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Shvai, N. Co Author Listing * Accurate Classification for Automatic Vehicle-Type Recognition Based on Ensemble Classifiers
* Application Guided Image Quality Estimation Based on Classification
* CNN Classifier's Robustness Enhancement when Preserving Privacy
* New Vehicle Classification Method Based on Hybrid Classifiers
* Real Time Automatic Urban Traffic Management Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Network Under Limited Resources Constraint
Includes: Shvai, N. Shvai, N.[Nadiya]

Shvaiko, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * evaluation of ontology matching in geo-service applications, An

Shvartz, I.[Ishai] Co Author Listing * Depth perception in autostereograms: 1/f noise is best

Shvaytser, H.[Haim] Co Author Listing * email: Shvaytser, H.[Haim]: or H Schweitzer
* Detecting Motion in Out-of-Register Pictures
* Inversion of Picture Operators
* Learnable and Nonlearnable Visual Concepts
* New Approach to the Continuous Labeling Problem, A
* Noisy Image Restoration by Cost Function Minimization
* Object Tracking with a Moving Camera
* Occam Algorithms for Computing Visual-Motion
* Representation of Patterns of Symbols by Equations with Applications to Puzzle Solving
* Surface Matching Algorithm for Two Perspective Views, A
* Surface Orientation from Projective Foreshortening of Isotropic Texture Autocorrelation
* Towards A Computational Theory Of Model Based Vision And Perception
Includes: Shvaytser, H.[Haim] Shvaytser, H. Shvaytser, H.[Haimd]
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