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Percannella, G.[Gennaro] Co Author Listing * Action recognition by using kernels on aclets sequences
* Age from Faces in the Deep Learning Revolution
* Algorithm for Detection of Partially Camouflaged People, An
* Assessing the Performance of a Graph-Based Clustering Algorithm
* Audio surveillance using a bag of aural words classifier
* Benchmarking graph-based clustering algorithms
* Benchmarking HEp-2 Cells Classification Methods
* Benchmarking Two Algorithms for People Detection from Top-View Depth Cameras
* Classifying Anti-nuclear Antibodies HEp-2 Images: A Benchmarking Platform
* Classifying audio of movies by a multi-expert system
* Computer Aided Diagnosis for Anti-Nuclear Antibodies HEp-2 images: Progress and challenges
* Counting Moving People in Videos by Salient Points Detection
* Counting moving persons in crowded scenes
* Counting people by RGB or depth overhead cameras
* efficient and effective method for people detection from top-view depth cameras, An
* Ensemble of Rejecting Classifiers for Anomaly Detection of Audio Events, An
* Evaluating Classification Reliability for Combining Classifiers
* Executable thematic special issue on pattern recognition techniques for indirect immunofluorescence images analysis
* Graph-Based Clustering Method and Its Applications, A
* Graph-Based Method for Detecting and Classifying Clusters in Mammographic Images, A
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Imaging-Based Diagnosis of COVID-19
* HAck: A system for the recognition of human actions by kernels of visual strings
* HEp-2 staining pattern recognition at cell and specimen levels: Datasets, algorithms and results
* Impact of Reliability Evaluation on a Semi-supervised Learning Approach, The
* Improved Algorithm for Anchor Shot Detection, An
* International Contest on Pattern Recognition techniques for indirect immunofluorescence images analysis
* Joint Intensity Classification and Specimen Segmentation on HEp-2 Images: a Deep Learning Approach
* Method Based on the Indirect Approach for Counting People in Crowded Scenes, A
* Method for Counting People in Crowded Scenes, A
* Mitotic cells recognition in HEp-2 images
* Mitotic HEp-2 Cells Recognition under Class Skew
* Multi-expert Approach for Shot Classification in News Videos, A
* Multi-stage Approach for Anchor Shot Detection, A
* Multi-View Appearance Model for people re-identification, A
* Pattern recognition in stained HEp-2 cells: Where are we now?
* Performance Evaluation of a People Tracking System on PETS2009 Database
* real time algorithm for people tracking using contextual reasoning, A
* Real-time tracking of single people and groups simultaneously by contextual graph-based reasoning dealing complex occlusions
* Recognition of Human Actions from RGB-D Videos Using a Reject Option
* Reflection Removal for People Detection in Video Surveillance Applications
* Reflection Removal in Color Videos
* Removing Object Reflections in Videos by Global Optimization
* Self-trainable System for Moving People Counting by Scene Partitioning, A
* Special issue on the analysis and recognition of indirect immuno-fluorescence images
* System for Controlling How Carefully Surgeons Are Cleaning Their Hands, A
* Trends in IoT based solutions for health care: Moving AI to the edge
* Two parallel versions of VF3: Performance analysis on a wide database of graphs
* Unsupervised Algorithm for Anchor Shot Detection, An
* Verification-Based Multithreshold Probing Approach to HEp-2 Cell Segmentation, A
Includes: Percannella, G.[Gennaro] Percannella, G.
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Percannella, G.M.[Gennaro Massimo] Co Author Listing * Automated Threshold Selection for the Detection of Dissolves in MPEG Videos

Perchant, A.[Aymeric] Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic demons: Efficient non-parametric image registration
* Estimation of Distribution Algorithms: A New Evolutionary Computation Approach for Graph Matching Problems
* Graph Fuzzy Homomorphism Interpreted as Fuzzy Association Graphs
* Inexact graph matching by means of estimation of distribution algorithms
Includes: Perchant, A.[Aymeric] Perchant, A.

Perche, S. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Algorithms to Estimate Respiratory Rate from the Remote Photoplethysmogram, An

Perchet, V.[Vianney] Co Author Listing * Trajectory representation learning for Multi-Task NMRDP planning

Perciano, T.[Talita] Co Author Listing * Introduction to Image Processing Using R: Learning by Examples
* Parameter Estimation for Ridge Detection in Images with Thin Structures
* Reduced-complexity image segmentation under parallel Markov Random Field formulation using graph partitioning
* Ridge Linking Using an Adaptive Oriented Mask Applied to Plant Root Images with Thin Structures
Includes: Perciano, T.[Talita] Perciano, T.

Percival, D.B. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Wavelet-Based Test for Isotropy of Random Fields on a Regular Lattice, A
* Wavelet Variance Analysis for Random Fields on a Regular Lattice

Percival, D.J. Co Author Listing * Spectral representation of irregularly sampled radar image sequences

Percivall, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Advancements In Open Geospatial Standards For Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing From OGC
* Innovation in OGC: The Interoperability Program

Percivall, G.S. Co Author Listing * Common Approach to Geoprocessing of UAV Data Across Application Domains

Percoco, M. Co Author Listing * Bikemi Bike-sharing Service Exploratory Analysis on Mobility Patterns

Perconti, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Salience measure for assessing scale-based features in mammograms
* Vehicle detection approaches using the NVESD Sensor Fusion Testbed
Includes: Perconti, P.[Philip] Perconti, P.

Percus, A.G. Co Author Listing * Multiclass Data Segmentation Using Diffuse Interface Methods on Graphs

Percus, J.K. Co Author Listing * On the Wechsler de_Souza discussion

Percy, K. Co Author Listing * Documentation for Emergency Stabilization and the Integrated Conservation Planning of Earthen Architecture Settlements: The Kasbah of Taourirt (Ouarzazate, Morocco)

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