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Olson Duvall, W.[Winston] Co Author Listing * Spectral and Radiometric Calibration of the Next Generation Airborne Visible Infrared Spectrometer (AVIRIS-NG)
Includes: Olson Duvall, W.[Winston] Olson-Duvall, W.[Winston]

Olson, B.J.S.C.[Brad J. S. C.] Co Author Listing * Impact of High-Cadence Earth Observation in Maize Crop Phenology Classification

Olson, C.C. Co Author Listing * Novel Detection Paradigm and Its Comparison to Statistical and Kernel-Based Anomaly Detection Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Path Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for Sparse Reconstruction and Denoising of SWIR Maritime Imagery
* Path-Based Dictionary Augmentation: A Framework for Improving k-Sparse Image Processing
* Selecting an Optimized COTS Filter Set for Multispectral Plenoptic Sensing
* Unsupervised Ensemble-Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
Includes: Olson, C.C. Olson, C.C.[Colin C.]

Olson, C.F.[Clark F.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Olson, C.F.[Clark F.]: cfolson AT u washington edu
* Adaptive-Scale Filtering and Feature Detection Using Range Data
* Adding Color Information to Spatially-Enhanced, Bag-of-Visual-Words Models
* Approximate Hausdorff Matching Using Eigenspaces
* Approximation Algorithm for Least Median of Squares Regression, An
* Automatic Target Recognition by Matching Oriented Edge Pixels
* Complementary Keypoint Descriptors
* Computing Depth Maps from Descent Imagery
* Connectionist Networks for Feature Indexing and Object Recognition
* Constrained Hough Transforms for Curve Detection
* Decomposition of the Hough Transform: Curve Detection with Effcient Error Propagation
* Determining the Probability of a False Positive When Matching Chains of Oriented Pixels
* Efficient Pose Clustering Using A Randomized Algorithm
* Fast Alignment Using Probabilistic Indexing
* Fast Object Recognition By Selectively Examining Hypotheses
* General Method for Geometric Feature Matching and Model Extraction, A
* Image Registration by Aligning Entropies
* Improving the Generalized Hough Transform Through Imperfect Grouping
* Keypoint Recognition with Histograms of Normalized Colors
* Locating geometric primitives by pruning the parameter space
* Maximum Likelihood Rover Localization by Matching Range Maps
* Maximum-Likelihood Image Matching
* Maximum-Likelihood Template Matching
* Object Recognition Using Subspace Methods
* On the Speed and Accuracy of Object Recognition When Using Imperfect Grouping
* Pose clustering guided by short interpretation trees
* Pose Sampling for Efficient Model-Based Recognition
* Probabilistic Formulation for Hausdorff Matching, A
* Probabilistic Indexing for Object Recognition
* Probabilistic Indexing: Recognizing 3D Objects from 2D Images Using Probabilistic Peaking Effect
* Probabilistic Indexing: Recognizing 3D Objects from 2D Images Using the Probabilistic Peaking Effect
* Probabilistic Self-Localization for Mobile Robots
* Real-time Ordnance Recognition in Color Imagery
* Recognition by Matching Dense, Oriented Pixels
* Recognition by Matching with Edge Location and Orientation
* Recognizing Text with a CNN
* Robust Registration of Aerial Image Sequences
* Robust Stereo Ego-Motion for Long Distance Navigation
* Time and Space Efficient Pose Clustering
* Variable-Scale Smoothing and Edge Detection Guided by Stereoscopy
* View-Based Recognition Using an Eigenspace Approximation to the Hausdorff Measure
* Visual terrain mapping for Mars exploration
* WHAT2PRINT: Learning Image Evaluation
* Wide-baseline stereo vision for terrain mapping
Includes: Olson, C.F.[Clark F.] Olson, C.F.
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Olson, D. Co Author Listing * Raster Scanning for Operational Digitizing of Graphical Data

