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Stoudek, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Safe Documentation of Historical Monuments by an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Stouffs, R.[Rudi] Co Author Listing * Achieving Complete and Near-Lossless Conversion from IFC to CityGML
* Tools for BIM-GIS Integration (IFC Georeferencing and Conversions): Results from the GeoBIM Benchmark 2019
* Virtual 3D City Models

Stoufs, M.R.[Maryse R.] Co Author Listing * Optimal Joint Source-Channel Coding using Unequal Error Protection for the Scalable Extension of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
* Scalable and Channel-Adaptive Unequal Error Protection of Images with LDPC Codes
* Scalable Joint Source-Channel Coding for the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC

Stough, T.M. Co Author Listing * Focusing attention on objects of interest using multiple matched filters

Stoup, D. Co Author Listing * KWIVER: An open source cross-platform video exploitation framework
* Real-time multi-target tracking at 210 megapixels/second in Wide Area Motion Imagery
Includes: Stoup, D. Stoup, D.[David]

Stouraitis, T. Co Author Listing * Integration of a haptic rendering algorithm based on voxelized and point-sampled structures into the physics engine Bullet
* Local Wavelet Transform Implementation Versus an Optimal Row-column Algorithm for the 2-D Multilevel Decomposition, A
* Novel Algorithm for Low Power Image and Video Coding, A
* Novel scheme for low-power classified vector quantisation image coding
* Performance comparison of two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform computation schedules on a VLIW digital signal processor

Stournara, P.[Panagiota] Co Author Listing * Canopy Fuel Load Mapping of Mediterranean Pine Sites Based on Individual Tree-Crown Delineation
* Estimating Wood Volume For Pinus Brutia Trees In Forest Stands From Quickbird-2 Imagery

Stout, D.B. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Mouse Organ Locations Through Registration of a Statistical Mouse Atlas With Micro-CT Images

Stout, M.G. Co Author Listing * VLSI implementation of a parallel, self-organizing learning model, A

Stout, Q.F. Co Author Listing * Convexity Algorithms for Parallel Machines
* Drawing Straight Lines with a Pyramid Cellular Automaton
* Geometric Algorithms for Digitized Pictures on a Mesh-Connected Computer
* Image Computations on Reconfigurable VLSI Arrays
* Linear Time Distance Transforms for Quadtrees
* Mapping Vision Algorithms to Parallel Architectures
* Pyramid Algorithms Optimal for the Worst Case
* Pyramid Computer for Image Processing, The
* Simulating Essential Pyramids
Includes: Stout, Q.F. Stout, Q.F.[Quentin F.]
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Stout, S.[Samantha] Co Author Listing * Non-invasive Materials Analysis Using Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) in the Examination of Two Mural Paintings in the Catacombs of San Giovanni, Syracuse

Stouthamer, E.[Esther] Co Author Listing * Identifying Causes of Urban Differential Subsidence in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta by Combining InSAR and Field Observations

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