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GVIP( Vol No. ) * *Graphics, Vision and Image Processing

GVIP(05) * Advanced Performance Achievement Using Multi- Algorithmic Approach of Video Transcoder For Low Bitrate Wireless Communication
* Analog Fault Detection And Classification Using Genetic Algorithm
* Application of Pattern Recognition for Farsi License Plate Recognition
* Application of Wavelet Footprints for Fingerprint Compression
* Apply Neural Schemes To Deformation Objects
* Automatic Detection of Microcalcification in Mammograms: A Review
* Automatic Relevance Feedback for Distributed Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Brush Tool for Interactive Texture Synthesis, A
* Color Image Compression Based On Generic Codebook Using Surface Fitting And Geometric Transformations
* Color Image Compression Using Feed Forward Fuzzy Neural Network
* Color Image Segmentation Based Upon a New Statistical Pattern Classification Approach
* Colour Image Restoration Using Morphological Neural Network
* Design And Implementation of a Novel Video Coding Algorithm Using Wavelet Footprints and Nonlinear Approximation
* Design and Implementation of Efficient Architectures for Color Space Conversion
* Detection of Breast Cancer Tumor Based on Morphological Watershed Algorithm
* Efficient Energy Recovery for Positive Feedback Adiabatic Logic
* Efficient Secured Lossless Coding Of Medical Images: Using Region Based Modified Spiht and Modified Run Length Coding for Character Representation
* Efficient Techniques for Reducing the Blocking Artifacts in Motion Compensated Frame
* Efficient Text Segmentation Technique Based on Naive Bayes Classifier, An
* Evaluation of Webcam Achitecture Challenges
* Fast Algorithm for Motion Estimation Under the Varying Inter-Frame Brightness Characteristics, A
* Fast Trigonometric Polynomial Approach for Computing the Shape from Shading
* Generalized Separable Kernel Family with Compact Support, to Improve Visual Data Quality of Gray Level Images, in Scale Space, A
* Hybrid Feature Extraction Approach for Face Recognition Systems, A
* Image Compression Using Coding of Wavelet Coefficients: A Survey
* Image Compression Using Wavelet Packet Tree
* Image Registration Algorithm Based On Complex Wavelet Transform
* Improved Defect Detection In Textile Visual Inspection Using Wavelet Analysis and Support Vector Machines
* Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Automatic Detection of Microcalcifications In Digital Mammograms
* New Clustering Algorith for Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images Using Fuzzy C-Mean and Computer Programming, A
* New Square Scan Algorithm
* Novel Approach to Improve the Performance of JPEG2000, A
* Novel Iris Recognition System Using Morphological Edge Detector and Wavelet Phase Features, A
* Novel Line Pattern Algorithm for Embedded Fingerprint Authentication System, A
* Novel Method for Supporting Full Interactive Media Stream Over IP Network, A
* Novel Schemes of Trivariate Linear and One-Dimensional Quadratic B-Spline Interpolation Functions Based on the Sub-Pixel Efficacy Region
* Novel Skew Detection Technique for Binary Document Images Based on Character Centroid And Lra, A
* On the Approximate Nature of the Bivariate Linear Interpolation Function: A Novel Scheme Based On Intensity-Curvature
* On the Individuality of the Iris Biometric
* On-Line Structural Approach for Recognizing Hand-Written Indian Numbers
* Optimal Morphological Shape Decomposition Scheme
* Optimization of JPEG2000 Image Compression by Incorporating Human Visual System
* Parametric Filtering Algorithms for Edge Detection
* Performance Analysis of Rough Reduct Algorithms in Mammogram
* Performance Evaluation of Neural Tuned Successive Interference Canceller
* Registration and Tracking In the Context of Augmented Reality
* Review: Restoration Approaches, A
* Robust Compressed Domain Object Extraction in MPEG Videos
* Second Order Spread Spectrum Modulation Scheme for Wavelet Based Low Error Probability Digital Image Watermarking, A
* Segmentation of the Breast Region in Mammograms Using a Rule-Based Fuzzy Reasoning Algorithm
* SIGT: Synthetic Image Generation Tool for Clustering Algorithms
* Smoothing of Coefficients in Wavelet Domain for Speckle Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Spatially Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm for Image Thresholding
* Unified Approach for Digital Image Inpainting Using Bounded Search Space, A
* Vertex Chain Code Approach for Image Recognition, A
* Video Image-Based Human Motion Automatic Capturing Architecture
* Visual Inspection for Fired Ceramic Tile's Surface Defects Using Wavelet Analysis
* Wiener Filter In 2d Case Applied To Restored Images
* Wiener Filter In Two Dimensional Case Applied for Distorted Images
* X-Ray Carpal-Bone Image Feature Analysis In Skeletal Age Estimation Application Using Region Feature Based Level Set Method
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GVIP(SI1) * Secure and Non-Blind Watermarking Scheme for Color Images

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