondenceless, Translation-Determining Algorithm, A
* Tethered Robot Problem, The
* Three-Dimensional Camera Space Manipulation
* Vision-Aided Robotic Welding: An Approach and a Flexible Implementation
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