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Sriraghavendra, E. Co Author Listing * Fréchet Distance Based Approach for Searching Online Handwritten Documents

Sriram, A. Co Author Listing * Classification and Retrieval of Digital Pathology Scans: A New Dataset
* GrappaNet: Combining Parallel Imaging With Deep Learning for Multi-Coil MRI Reconstruction
* Learning opposites using neural networks
* Results of the 2020 fastMRI Challenge for Machine Learning MR Image Reconstruction
Includes: Sriram, A. Sriram, A.[Anuroop]

Sriram, C. Co Author Listing * On the Identifiability of Sparse Vectors From Modulo Compressed Sensing Measurements

Sriram, K.V. Co Author Listing * Chronological Gazelle Optimization with Deep Learning-Based pixel prediction for video steganography in H.264 video for defence applications

Sriram, L.M.K.[L. M. Konila] Co Author Listing * Combined Electricity and Traffic Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Bundled Causality Engine

Sriram, N.N. Co Author Listing * SMART: Simultaneous Multi-agent Recurrent Trajectory Prediction

Sriram, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization for low bit rate video coding
* Block-based Adaptive Lossless Image Coder
* Constrained Trellis Based Rate Control Scheme for Low Bit Rate Video Coding
* Image and Video Processing Using MAJC 5200
* Image Coding Using Wavelet Transforms and Entropy-Constrained Trellis-Coded Quantization
* Transform coding of monochrome and color images using trellis coded quantization

Sriram, P.R. Co Author Listing * Low profile co-radiator transmit-receive antenna for Ku-band

Sriram, R. Co Author Listing * Texture Coding Using a Wold Decomposition Model

Sriram, V.[Vinay] Co Author Listing * Multiple parallel FPGA implementations of a Kolmogorov phase screen generator

Srirama, M.K.[Mohan Kumar] Co Author Listing * Manipulate by Seeing: Creating Manipulation Controllers from Pre-Trained Representations

Srirama, S.N.[Satish Narayana] Co Author Listing * Edge-Centric Secure Service Provisioning in IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems

Sriramakrishnan, P.[Padmanaban] Co Author Listing * Development of automatic glioma brain tumor detection system using deep convolutional neural networks
* Rapid brain tissue segmentation process by modified FCM algorithm with CUDA enabled GPU machine
* rapid knowledge-based partial supervision fuzzy c-means for brain tissue segmentation with CUDA-enabled GPU machine, A
Includes: Sriramakrishnan, P.[Padmanaban] Sriramakrishnan, P.

Sriraman, A. Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing for Chromosome Segmentation and Deep Classification

Sriraman, R. Co Author Listing * Tree Searched Chain Coding for Subpixel Reconstruction of Planar Curves

Sriramanan, G.[Gaurang] Co Author Listing * Boosting Adversarial Robustness using Feature Level Stochastic Smoothing
* Scaling Adversarial Training to Large Perturbation Bounds
* Towards Achieving Adversarial Robustness by Enforcing Feature Consistency Across Bit Planes

Sriramulu, S.[Srinivasan] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Convolutional Neural Networks To Create An Attack Detection Framework For A Wireless Sensor Network Based Health Care Application

Sriranga, N.[Nandan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Ordered-Transmission Based Distributed Detection Under Data Falsification Attacks

Srirangarajan, S.[Seshan] Co Author Listing * Range-doppler Hand Gesture Recognition Using Deep Residual-3dcnn with Transformer Network
* Twin relaxed least squares regression with classwise mean constraint for image classification

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