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McMichael, J.S. Co Author Listing * Recompression of JPEG images by requantization

McMillan, B.R.[Brock R.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Seedling Emergence, Growth, and Survival Using Repeat High-Resolution Imagery

McMillan, L. Co Author Listing * Camera network calibration from dynamic silhouettes
* Compression of Human Motion Data Sequences
* Conditional density learning via regression with application to deformable shape segmentation
* Discriminative Learning for Deformable Shape Segmentation: A Comparative Study
* Efficient selection of image patches with high motion confidence
* General Linear Cameras
* Human motion estimation from a reduced marker set
* Image Guided Geometry Inference
* Joint Real-time Object Detection and Pose Estimation Using Probabilistic Boosting Network
* Minimal Surfaces for Stereo
* Modelling Reflections via Multiperspective Imaging
* Multiperspective Projection and Collineation
* Multispectral Bilateral Video Fusion
* Non-Metric Image-Based Rendering for Video Stabilization
* Plenoptic Modeling: An Image-Based Rendering Approach
* Robust Tracking and Stereo Matching under Variable Illumination
* Surface Camera (scam) Light Field Rendering
* Video enhancement using per-pixel virtual exposures
Includes: McMillan, L. McMillan, L.[Leonard]
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McMillan, M.[Malcolm] Co Author Listing * Benefits and Lessons Learned from the Sentinel-3 Tandem Phase
* Compensating Changes in the Penetration Depth of Pulse-Limited Radar Altimetry Over the Greenland Ice Sheet
* Roles of the S3MPC: Monitoring, Validation and Evolution of Sentinel-3 Altimetry Observations, The
* Seasonal Variations in the Flow of Land-Terminating Glaciers in Central-West Greenland Using Sentinel-1 Imagery
Includes: McMillan, M.[Malcolm] Mcmillan, M.

McMillan, R.E. Co Author Listing * Computer processing of SEM images by contour analyses

McMillan, R.W. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Beyond Visible Spectrum

McMillin, C.W. Co Author Listing * Identifying and Location Surface Defects in Wood: Part of an Automated Lumber Processing System

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