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Tax, a.D.M.J.[and David M.J.] Co Author Listing * Classification, parameter estimation and state estimation: An engineering approach using Matlab

Tax, D.M.J.[David M.J.] Co Author Listing * email: Tax, D.M.J.[David M.J.]: davidt AT ph tn tudelft nl
* Attended End-to-End Architecture for Age Estimation From Facial Expression Videos
* Boosted negative sampling by quadratically constrained entropy maximization
* characterization of classification problems by classifier disagreements, The
* Class-Dependent Dissimilarity Measures for Multiple Instance Learning
* Class-dependent, non-convex losses to optimize precision
* Classification of COPD with Multiple Instance Learning
* Combining multiple classifiers by averaging or by multiplying?
* Component-Based Discriminative Classification for Hidden Markov Models
* Consistency-Based Model Selection for One-Class Classification, A
* Data Description in Subspaces
* Detecting outliers from pairwise proximities: Proximity isolation forests
* Detection of Concept Frames Using Clustering Multi-instance Learning, The
* Dissimilarity-based classification in the absence of local ground truth: Application to the diagnostic interpretation of chest radiographs
* dissimilarity-based multiple instance learning approach for protein remote homology detection, A
* Does one rotten apple spoil the whole barrel?
* Domain Based LDA and QDA
* Effect of Aggregating Subtype Performances Depends Strongly on the Performance Measure Used, The
* Evaluating Classification Performance with only Positive and Unlabeled Samples
* Experiments with a Featureless Approach to Pattern Recognition
* Fast Approach to Improve Classification Performance of ECOC Classification Systems, A
* Feature-Based Dissimilarity Space Classification
* Gestures In-The-Wild: Detecting Conversational Hand Gestures in Crowded Scenes Using a Multimodal Fusion of Bags of Video Trajectories and Body Worn Acceleration
* Growing a multi-class classifier with a reject option
* Image Classification from Generalized Image Distance Features: Application to Detection of Interstitial Disease in Chest Radiographs
* interaction between classification and reject performance for distance-based reject-option classifiers, The
* Learning Curves for the Analysis of Multiple Instance Classifiers
* LESS: A Model-Based Classifier for Sparse Subspaces
* Linear model combining by optimizing the Area under the ROC curve
* Multiple instance learning with bag dissimilarities
* Multiple-instance learning as a classifier combining problem
* Network-Guided Group Feature Selection for Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder
* On classification with bags, groups and sets
* Outlier Detection Using Ball Descriptions with Adjustable Metric
* Protein Remote Homology Detection Using Dissimilarity-Based Multiple Instance Learning
* Proximity Isolation Forests
* Qualitative Evaluation of Detection and Tracking Performance
* Regularizing AdaBoost with validation sets of increasing size
* Scale selection for supervised image segmentation
* Similarity Between Dissimilarities, The
* Single- vs. multiple-instance classification
* structure-based video representation for web video categorization, A
* Subclass Problem-Dependent Design for Error-Correcting Output Codes
* Supervised Scale-Invariant Segmentation (and Detection)
* Temporal Attention-Gated Model for Robust Sequence Classification
* Using two-class classifiers for multiclass classification
* Visual Object Recognition Through One-Class Learning
* Weighted Nearest Mean Classifier for Sparse Subspaces, A
Includes: Tax, D.M.J.[David M.J.] Tax, D.M.J. Tax, D.M.J.[David M. J.]
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