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Iyer Pascuzzi, A.S. Co Author Listing * Plant Stem Segmentation Using Fast Ground Truth Generation
Includes: Iyer Pascuzzi, A.S. Iyer-Pascuzzi, A.S.

Iyer, D. Co Author Listing * Generalized activity recognition using accelerometer in wearable devices for IoT applications

Iyer, G. Co Author Listing * Geometric Consistency for Self-Supervised End-to-End Visual Odometry
* Graph-Based Approach for Data Fusion and Segmentation of Multimodal Images, A
* graph-based approach for feature extraction and segmentation of multimodal images, A
Includes: Iyer, G. Iyer, G.[Geoffrey]

Iyer, K.N.[Kiran N.] Co Author Listing * Alpha model based mixed pixel processing for view synthesis
* Interactive object segmentation using single touch
* Real-time video summarization on mobile
* Similarity and rigidity preserving image retargeting
Includes: Iyer, K.N.[Kiran N.] Iyer, K.N.[Kiran Nanjunda] Iyer, K.N.

Iyer, K.S.[Krishna S.] Co Author Listing * Automated Assessment of Pulmonary Arterial Morphology in Multi-row Detector CT Imaging Using Correspondence with Anatomic Airway Branches
* New Approach of Arc Skeletonization for Tree-like Objects Using Minimum Cost Path, A
* robust and efficient curve skeletonization algorithm for tree-like objects using minimum cost paths, A

Iyer, L.R.[Lakshmi R.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation and range sensing using a moving-aperture lens

Iyer, N.[Naresh] Co Author Listing * Variational Encoder-Based Reliable Classification

Iyer, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Keyframe Selection for Video Summarization
* Demystifying Multi-Faceted Video Summarization: Tradeoff Between Diversity, Representation, Coverage and Importance
* Diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma using image processing techniques
* Framework Towards Domain Specific Video Summarization, A
* Gastrointestinal Tract Anomaly Detection from Endoscopic Videos Using Object Detection Approach
* Learning From Less Data: A Unified Data Subset Selection and Active Learning Framework for Computer Vision
* Low-complexity HOG for efficient video saliency
* Object Mining for Large Video data
Includes: Iyer, R.[Ravi] Iyer, R. Iyer, R.[Ranjani] Iyer, R.[Rithvika] Iyer, R.[Ravishankar] Iyer, R.[Rishabh]
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Iyer, R.V. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Estimation of Corneal Topography, Pachymetry, and Curvature
* Smoothing Splines on Unit Ball Domains with Application to Corneal Topography

Iyer, S. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Hand Printed Latin Characters Based on a Structural Approach with a Neural Network Classifier
* robust approach for automatic detection and segmentation of cracks in underground pipeline images, A
Includes: Iyer, S. Iyer, S.[Shivprakash]

Iyer, V.[Vikram] Co Author Listing * 3D Localization for Subcentimeter-Sized Devices

Iyer, V.N. Co Author Listing * taxonomy of face-models for system evaluation, A

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