Olson, D.L.[David L.] Co Author Listing * Similarity Measures Between Intuitionistic Fuzzy (Vague) Sets: A Comparative Analysis

Olson, D.M.[Dawn M.] Co Author Listing * Remotely Estimating Beneficial Arthropod Populations: Implications of a Low-Cost Small Unmanned Aerial System

Olson, E. Co Author Listing * Impact of Point Spread Function on Infrared Radiances From Geostationary Satellites
* Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report
Includes: Olson, E. Olson, E.[Edwin]

Olson, E.C.[Eric C.] Co Author Listing * Geometric Approach to Subpixel Registration Accuracy, A

Olson, G.B.[George B.] Co Author Listing * Computer discrimination of splenocytes and peripheral blood lymphocytes from mice infected with friend murine leukemia virus

Olson, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Matching of 3-D Models to Imagery
* Focusing on Targets Through Exclusion
Includes: Olson, J. Olson, J.[James]

Olson, J.A. Co Author Listing * Automated microaneurysm detection
* Automated microaneurysm detection using local contrast normalization and local vessel detection
* Detection of New Vessels on the Optic Disc Using Retinal Photographs

Olson, L. Co Author Listing * Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance Using Motion Capture Data Part I: Real-Time Tracking of Multiple People from Unlabelled Markers

Olson, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Open Set Learning with Counterfactual Images

Olson, M.B.[Monica B.] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Indices for Predicting Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Maize Hybrids
* Predicting Nitrogen Efficiencies in Mature Maize with Parametric Models Employing In-Season Hyperspectral Imaging

Olson, M.L.[Matthew L.] Co Author Listing * Cross-GAN Auditing: Unsupervised Identification of Attribute Level Similarities and Differences Between Pretrained Generative Models

Olson, R.C. Co Author Listing * Signal Transient Analyses and Classification Techniques

Olson, S.L. Co Author Listing * Confirmation Bias in the Analysis of Remote Sensing Data

Olson, T. Co Author Listing * New aggressive way to search for the best base in wavelet packets
* New Linear Algorithm for Intersecting Convex Polygons, A
* Target-Tracking in FLIR Imagery Using Mean-Shift and Global Motion Compensation
Includes: Olson, T. Olson, T.[Thomas]

Olson, T.A.[Thor A.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and methods for digital image compression
* Digital image compression with spatially varying quality levels determined by identifying areas of interest

Olson, T.J. Co Author Listing * Accurate Vergence Control in Complex Scenes
* Automatic video monitoring system which selectively saves information
* Event Recognition and Reliability Improvements for the Autonomous Video Surveillance System
* Low Level Image Analysis on an MIMD Architecture
* Markers Elucidated and Applied in Local 3-Space
* Method and system for defining and recognizing complex events in a video sequence
* Method of dealing with occlusion when tracking multiple objects and people in video sequences
* Moving Object Detection and Event Recognition Algorithms for Smart Camera
* Programming a Pipelined Image-Processor
* Real-Time Vergence Control for Binocular Robots
* Stereopsis for Verging Systems
* View-Invariant Regions and Mobile Robot Self-Localization
Includes: Olson, T.J. Olson, T.J.[Thomas J.]
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Olson, T.L.P.[Teresa Lorae Pace] Co Author Listing * Real-time multi-stage infrared image-based tracking system

Olson, W.S.[William S.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Machine Learning Study to Classify Precipitation Type over Land from Global Precipitation Measurement Microwave Imager (GPM-GMI) Measurements, A
* Restoration of Multichannel Microwave Radiometric Images
Includes: Olson, W.S.[William S.] Olson, W.S.

Olsoy, P.J.[Peter J.] Co Author Listing * Aboveground total and green biomass of dryland shrub derived from terrestrial laser scanning
* Assessing a Multi-Platform Data Fusion Technique in Capturing Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Heterogeneous Dryland Ecosystems in Topographically Complex Terrain

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