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Tagalakis, A.[Aristides] Co Author Listing * Key Landmarks Detection of Cleft Lip-Repaired Partially Occluded Facial Images for Aesthetics Outcome Assessment
* Shape Analysis Approach Towards Assessment of Cleft Lip Repair Outcome

Tagami, K.[Koji] Co Author Listing * Extracting and Interpreting Unknown Factors with Classifier for Foot Strike Types in Running
* Integration of Top-down and Bottom-up Information for Image Labeling
Includes: Tagami, K.[Koji] Tagami, K.[Keisuke]

Tagare, H.[Hemant] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Tagare, H.[Hemant]: tagare AT cs yale edu
* Intensity Nonuniformity Correction for Brain MR Images with Known Voxel Classes
* Surface Growing from Stereo Images
Includes: Tagare, H.[Hemant] Tagare, H.

Tagare, H.D.[Hemant D.] Co Author Listing * Adapting indexing trees to data distribution in feature spaces
* Arrangement: A Spatial Relation Between Parts for Evaluating Similarity of Tomographic Section
* Arrangement: A Spatial Relation for Describing and Comparing Part Embeddings
* Authors' Reply
* Consistency and Stability of Active Contours with Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Arc Lengths
* Coupled Minimization Problem for Medical Image Segmentation with Priors, A
* Deformable 2-D template matching using orthogonal curves
* Efficient Retrieval Without a Metric
* Evaluation of Four Probability Distribution Models for Speckle in Clinical Cardiac Ultrasound Images
* Family of Regularizing Kernels for Averaging in the Presence of Template Jitter
* Framework for the Construction of Reflectance Maps for Machine Vision, A
* Geometric Criterion for Shape-Based Non-Rigid Correspondence, A
* Geometric Theory of Symmetric Registration, A
* Increasing retrieval efficiency by index tree adaptation
* Learning to segment using machine-learned penalized logistic models
* Location and geometric description of carpal bones in CT images
* Maximum-Likelihood Strategy for Directing Attention during Visual Search, A
* Non-Rigid Shape Comparison of Plane Curves in Images
* On the Incorporation of Shape Priors into Geometric Active Contours
* On the Localization Performance Measure and Optimal Edge Detection
* On the Topology and Geometry of Spaces of Affine Shapes
* Order Filters
* Robust Bayesian Analysis of Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease Progression Using DaTscan Images
* Robust w-Estimators for Cryo-EM Class Means
* Segmentation of Rat Cardiac Ultrasound Images with Large Dropout Regions
* Shape-based nonrigid correspondence with application to heart motion analysis
* Simultaneous Estimation of Shape and Reflectance Map from Photometric Stereo
* Steerable Near-Quadrature Filter Pairs in Three Dimensions
* Symmetric Non-Rigid Registration: A Geometric Theory and Some Numerical Techniques
* Theory of Photometric Stereo for a Class of Diffuse Non-Lambertian Surfaces, A
* Theory of Photometric Stereo for a General Class of Reflectance Maps, A
* Using prior shape and intensity profile in medical image segmentation
* Using Prior Shapes in Geometric Active Contours in a Variational Framework
* Why Does Mutual-Information Work for Image Registration? A Deterministic Explanation
Includes: Tagare, H.D.[Hemant D.] Tagare, H.D.
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Tagarelli, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Learning to Active Learn by Gradient Variation based on Instance Importance
* time series representation model for accurate and fast similarity detection, A
* Transformer-based language models for mental health issues: A survey

Tagaris, A. Co Author Listing * Investigating the Best Performing Task Conditions of a Multi-Tasking Learning Model in Healthcare Using Convolutional Neural Networks: Evidence from a Parkinson'S Disease Database
* Multi-Task Learning for Predicting Parkinson's Disease Based on Medical Imaging Information

Tagaris, T.[Thanos] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Class Activation Mapping
* Visual interpretability analysis of Deep CNNs using an Adaptive Threshold method on Diabetic Retinopathy images

Tagaste, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Gaze Stability During Ocular Proton Therapy: Quantitative Evaluation Based on Eye Surface Surveillance Videos

Tagawa, N.[Norio] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Improvement for Depth from Small Irregular Camera Motions and Its Performance Evaluation
* Computation of Shape and Reflectance of 3-d Object Using Moire Phase and Reflection Model
* Depth Perception Model Based on Fixational Eye Movements Using Bayesian Statistical Inference
* Direct 3-D shape recovery from image sequence based on multi-scale Bayesian network
* Effectiveness evaluation of word characteristics obtained from 3D image information for lipreading
* Factorization-based planar mapping method for generating intermediate views
* Line clustering with vanishing point and vanishing line
* maximum likelihood estimator is not optimal on 3-D motion estimation from noisy optical flow, The
* objective function for 3-D motion estimation from optical flow with lower error variance than maximum likelihood estimator, An
* Region extraction based on belief propagation for gaussian model
* Simultaneous determination of object shape and color by Moire analysis using a reflection model
* Strain Calculation from Sinusoidal Tagged MR Images Via Moire Analysis
* Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging Based on the Phase of the Carrier Wave Without Deterioration by Grating Lobes
Includes: Tagawa, N.[Norio] Tagawa, N.
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Tagawa, S.[Seiichi] Co Author Listing * 8-D reflectance field for computational photography
* Hemispherical Confocal Imaging Using Turtleback Reflector
* Light Transport Refocusing for Unknown Scattering Medium

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