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Veldandi, M.[Muninder] Co Author Listing * Pixel resolution plenoptic disparity using cost aggregation
* Robust segment-based Stereo using Cost Aggregation
* Video stabilization by estimation of similarity transformation from integral projections

Velden, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Development of Enhanced Vortex-Scale Atmospheric Motion Vectors for Hurricane Applications

Veldhoen, S. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Particle Imaging for Quantification of Vascular Stenoses: A Phantom Study

Veldhuis, H. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Straight and Curved Pipes Using Digital Line Photogrammetry, The
* Mapping by Dragging and Fitting of Wire-Frame Models
Includes: Veldhuis, H. Veldhuis, H.[Henri]

Veldhuis, R.[Raymond] Co Author Listing * Combined training strategy for low-resolution face recognition with limited application-specific data
* Detecting Morphed Face Attacks Using Residual Noise from Deep Multi-scale Context Aggregation Network
* Semiparametric likelihood-ratio-based biometric score-level fusion via parametric copula
Includes: Veldhuis, R.[Raymond] Veldhuis, R.

Veldhuis, R.N.J.[Raymond N.J.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Eigenvalue Correction Applied to Biometrics
* Automatic face recognition for home safety using video-based side-view face images
* Automatic Pulmonary Nodule Detection in CT Scans Using Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Maximum Intensity Projection
* Binary Biometric Representation through Pairwise Polar Quantization
* Binary Biometrics: An Analytic Framework to Estimate the Bit Error Probability under Gaussian Assumption
* Binary Biometrics: An Analytic Framework to Estimate the Performance Curves Under Gaussian Assumption
* Binary Gabor Statistical Features for Palmprint Template Protection
* Binary Representations of Fingerprint Spectral Minutiae Features
* Biometric binary string generation with detection rate optimized bit allocation
* Biometric evidence evaluation: An empirical assessment of the effect of different training data
* Combining Illumination Normalization Methods for Better Face Recognition
* Complex spectral minutiae representation for fingerprint recognition
* Effect of Image Resolution on the Performance of a Face Recognition System, The
* Evaluation of AFIS-Ranked Latent Fingerprint Matched Templates
* Face reconstruction from image sequences for forensic face comparison
* False Rejection Oriented Threat Model for the Design of Biometric Authentication Systems, A
* Feeling Is Believing: A Secure Template Exchange Protocol
* ForenFace: a unique annotated forensic facial image dataset and toolset
* Grip-Pattern Recognition in Smart Gun Based on Likelihood-Ratio Classifier and Support Vector Machine
* Grip-Pattern Verification for Smart Gun Based on Maximum-Pairwise Comparison and Mean-Template Comparison
* Hybrid fusion for biometrics: Combining score-level and decision-level fusion
* Impact of eye detection error on face recognition performance
* Landmark Paper in Face Recognition, A
* Likelihood-Ratio-Based Biometric Verification
* Likelihood-Ratio-Based Verification in High-Dimensional Spaces
* Local Absolute Binary Patterns as Image Preprocessing for Grip-Pattern Recognition in Smart Gun
* Low-resolution face alignment and recognition using mixed-resolution classifiers
* Low-resolution face recognition and the importance of proper alignment
* Making 2D Face Recognition More Robust Using AAMs for Pose Compensation
* Model-Based Illumination Correction for Face Images in Uncontrolled Scenarios
* Model-based reconstruction for illumination variation in face images
* Multi-algorithm fusion with template protection
* Multi-Bits Biometric String Generation based on the Likelihood Ratio
* Optimal Decision Fusion for a Face Verification System
* Pitfall of the Detection Rate Optimized Bit Allocation within template protection and a remedy
* Practical Biometric Authentication with Template Protection
* Real Helper Data Scheme, A
* Regional fusion for high-resolution palmprint recognition using spectral minutiae representation
* Sensor Interoperability and Fusion in Fingerprint Verification: A Case Study using Minutiae-and Ridge-Based Matchers
* Spectral minutiae representations of fingerprints enhanced by quality data
* Spectral minutiae: A fixed-length representation of a minutiae set
* Spectral Representations of Fingerprint Minutiae Subsets
* Threshold-optimized decision-level fusion and its application to biometrics
* Verification Under Increasing Dimensionality
* Verifying a User in a Personal Face Space
* Virtual illumination grid for correction of uncontrolled illumination in facial images
Includes: Veldhuis, R.N.J.[Raymond N.J.] Veldhuis, R.N.J. Veldhuis, R.N.J.[Raimond N.J.]
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Veldkamp, W.J.H. Co Author Listing * Normalization of local contrast in mammograms

Velduis, J.H.[Jim H.] Co Author Listing * deformable block-matching algorithm for tracking epithelial cells, A

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