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Ros Gomez, R. Co Author Listing * Small fingerprint scanners used in mobile devices: The impact on biometric performance
Includes: Ros Gomez, R. Ros-Gomez, R.

Ros Vidal, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ros Vidal, E.[Eduardo]: eduardo AT atc ugr es
* Dealing with the Perspective Distortion to Detect Overtaking Cars for Driving Assistance

Ros, A.G.C.[Anselmo Garcia Cantu] Co Author Listing * Size Distribution, Scaling Properties and Spatial Organization of Urban Clusters: A Global and Regional Percolation Perspective, The
Includes: Ros, A.G.C.[Anselmo Garcia Cantu] Ros, A.G.C.[Anselmo García Cantú]

Ros, B.G. Co Author Listing * Empirical analysis of the causes of stop-and-go waves at sags

Ros, D. Co Author Listing * Including Anatomical and Functional Information in MC Simulation of PET and SPECT Brain Studies. Brain-VISET: A Voxel-Based Iterative Method

Ros, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction model based on color and depth cues
* Bio-inspired Motion-Based Object Segmentation
* Codebook hardware implementation on FPGA for background subtraction
* compact harmonic code for early vision based on anisotropic frequency channels, A
* Disparity disambiguation by fusion of signal- and symbolic-level information
* FPGA-based real-time optical-flow system
* General Logarithmic Image Processing Convolution
* Hierarchical architecture for motion and depth estimations based on color cues
* High-Performance Optical-Flow Architecture Based on a Multi-Scale, Multi-Orientation Phase-Based Model
* Joint direct estimation of 3D geometry and 3D motion using spatio temporal gradients
* Low-cost sensor to detect overtaking based on optical flow
* Massive Parallel-Hardware Architecture for Multiscale Stereo, Optical Flow and Image-Structure Computation
* method for sparse disparity densification using voting mask propagation, A
* multi-resolution approach for massively-parallel hardware-friendly optical flow estimation, A
* On-chip semidense representation map for dense visual features driven by attention processes
* Optimization Strategies for High-Performance Computing of Optical-Flow in General-Purpose Processors
* Real-Time Model-Based Articulated Object Pose Detection and Tracking with Variable Rigidity Constraints
* Real-Time Model-Based Rigid Object Pose Estimation and Tracking Combining Dense and Sparse Visual Cues
* Real-Time Pose Detection and Tracking of Hundreds of Objects
* Real-Time System for High-Image Resolution Disparity Estimation
* Skin Lesion Diagnosis Using Fluorescence Images
* Spatial and temporal constraints in variational correspondence methods
* Subpixel motion computing architecture
* Superpipelined high-performance optical-flow computation architecture
* Visual System Based on Artificial Retina for Motion Detection
Includes: Ros, E.[Eduardo] Ros, E.
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Ros, F.[Fermin] Co Author Listing * Applicability of the MultiTemporal Coherence Approach to Sentinel-1 for the Detection and Delineation of Burnt Areas in the Context of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service
* Evaluation of a Fourier Watermarking Method Robustness to Cards Durability Attacks
* Image Watermarking Based on Fourier-Mellin Transform
* JND Model Using a Texture-Edge Selector Based on Faber-Schauder Wavelet Lifting Scheme, A
* Robust Print-cam Image Watermarking in Fourier Domain
* Vine Disease Detection by Deep Learning Method Combined with 3d Depth Information
Includes: Ros, F.[Fermin] Ros, F.[Fermín] Ros, F.[Frédéric] Ros, F.[Frederic]

Ros, G.[German] Co Author Listing * 3D-Guided Multiscale Sliding Window for Pedestrian Detection
* Articulated Particle Filter for hand tracking
* Fast and Robust L_1-averaging-based Pose Estimation for Driving Scenarios
* Joint coarse-and-fine reasoning for deep optical flow
* SYNTHIA Dataset: A Large Collection of Synthetic Images for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes, The
* Vision-Based Offline-Online Perception Paradigm for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Ros, G.[German] Ros, G.

Ros, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Bag of Strings Representation for Image Categorization, A
* Cascade of Unsupervised and Supervised Neural Networks for Natural Image Classification, A
* Description of Local Singularities for Image Registration
* Supervised Image Classification by SOM Activity Map Comparison

Ros, L.[Lluis] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ros, L.[Lluis]: llros AT iri upc es
* Fast Skeletonization of Spatially Encoded Objects
* Geometric Methods for Shape Recovery from Line Drawings of Polyhedra
* Kalman Filter-Based Channel Estimation for Mobile-to-Mobile and Relay Networks
* Kinematic-Geometric Approach to Spatial Interpretation of Line Drawings, A
* Overcoming Superstrictness in Line Drawing Interpretation
* Shape-from-image via Cross-sections
* Third-Order Kalman Filter: Tuning and Steady-State Performance
* Towards shape representation using trihedral mesh projections
Includes: Ros, L.[Lluis] Ros, L.[Lluís] Ros, L.
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Ros, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Tree Detection Methods in Multispectral Aerial Images
* Recognizing human motions through mixture modeling of inertial data
* Seated Whole-Body Vibration Analysis, Technologies, and Modeling: A Survey
Includes: Ros, M.[Matthias] Rös, M.[Matthias] (Maybe also Roes, M.)Ros, M.[Montserrat] Ros, M.

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