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Smet, K.A.G.[Kevin A. G.] Co Author Listing * simple principled approach for modeling and understanding uniform color metrics, A

Smet, P.F. Co Author Listing * Spectral Characterization of a Digital Still Camera's NIR Modification to Enhance Archaeological Observation

Smetanin, N.[Nikita] Co Author Listing * KeyTr: Keypoint Transporter for 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Objects in Videos

Smetanin, Y.G. Co Author Listing * method of image recognition based on the fusion of reduced invariant representations: mathematical substantiation, A
* On the Development of an Algebra of Images and Image Analysis Algorithms
* On the Equivalence of Images in Pattern Recognition Problems

Smetanka, C.[Charlotte] Co Author Listing * Giving Ecological Meaning to Satellite-Derived Fire Severity Metrics across North American Forests
* Mangrove canopy height globally related to precipitation, temperature and cyclone frequency
Includes: Smetanka, C.[Charlotte] Smetanka, C.

Smetek, T.E. Co Author Listing * Improved Hyperspectral Image Processing Algorithm Testing Using Synthetic Imagery and Factorial Designed Experiments

Smethurst, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * effect of short ground vegetation on terrestrial laser scans at a local scale, The

Smethurst, P.A.[Peter A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Event Detection within Thrombus Formation Based on Integer Programming

Smets, B. Co Author Listing * Angular normalisation of PROBA-V 300m NDVI
* Correction of Directional Effects in VEGETATION NDVI Time-Series
* Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation of Historical Panchromatic Orthomosaics in Central Africa
* Dynamic Water Surface Detection Algorithm Applied on PROBA-V Multispectral Data
* Equivariant Deep Learning via Morphological and Linear Scale Space PDEs on the Space of Positions and Orientations
* Fully convolutional networks for land cover classification from historical panchromatic aerial photographs
* Magma Pathways and Their Interactions Inferred from InSAR and Stress Modeling at Nyamulagira Volcano, D.R. Congo
* Quality Assessment of PROBA-V LAI, fAPAR and fCOVER Collection 300 m Products of Copernicus Global Land Service
* Total Variation and Mean Curvature PDEs on the Space of Positions and Orientations
Includes: Smets, B. Smets, B.[Bruno] Smets, B.[Benoît] Smets, B.[Bart]
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Smets, B.M.N.[Bart M. N.] Co Author Listing * Geodesic Tracking of Retinal Vascular Trees with Optical and TV-Flow Enhancement in Se(2)

Smets, C. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based System for the Delineation of Blood Vessels on Subtraction Angiograms, A
* Recognition of the coronary blood vessels on angiograms using hierarchical model-based iconic search

Smets, H.[Hilde] Co Author Listing * Classification of corrosion images by wavelet signatures and LVQ networks

Smets, P. Co Author Listing * Assessing Sensor Reliability for Multisensor Data Fusion Within the Transferable Belief Model
* combination of evidence in the transferable belief model, The
* Target Identification Based on the Transferable Belief Model Interpretation of Dempster-Shafer Model

Smets, S. Co Author Listing * Custom processor design for efficient, yet flexible Lucas-Kanade optical flow
* Optimal Tiling Strategy for Memory Bandwidth Reduction for CNNs
Includes: Smets, S. Smets, S.[Sander]

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