Shmuel Peleg Theoretical Relaxation Papers

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Constraint Satisfaction. Matching, Graphs. Relaxation, Theory.

Peleg, S.[Shmuel],
A New Probabilistic Relaxation Scheme,
PAMI(2), No. 4, July 1980, pp. 362-369. BibRef 8007
Earlier: PRIP79(337-343). BibRef
A Note on the Advantages of a New Probabilistic Relaxation Scheme,
UMD-TR-739, February 1979. A relaxation updating functions is derived using probability theory. The primary difference is that it is multiplicative (not additive) (for combining Q values). A method for deriving for compatibility function is also given (this seem more useful for image type data rather than graph matching). BibRef

Peleg, S.[Shmuel], and Rosenfeld, A.[Azriel],
A Note on the Evaluation of Probabilistic Labelings,
SMC(11), No. 2, February 1981, pp. 176-179. Relaxation, Evaluation. This is an initial report on evaluation of probabilistic methods used in relaxation. There are no firm conclusions reached about the various evaluation methods. BibRef 8102

Peleg, S.[Shmuel], and Rosenfeld, A.[Azriel],
Breaking Substitution Ciphers Using a Relaxation Algorithm,
CACM(22), No. 11, November 1979, pp. 598-605. BibRef 7911

Shvaytser, H.[Haimd], and Peleg, S.,
A New Approach to the Continuous Labeling Problem,
Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem in CVPR85(320-327). A new formulation of the equations and what is computed. Requires some study to determine what it really does. BibRef 8500

O'Leary, D.P., Peleg, S.[Shmuel],
Analysis of Relaxation Processes: The Two-Node Two-Label Case,
SMC(13), 1983, pp. 618-623. BibRef 8300

Peleg, S.[Shmuel],
Labeling Evaluation in Probabilistic Networks,
InfoSys(21), 1980, pp. 213-220. BibRef 8000

Peleg, S.[Shmuel],
Monitoring Relaxation Algorithms Using Labeling Evaluations,
ICPR80(54-57). (Maryland). More relaxation theory.. How to find a proper stopping point. BibRef 8003

Chapter on Matching and Recognition Using Volumes, High Level Vision Techniques, Invariants continues in
Faugeras and Berthod Gradient Optimization Methods .

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