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Sree, P.K.[Pokkuluri Kiran] Co Author Listing * Digital image watermarking based on hybrid FRT-HD-DWT domain and flamingo search optimisation

Sree, P.S.J.[P. Syamala Jaya] Co Author Listing * Salt-and-pepper noise removal by adaptive median-based lifting filter using second-generation wavelets

Sree, S.J.[S. Jayanthi] Co Author Listing * Edge preserving algorithm for impulse noise removal using FPGA

Sreecholpech, C.[Chirayuth] Co Author Listing * Robust Iris Segmentation Based on Local Image Gradient Properties

Sreedevi, A. Co Author Listing * Diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma using image processing techniques

Sreedevi, I. Co Author Listing * Online Video Summarization: Predicting Future to Better Summarize Present
* Real-Time Distributed Multi-object Tracking in a PTZ Camera Network
Includes: Sreedevi, I. Sreedevi, I.[Indu]

Sreedevi, P.[Paruvelli] Co Author Listing * Examplar-Based Approach for Texture Compaction Synthesis and Retrieval, An
* Performance evaluation of a novel sampling-based texture synthesis technique using different sized patches
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using Hermite transform filters
Includes: Sreedevi, P.[Paruvelli] Sreedevi, P.

Sreedevi, S. Co Author Listing * Content based image retrieval based on Database revision

Sreedhar, H.[Hari] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Tissue Image Segmentation Using Semi-Supervised NMF and Hierarchical Clustering

Sreedhar, R.P. Co Author Listing * Multioriented Video Scene Text Detection Through Bayesian Classification and Boundary Growing

Sreedharan, H.[Hariharan] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based semantic segmentation of interphase cells and debris from metaphase images

Sreedharan, I.[Ieswaria] Co Author Listing * Performance Assessment of Fine-tuned Barrier Recognition Models in Varying Conditions

Sreedharan, N.P.N.[Ninu Preetha Nirmala] Co Author Listing * Grey Wolf optimisation-based feature selection and classification for facial emotion recognition

Sreehari, S. Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Data Fusion for Super-Resolution Electron Microscopy
* Plug-and-Play Unplugged: Optimization-Free Reconstruction Using Consensus Equilibrium
* Rotationally-invariant non-local means for image denoising and tomography
Includes: Sreehari, S. Sreehari, S.[Suhas]

Sreeja, M.U. Co Author Listing * aggregated deep convolutional recurrent model for event based surveillance video summarisation: A supervised approach, An
* Towards genre-specific frameworks for video summarisation: A survey

Sreeja, P. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional fusion of clustered and classified features for enhancement of liver and lesions from abdominal radiology images

Sreejith, K. Co Author Listing * High SNR Consistent Thresholding for Variable Selection

Sreejith, S. Co Author Listing * AlexNet-NDTL: Classification of MRI brain tumor images using modified AlexNet with deep transfer learning and Lipschitz-based data augmentation

Sreekar, P.A.[P. Aditya] Co Author Listing * Cycle Consistency Based Method for Learning Disentangled Representation for Stochastic Video Prediction
* Mutual Information based Method for Unsupervised Disentanglement of Video Representation
* Reducing the Variance of Variational Estimates of Mutual Information by Limiting the Critic's Hypothesis Space to RKHS

Sreekumar, G.[Gautam] Co Author Listing * Neural Architecture Transfer
* Nsganetv2: Evolutionary Multi-objective Surrogate-assisted Neural Architecture Search

Sreelal, A. Co Author Listing * Learning to Synthesize a 4D RGBD Light Field from a Single Image

Sreelash, K. Co Author Listing * Retrieval and Multi-scale Validation of Soil Moisture from Multi-temporal SAR Data in a Semi-Arid Tropical Region

Sreelekha, G. Co Author Listing * Diffusion-based image denoising combining curvelet and wavelet
* Efficient Algorithm for Detection of Vacant Spaces in Delimited and Non-Delimited Parking Lots, An
* Performance enhancement of HEVC lossless mode using sample-based angular and planar predictions

Sreemongkol, K.[Kiatirat] Co Author Listing * GIS Mapping Evaluation of Stroke Service Areas in Bangkok Using Emergency Medical Services

Sreenan, C.J.[Cormac J.] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Video QoE for Mobile eMBMS Users in Cellular Networks

Sreeni, K.G. Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report

Sreenivas, K. Co Author Listing * Image Transforms as a Tool for the Study of Soil-Salinity and Alkalinity Dynamics
* Textural analysis of IRS-1D panchromatic data for land cover classification

Sreenivas, M.[Manogna] Co Author Listing * Improved Cross-Dataset Facial Expression Recognition by Handling Data Imbalance and Feature Confusion
* Similar Class Style Augmentation for Efficient Cross-Domain Few-Shot Learning
* Simple Signal for Domain Shift, A

Sreenivas, P.[Preetham] Co Author Listing * Deep-aspects: A Segmentation-assisted Model for Stroke Severity Measurement

Sreenivas, R.C. Co Author Listing * Event Notification in VANET With Capacitated Roadside Units

Sreenivas, T.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Conditional PDF-Based Split VQ
* Block Convolution Using Discrete Trigonometric Transforms and Discrete Fourier Transform
* Conditional PDF-Based Split Vector Quantization of Wideband LSF Parameters
* Identification of Active Sources in Single-Channel Convolutive Mixtures Using Known Source Models
* Joint Bayesian Estimation of Time-Varying LP Parameters and Excitation for Speech

Sreenivasa, M. Co Author Listing * Walking to Grasp: Modeling of Human Movements as Invariants and an Application to Humanoid Robotics

Sreenivasaiah, D.[Deepthi] Co Author Listing * MEAL: Manifold Embedding-based Active Learning

Sreenivasan, K.R. Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Hemodynamic Deconvolution of fMRI Using Homomorphic Filtering

Sreenivasan, S.C.[Sreeram C.] Co Author Listing * Sequential Nonparametric Detection of Anomalous Data Streams

Sreenivasu, T.[Tinnathi] Co Author Listing * Binarization of Documents with Complex Backgrounds

Sreeramakavacham, S.[Sivamanoj] Co Author Listing * Effect of Patient Acuity of Illness and Nurse Experience on EMR Works in Intensive Care Unit
* Improving Computerized Charting in an Intensive Care Unit

Sreevalsan Nair, J.[Jaya] Co Author Listing * Building 3D Virtual Worlds from Monocular Images of Urban Road Traffic Scenes
Includes: Sreevalsan Nair, J.[Jaya] Sreevalsan-Nair, J.[Jaya]

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