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Luqman, H.[Hamzah] Co Author Listing * ArabSign: A Multi-modality Dataset and Benchmark for Continuous Arabic Sign Language Recognition
* Diabetic retinopathy grading review: Current techniques and future directions
* KAFD Arabic font database
* Recursions Are All You Need: Towards Efficient Deep Unfolding Networks

Luqman, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Combining Measurements of Built-up Area, Nighttime Light, and Travel Time Distance for Detecting Changes in Urban Boundaries: Introducing the BUNTUS Algorithm
* Urdu handwritten text recognition: a survey
Includes: Luqman, M.[Muhammad] Luqman, M.[Muzzamil]

Luqman, M.M.[Muhammad Muzzamil] Co Author Listing * Camera-based document image retrieval system using local features - comparing SRIF with LLAH, SIFT, SURF and ORB
* Comic Retrieval System Based on Multilayer Graph Representation and Graph Mining, A
* comparison of local features for camera-based document image retrieval and spotting, A
* Content Spotting System for Line Drawing Graphic Document Images, A
* Content-based comic retrieval using multilayer graph representation and frequent graph mining
* Fuzzy generalized median graphs computation: Application to content-based document retrieval
* Fuzzy multilevel graph embedding
* Fuzzy Multilevel Graph Embedding for Recognition, Indexing and Retrieval of Graphic Document Images
* Fuzzy-Interval Based Approach for Explicit Graph Embedding, A
* Graphic Symbol Recognition Using Graph Based Signature and Bayesian Network Classifier
* ICDAR2015 competition on smartphone document capture and OCR (SmartDoc)
* Improving Fuzzy Multilevel Graph Embedding through Feature Selection Technique
* Interactive content-based Document Retrieval using fuzzy attributed relational graph matching
* Mobile Phone Camera-Based Video Scanning of Paper Documents
* multi-layer approach for camera-based complex map image retrieval and spotting system, A
* New spatial-organization-based scale and rotation invariant features for heterogeneous-content camera-based document image retrieval
* Polygon-shape-based Scale and Rotation Invariant Features for camera-based document image retrieval
* randomized hierarchical trees indexing approach for camera-based information spotting, A
* Simple Triplet Loss Based on Intra/Inter-Class Metric Learning for Face Verification
* SmartDoc-QA: A dataset for quality assessment of smartphone captured document images - single and multiple distortions
* SRIF: Scale and Rotation Invariant Features for camera-based document image retrieval
* Subgraph spotting in graph representations of comic book images
* Subgraph Spotting through Explicit Graph Embedding: An Application to Content Spotting in Graphic Document Images
* Vitranspad: Video Transformer Using Convolution And Self-Attention For Face Presentation Attack Detection
Includes: Luqman, M.M.[Muhammad Muzzamil] Luqman, M.M.
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